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Put your trust in
the name you know
For more than 90 years Schlage® has been providing innovative security solutions
for schools, hospitals, government facilities and a host of other commercial
buildings. Today, Schlage is at the forefront of cutting edge technology with
electronic locking, wireless access, biometric and smart card solutions.
With a wide range of products, functions and styles, Schlage has what you need
no matter how demanding your application. And we stand behind every product
we make with an outstanding service organization that will be with you every step
of the way. It’s our commitment to design, performance and technology that
ensures you can stand behind our products too.
Reliable security with confidence
Schlage biometrics specializes in the development, marketing and service of
biometric devices for access control and workforce management applications.
Located in the heart of California’s Silicon Valley, Schlage biometrics offers
biometric technology as a secure alternative to easily lost or compromised
ID cards and PIN numbers. The technology uses hand geometry to verify a
person’s true identity.
When you choose a Schlage biometrics product,
you can be sure that you have done the job right
the first time. After all, our products are the most
reliable and dependable on the market today.
Our HandKey® II is easy to install and simple to
maintain. That means fewer service issues for
you and low total cost of ownership.
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Hand Geometry
Biometric products identify people by analyzing their unique
human characteristics. Schlage Hand Geometry readers use
field-proven technologies to provide increased security at any
door and to ensure that the right person is at the right place at
the right time. These technologies are frequently used in
universities, data centers, day care centers, airports, health
care facilities and government buildings.
Enrollment: This adds your biometric template to the HandKey.
How it works
Present hand
Capture images
Convert images
Store template
Compare templates =
Verification: Are you the same individual that was enrolled in the system?
No match
Identity rejected
Identity verified
Enter ID or
present credential
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Present hand
Capture images
Convert images
Top 10 reasons to
select Hand Geometry
Field proven reliability
1. Hundreds of thousands of HandKeys
are installed all over the world in diverse
applications, providing millions of error
free transactions every day
Convenience and cost savings
2. Incredibly fast installation and intuitive
enrollment increases user convenience
3. Verification in less than one second makes
it ideal for high throughput applications
4. High product quality + low maintenance
costs = low total cost of ownership
5. Eliminate the worry of lost, stolen or
unauthorized transfer of ID cards plus the
cost of purchasing and maintaining these
Eliminate privacy concerns
6. Hand Geometry technology is well accepted
by end users, as there are no fingerprints or
palm prints taken and the user does not leave
behind any trace of their biometric data
Amazing versatility
7. HandKeys can be used as standalone
systems to protect critical access points that
can be easily integrated into virtually every
new or existing access control system in the
market today
8. Ability to customize user-specific security
levels, time zones, holidays and languages
based on your needs
9. Optional access control template
management software allows the HandKeys
to form a system that communicates alarms
and transactions in real time, provides
activity reports, allows supervised on-site
or remote user enrollment and expiring
privileges for temporary access
10.Environmental enclosures and integrated
heater units make the HandKey an ideal
solution for outdoor usage
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The versatility and flexibility of the HandKey II
lends itself to diverse indoor and outdoor
Critical infrastructure
ƒƒ Transportation hubs - at airports and shipping ports to grant access to authorized
personnel to aircraft/ship operations, baggage handling and other sensitive areas
ƒƒ Data centers - HandReaders accommodate a large number of users, offer a high
level of security, are easy to use, provide for remote enrollment & eliminate the
need to carry a card
ƒƒ Construction facilities - highly robust and user friendly HandReaders operate well
in nearly all environmental conditions; unaffected by dirt on the hands, poor
lighting conditions, or the worn fingerprints endemic of manual laborers
ƒƒ They are also installed at various government research facilities
ƒƒ Prisons - monitor all comings and goings at prisons and eliminate the need for
posting guards at all access sites and supplying them with keys
ƒƒ Military installations - protecting US troops & assets worldwide by providing
reliable access to the appropriate personnel
Healthcare facilities
ƒƒ Pharmacy, surgery, long term care, and research facilities – increase security by
providing access to secure areas only to authorized personnel
Financial institutions
ƒƒ Safe deposit vaults - enhanced security to gain access to safe deposit boxes
without the need for personnel to accompany the customer in and out of the vault
ƒƒ Residence halls - verify students to ensure that only authorized students gain
ƒƒ Recreational facilities - minimize people’s ability to transfer IDs and eliminate the
need for keys / cards
ƒƒ Dining halls - limit access to students who have paid for the meal plan
ƒƒ Computer labs - provide access only to authorized personnel seeking access to
sensitive equipment and information
ƒƒ Lodging - access to high security, high valued openings such as data records and
hotel supply areas
ƒƒ Entertainment - access to high security, high valued openings in casinos, stadiums
and theme parks
Commercial buildings
ƒƒ Specialized high asset areas - access to high security, high valued areas such as IT,
HVAC, conference rooms in addition to front doors
ƒƒ Corporate campuses - provide high security to a variety of restricted areas like
management offices and expensive high tech equipment rooms
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HandKey II
Our HandKey II product is ideal for applications where consistent and
dependable security is of prime importance. The product is easy to
maintain, and provides an ideal mix of convenience, security and peace
of mind.
In addition to all Hand Geometry benefits, the HandKey II offers:
ƒƒ Convenience of multiple credential options such as
proximity, magnetic stripe, barcode, iCLASS® and MIFARE®
ƒƒ Field installable Ethernet module
ƒƒ Outdoor enclosure options that make the HandKey II an
ideal solution for outdoor usage
ƒƒ Field upgradable and expandable memory options from
512 to 259,072 users for scalable security that grows with
your needs
ƒƒ Three user-definable outputs to connect to auxiliary
devices such as audible or silent alarms, door locks or
lighting systems
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ƒƒ Ability to write the industry’s most compact biometric
template on a card instead of in a database results in
higher security & unlimited user capacity
ƒƒ Specially formulated antimicrobial coating with silver ions
on the platen to inhibit the growth of bacteria, mold and
mildew to mitigate hygiene concerns. The coating is safe
and lasts for the life of the product
ƒƒ Blue hand outline on the platen facilitates easy
enrollment and reduces error rates during verification
Models, options and accessories
Schlage biometrics offers a number of options
and accessories to help you create a solution to
meet your specific needs.
Base models
Card readers
Prox: Externally top mounted HID prox reader, factory option only
HID iCLASS®: iCLASS reader, factory option only
SC-100: MIFARE® reader, factory option only
CR-2: Mag stripe wall mount card reader
BC-100: Bar code reader, wall mount swipe
EM-801-F3: Field upgradeable memory expansion up to 9,728 users
EM-803-F3: Field upgradeable memory expansion up to 32,512 users
EM-813-F3: Memory expansion up to 64,768 users
EM-823-F3: Memory expansion up to 129,536 users
EM-833-F3: Memory expansion up to 194,304 users
EM-843-F3: Memory expansion up to 259,072 users
EN-200: Field upgradeable Ethernet communication module 10baseT
MD-500: Internal dial-up modem
Power options
PS-110: Power supply, 120VAC to 13.5 VDC
PS-220: Power supply, 220VAC to 13.5 VDC
BB-200: Optional battery backup
TM-100: Table top secure mount for flat surfaces
Left hand option
Network accessories
DC-102: Data converter for 4 wire system, RS-232 to RS-422 with 120V, 60Hz power
DC-102 with 220V: 50Hz power supply
DC-104: Data converter for 2 or 4 wire systems, RS232 to RS485/RS 422 with 120V,
60Hz power supply
DC-104 with 220V: 50Hz power supply
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Specifications for the HandKey Series
Base models
HandReader with base memory for 512 users
Verification time
≤ 1 second for comparison to reference
ID number length
1 – 10 digits
Duress code
1 leading digit, user definable
RS-232: Baud rate 300 bps to 28,800 bps
RS-422: Baud rate 300 bps to 28,800 bps
RS-485: Baud rate 300 bps to 28,800 bps
Optional Modem: Baud rate 300 bps to 14,400 bps
Optional Ethernet: 10 Base T
Template size
9 bytes
User memory
512 users expandable to 259, 072 users
Standard: 26 bit, 9 bit ID Wiegand
Optional: Mag stripe, bar code, smart card
HandKey input: Request-to-exit, door switch input, 2 auxiliary inputs
Door control: Lock output
Card reader emulation mode: Wiegand, mag stripe, bar code 1 programmable auxiliary
Outputs to peripheral devices: Audible or silent alarms, door locks, lighting systems
Event monitoring
Tamper: HandKey opened or removed
ID refused: User not verified after user definable number of tries exceeded
Duress: User entered duress code digit
Power failure: HandKey switched to optional battery power
HandKey commands
Available on platen
Blue hand outline
Available on platen
11.65 in x 8.85 in x 8.55 in
29.6 cm x 22.5 cm x 21.7 cm
Power requirements
12 to 24 VDC or 12 to 24 VAC 50-60 Hz 7 Watts (without options)
5.3 lbs. (2.4kgs.) (without battery back-up or wall plate)
Operating: 0o C to +45o C / 32o F to 113o F
Non-operating (storage): -10o C to +60o C / 14o F to 140o F
Relative humidity
Operating: 20% to 80% RH Non-condensing
Non-operating (storage): 5% to 85% RH non-condensing
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Add/remove users
Set global operating thresholds
Set individual user data (authority or threshold levels, time zones)
Transmit data from master to remote
Data received by master from remote
Transmit/receive data from optional software
Check status of door (tamper, door monitor switch)
Time zones – 62 total (2 fixed, 60 programmable)
Set language
Set date format, date and time
Edit holidays
A biometric that works
indoors and outdoors
Schlage biometrics provides various
options to protect your HandKey II from the
elements. Two different, proven solutions are
available to ensure your HandKey II keeps
performing regardless of your environment.
FX enclosure
Biometric HandKey enclosure
Constructed from high impact UV resistant polycarbonate material, the
FX enclosure provides a degree of protection against dusty, dirty, or rainy
environments. This enclosure has been designed so that it can be added to
an existing installation. When used with an integrated heater option
(INT-HTR), it provides a comfortable heated platen against a cold climate.
TX enclosure
Biometric HandKey enclosure
The TX enclosure provides a higher degree of protection against dusty,
dirty, or rainy environments. When used with an integrated heater option
(INT-HTR), it provides a comfortable heated platen against a cold climate.
Part number
-20F to 120F
-29C to 49C
-45F to 120F
-43C to 49C
14.75" x 12.00" x 10.50"
23.00" x 14.00" x 11.25"
37.5 cm x 30.5 cm x 26.7 cm 58.4 cm x 35.6 cm x 28.6 cm
Gross weight
7.3 lbs / 3.3 kg
45.0 lbs / 20.4 kg
Factory installed option
only, model no. INT-HTR
Factory installed option
only, model no. INT-HTR
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HandNet for Windows lets you control and monitor a network of HandKey II
readers. With just one comprehensive program, you can monitor activity and
alarms on all readers, and control the access of each user.
ƒƒ Automatic hand template management feature allows
template distribution from enrollment HandKey II to other
selected HandReaders thus eliminating the need for a user
to be enrolled at every HandKey II
ƒƒ Independent door control capability without the need for
an access control panel
ƒƒ Assign temporary access to selected users by specifying a
user’s access start and stop days and times
ƒƒ Manage archive activity to keep old information available
for reports
ƒƒ Manage alarms for additional security
ƒƒ Monitor multiple remote sites from the convenience of
your PC
ƒƒ Remote enrollment feature enables a HandKey II to be
controlled from the software. For example a guard behind
a glass partition or a supervisor in a distant office can enroll
new users without physically going to the HandKey II
HandNet Lite
Manages up to
5 HandKeys
Manages up to
25 HandKeys
Manages an
of HandKeys
Manage the Handkey II
without access control
software functionalities
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Specifications for software
Base models
HandNet for Windows
HandNet Lite
Intel Pentium 1 GHz or higher,
AMD Athlon 1 GHz or higher
Intel Pentium 1 GHz or higher,
AMD Athlon 1 GHz or higher
Operating system
Windows XP SP3 32 bit,
Windows 7 Professional SP1 32-bit and 64-bit
Windows XP SP3 32 bit,
Windows 7 Professional SP1 32-bit and 64-bit,
Windows Server 2003 SP2 32-bit
CD Rom for installation
CD Rom for installation
Hard disk
2 GB minimum, 1 GB free space
60 GB minimum, 10 GB free space
Minimum resolution 1024 x 768
Minimum resolution 1024 x 768
2 GB (Minimum 1 GB)
4 GB (Minimum 2 GB)
MS Access
MS SQL Server 2000 MSDE
Products supported
Template management
RS232, RS485, Ethernet
RS232, RS485, Ethernet
Time zones
Limited - use reports from an
access control panel
Door control
N/A - use panel door control
N/A - use panel alarms
Open door remotely
N/A - use panel door control
Network readers
Archives activity
Available - database backup
Remote enrollment
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Schlage solutions
Workforce management
Schlage HandPunch® terminals utilize
Hand Geometry technology to automate
Workforce Management systems, control
labor costs, eliminate costly badges and
cards, reduce compliance risk and stop
time fraud.
The HandPunch is a trusted and reliable
solution used in a variety of workforce
management applications worldwide.
ƒƒ Hospitality ƒƒ Education
ƒƒ Government ƒƒ Manufacturing
ƒƒ Quick serve restaurants
ƒƒ Construction
ƒƒ Grocery ƒƒ Healthcare
ƒƒ Hospitals
ƒƒ Retail stores
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Order processing
Phone: 877-671-7011, Option 1, Option 8
Fax: 800-452-0665
[email protected]
Technical support
Phone: 877-671-7011, Option 2, Option 8
[email protected]
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