CenturyLink™ Calling Features User Guide

CenturyLink™ Calling Features User Guide
User Guide
Note: If additional lines have
been ordered, they will
appear on your initial invoice.
Voicemail Extension 4
Product Features
CenturyLink™ Voicemail Extension 4: a dynamic service that answers your calls whether
you’re on the phone, online, away from your office, or simply too busy to pick up.
Configure this mailbox to have up to 4 extensions (1 main mailbox and 3 sub-mailboxes)
each with its own personalized greeting and name.
Your CenturyLink™ Voicemail service includes the following enhanced features for greater
Extended Absence Greeting: Your Extended Absence Greeting can be used as a temporary
greeting to be played for special occasions. You might choose to use this option if you are
going to be traveling for an extended period of time. In set up, choose to either accept or
not accept voicemail messages while your extended absence greeting is in effect.
Out of Office Hours: Your Out of Office Hours greeting can be used to provide a unique
greeting when your office is closed. Once you enable the out of office schedule and define
the hours, like magic, this greeting will play when outside of your defined office hours.
Additional Number Routing: If you have chosen this optional service, Additional Number
Routing will allow your CenturyLink™ Voicemail to take messages for additional numbers
as well as for your business phone.
Using Your New Services
EMBARQ® Voicemail Extension 4
Set up your mailbox- For increased security you must set up your mailbox from your
business phone before you can access it remotely.
}TT from business phone. (NOTE:
Centrex customers will not be able to use }TT) Follow the voice prompts to
Dial 1-877-VMESSAGE (1-877-863-7724) or
complete the easy set up process:
Set up your 4 to 10 digit PIN (Personal Identification Number)
Name the mailbox, for example John Smith or XYZ Company
Personalize your greeting (NOTE: This is your personal greeting and will be heard
when callers select your mailbox. The greeting callers will hear which offers
mailbox options is called the Group Greeting and that will be recorded in just a
few moments.)
Your mailbox is now ready to take messages or you can continue and add extension
mailboxes; up to 4.
Create your Extension Mailboxes
From the Main Menu, press
E for Mailbox Settings, the press Y for Extension Mailbox
options, and press
to add an Extension Mailbox.
Follow the prompts to continue to add extension mailboxes up to the allowed number.
key three times to
Once you have created the desired amount of extensions, press the
return to the Main Menu.
Record your Group Greeting
The Group Greeting is the greeting callers will hear if you have multiple extensions enabled.
A default message will play to callers requesting the mailbox that they want to leave a
message if a Group Greeting is not recorded*. When recording a company greeting in your
own voice be sure to record the mailbox press off options for the callers. For example,
“Thank you for calling XYZ Company. To leave a message for John Smith, press 1; to leave
a message for ABC Department, press 2; to leave a general company message, press 3.”
* If mailboxes are not yet personalized then callers will only hear mailbox numbers rather
than a name or department in which the mailbox is associated.
Y to access Greetings, then
press R to work with your Group Greeting. When prompted, press W to record your
Group greeting. IMPORTANT: You must press Q to save the Group Greeting after
If you are still in the Mailbox: From the Main Menu, press
listening to the draft recording to enable the greeting.
If you have disconnected and have come at a later time to record your Group Greeting, you
at the initial mailbox greeting.
must first log into Mailbox 0/Extension 1 by pressing
NOTE: Mailbox 0 will be the first option presented if a name was not previously recorded.
Mailbox 0 is Extension 1 and will serve as the main mailbox for managing the group setting
as well as taking messages for Extension 1.
Set-up and Personalize your Extension Mailboxes
For increased security you must set up your extension mailboxes from your business phone
in which voicemail service is enabled before you can access remotely. Naming your mailbox
provides personalized identity as to the mailbox owner. This will be important for both
callers and users who are presented with the option to select the mailbox in which they
want to leave a message or log in.
If you are still in the Mailbox: From the Main Menu, press
R to log into another mailbox.
Enter your business phone number followed by the
key. You will be asked who you
want to log in as. Select the mailbox extension in which you want to set-up, and follow the
voice prompts as you did to set up your initial mailbox.
Set up your 4 to 10 digit PIN (Personal Identification Number)
Name the mailbox, for example John Smith or ABC Department
Personalize your greeting
If you are going to personalize another extension mailbox, repeat the preceding instructions
beginning with “If you are still in the Mailbox”.
If you have come at a later time to set-up/personalize an extension mailbox, you must log
into the mailbox/extension in which you wish to update. You will be prompted at the time of
mailbox access as to who you want to log in as. Once a mailbox/extension has been
selected, follow the voice prompts to complete the easy set-up process:
Set up your 4 to 10 digit PIN (Personal Identification Number)
Name the mailbox, for example John Smith or ABC Department
Personalize your greeting
Listen to your messages- If you hear a “stutter” dial tone when you lift your handset, you
have new messages waiting. If you have special message waiting equipment, you will also
see a message waiting indicator light.
Access your mailbox-
}TT from your business
phone and enter your PIN. (NOTE: Centrex customers will not be able to use }TT)
From Business: Dial 1-877-VMESSAGE (1-877-863-7724) or
From any other phone: Dial your business phone number and let it forward to voicemail
{ during your greeting, or, dial 1-877-VMESSAGE (1-877-863-7724) and enter
your 10-digit business phone number followed by }.
then press
Play your messages-
Q to play the first message
Press U U to rewind 5 seconds
Press I I to fast forward 5 seconds
Press } to pause, then press } to resume playing
Press W to keep or press E to delete the message
After listening to a message, you can also:
Q to play the message again
Press W to keep the current message
Press E to delete the current message
Press R to forward the message to another mailbox user
Press T to reply to the message (other voice prompts will guide you through this
Y to create a new message and send it to another mailbox user
Press I to advance to the next message
Press O to exit your voicemail when you are done listening to your messages
Change your Greeting, Name or PIN- You may change your mailbox greeting or name at
Y at the main menu. You may change your PIN at anytime by
pressing E for Mailbox Settings at the main menu and then by pressing W for security
and then Q to change PIN.
any time by pressing
Helpful Hints
CenturyLink™Voicemail Extension 4: Based on network configuration, Centrex users will not
be able to access their voicemail services by using
Remember to press
O to exit your mailbox before you hang up. If you hang up before
, the line will remain connected to your mailbox for up to 45 seconds, and you
could accidentally reset your PIN if you pick up the phone again and dial another number
within those 45 seconds.
Your phone must be set for Tone dialing, not Pulse dialing to work with your mailbox.
Your CenturyLink™ Voicemail can store up to 8MB of messages, which is around 10
minutes of voice messages. If you’ve selected additional storage space, your CenturyLink™
Voicemail can store up to 16MB, which is around 25 minutes of voice messages.
If your mailbox is full, instead of your greeting, callers hear “Mailbox for [mailbox name]
Sorry, the mailbox is full and there is not enough space to leave a message.” The system
will hang up on the caller. If this happens, press the star
order to access your messages.
{ key during this greeting in
If you are ever unsure what to do next, wait a few seconds, and CenturyLink™ Voicemail’s
voice prompts will guide you with available options.
Customer must subscribe to CenturyLink local wireline service and at least one Call
Forwarding feature such as Call Forward No Answer or Call Forward No Answer-Fixed. Call
Forward Busy is recommended as well.
If you have questions regarding CenturyLink™ Voicemail, please visit us at
CenturyLink.com anytime or call the CenturyLink Customer Technical Solutions Center at
1-800-949-HELP (4357).
Terms and Conditions
CenturyLink™ Voicemail Extension 4: The provision of Voicemail Services is governed by
the terms and conditions set forth herein, the Standard Terms and Conditions for
Communications Services and the related service specific terms and conditions posted at
www.embarq.centurylink.com/ratesandconditions. Your activation or continued use of your
voicemail service will be your acknowledgement that you agree to all applicable terms and
You agree to pay CenturyLink a monthly charge in advance for voicemail service,
which will be billed separately on your local monthly bill or will be included in the
price of your bundled services.
Charges for voicemail service are based on recurring monthly rate, not usage.
CenturyLink may modify the charges for the month-to-month agreement based
on thirty (30) days written notice to you. You may be notified either by letter or
monthly bill. CenturyLink reserves the right to modify the terms of this
Agreement at any time. If you do not agree with the modified changes or terms
of the Agreement, as modified, you may immediately terminate the service.
Voicemail service is for your use only and may not be assigned.
Any telephone numbers assigned directly
The voicemail services you have purchased are provided by the CenturyLink local operating
company serving your location and governed by the CenturyLink Standard Terms and
Conditions for Communications Services and the CenturyLink Voicemail Service Product
Annex, posted to embarq.centurylink.com/ratesandconditions on the date you purchased
the services. To find the CenturyLink local operating company serving your location, please
see the maps of the CenturyLink local operating companies posted to
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