HandPunch 3000 - MPEX Solutions

HandPunch 3000 - MPEX Solutions
handpunch 3000
t i m e & att e n da n c e t e r m i n a l
Put your hands on the accurate, affordable solution.
•Saves money over
card-based systems
•Provides the most
accurate time and
attendance solution
•Fast and easy to use
•Eliminates badges
•Eliminates buddy
Recognition Systems, Inc. now brings
the accuracy and convenience of
biometric technology easily within
reach of most time and attendance
applications. In operations that range
from coal mines to clean rooms, RSI
systems have proven themselves to be
a practical and precise solution. Our
terminals are so affordable, it doesn’t
make sense to consider any other
Smarter than card-based terminals
There are no cards to create, administer, carry -- or lose. The HandPunch
3000 verifies employees’ identities in
less than one second, based on the
unique size and shape of their hands.
The HandPunch 3000 clearly notifies
each user of a match using red and
green indicator lights. Because no one
can punch in or out
for your employees,
the system reduces
time theft and
improves payroll
Versatile and programmable
Beyond a simple time clock, the
HandPunch 3000 provides definable
data management keys that allow
data collection when employees
punch. The readers transmit data to
the time and attendance host PC
through a variety of methods including direct wiring, modem, and
ethernet. The HandPunch 3000 also
has the ability to control a door.
When you want to cut time and
attendance costs...do it by hand.
handp unch 3000
s p e c i f i cat i o n s
Part Number
Verification time
Memory Retention
Transaction Buffer
ID Number Length
Baud Rate
User Capacity
Door Controls
8.85 in. (22.3 cm.) wide
11.65 in. (29.6 cm.) high
8.55 in. (21.7 cm.) deep
6 lbs. (2.7 kg)
12-24 VDC
or 12-24 VAC 50/60 Hz
Less than 1 second
Up to 5 years via the standard
internal lithium battery
5187 transactions
1 to 10 digits
300 – 28.8K bps
RS-485 (4 wire) multiple terminal
networking supported
RS-232 Serial Printer Support
512 Users standard
Internally expandable to 32,512
Door Lock Output
Sinks 0-24VDC, 100mA max.
Door Switch Monitoring
Bell Ring Output
Sinks 0-24VDC, 100mA max.
62 user definable
Operational Battery Backup
High Speed Internal Modem
Ethernet Communications Module
Bar Code Reader (Wall Mounted)
Memory Expansion to 9,728 Users
Memory Expansion to 32,512 Users
Data Converter (RS232 TO RS485)
Specifications subject to change
HandPunch® is a registered trademark of Recognition Systems, Inc.
Hand Geometry Technology
The HandPunch 3000 uses RSI’s field-proven hand geometry biometric
technology. The terminal captures a three-dimensional image of the
hand each time the employee punches. The hand’s size and the shape
are used to verify their identity with unparalleled accuracy. No fingerprints or palm prints are utilized. Green and red lights notify the
employee of the status of each punch. There’s no question any more;
employees have to be there to punch.
Programmable Data Management Keys
The HandPunch 3000 has two user-definable data management keys
that let you collect data as employees punch. Common uses include
department transfers, tips collected, job codes, or pay codes. Multi-level
data entry sequences may be defined. You can also set the data management keys to allow employees to review their past punches. To reduce keystrokes, the
keys can also be set to automatically enter data such as a frequently used department
number or in/out status.
Communication Options
Whether your application calls for one terminal or thousands, the HandPunch 3000 can
meet the need. Multiple terminals can be networked together at a site via RS-485 wiring.
An optional Ethernet communications module or dial up modem are also available. Both
options are internal to the terminal making installation fast and simple.
Edit-at-the-Clock Functions
The HandPunch 3000 allows supervisors to override user restrictions and to input
such items as missed punches, planned vacations, and sick time at the terminal. The
password-protected mode provides greater supervisor flexibility by lessening the need
for computer edits. Audit trails documenting the use of these functions are generated
to ensure security.
Bell Schedules
The bell schedule lets you program the day, time, and duration of a series of bells. The
bells can be programmed to signal the beginning or end of a shift, lunch, or break.
Door Control
The HandPunch 3000 provides the capability to unlock and monitor a door. Global
time zones may be used to restrict employee access.
Note: Some time and attendance software packages may not have implemented all of these features
in their system software. Please check with your system vendor for details.
1520 Dell Avenue / Campbell, California 95008 USA / Tel: 408.364.6960
Fax: 408.370.3679 / Email: [email protected] / Website: www.recogsys.com
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