COMPACT 2013 Instruction Book

COMPACT 2013 Instruction Book
Twin Dual Temp
Twin XP Dual Temp
There are FOUR versions of THE iCOOL COMPACTS
The operation of all 4 models is basically the same except where noted.
OMPACT Cool is a popular lower cost system for fast cooling of a single
person pool. It provides 3800 watts of cooling power, fully automatic control
and excellent mobility.
OMPACT Twin is a more powerful mobile ice bath cooling system. It has all
the features of the “Cool” plus the extra cooling power of a 5000 watt heat
pump. It can cool up to 2 single person inflatable pools at once or an iCool multi
person pool. It is also suitable for small bath tubs and spa baths.
OMPACT Twin Dual Temp provides all the power and functions of the “Twin”
plus the benefit of heating as well as powerful cooling for advanced contrast
therapy sessions. It can provide any temperature used in recovery therapy.
OMPACT Twin XP provides all the function of the “Twin Dual Temp” with the
most powerful advanced heat pump ever available in a mobile system. 7000
watts of cooling and heating in this amazing small mobile package. For very fast
cooling or for bigger pools the XP is the best mobile ice bath system available.
3800 Watts
220v or 110 volts
5000 Watts
5000 Watts
Cooling & Heating
220v or 110 volts
5000 Watts
7000 Watts
7000 Watts
Cooling & Heating
220v or 110 volts
220v or 110 volts
iCools can only be used with the voltage marked on the machine, they are not multi voltage. The voltage is marked next
to the main power socket. To ensure safe operation the power outlet you use must have a proper earth connection.
Your iCool system has many safety features to protect against such things as a loss of water flow, overheating of the
system, or any chance of the user receiving an electrical shock. If any such potentially dangerous things should occur,
in most cases your iCool will shut itself down and a red warning screen will appear to assist you to identify and correct
the problem. In the case of overheating, the main fan will continue to run for some time until the temperature is safely
back to normal. For the safety of users, any leakage of even a small amount of electrical current will cause the system
to Instantly remove all electrical power. In the unlikely event that your system shuts itself down for any of these reasons,
you must identify and correct the problem that has caused the safety systems to operate before allowing anyone to use
the system.
The main power switch is also part of the electrical safety circuit that can prevents the
possibility of electric shock. It is essential to test this safety system each time you use
the iCool to make certain it is operating correctly. This is very easy to do and takes only
a few seconds.
Turn on the main switch and then press the orange test button just above the switch. If
the safety system is working normally, pressing the test button will cause the main power
switch to shut off instantly.
After a successful test, reset the main switch to ON to begin normal operation. If pressing
the test button fails to instantly shut off the power switch do not use the system until you
contact iCool for advice. Failures of this system are very rare.
occasionally you may experience some difficulty getting the water to flow correctly through your iCool due to trapped
air in the system or the hoses. Read these simple instructions to learn how to correct this.
THE PUMP: Water flow through your iCool is produced by a high quality long life circulating pump that, for the complete
safety of the user, operates on a very safe low voltage and outside of the iCool’s cooling machinery.
Circulating type pumps can lift and move water reliably for many thousands of hours, however they do not provide
suction and are therefore not self priming. Self priming type pumps are not as reliable over long periods and so are not
suitable for this type of operation.
The pump with your iCool cannot begin to operate correctly unless it is fed with a head of water from a pool where the
level is above the pump and any air tapped in the feeding hoses is removed. The water in the pool must be above the
pump before you start it. There must be no air trapped in the supply hose from the pool to the pump and no part of the
hose from the pool to the pump can be above the level of the water because this will trap air that can prevent water from
flowing to the pump.
There are several easy ways to clear trapped air. For example, before you connect the outlet hose from the pump to the
iCool, fill the pump with water and then connect it, that will remove all of the trapped air.inside the pump. If this does not
work immediately then you can touch the pump on off button 3 or 4 times so the pump is off for about 5 to 10 seconds
each time. The surge when the pump starts can often clear the trapped air but it may take a few times if there is a lot of
trapped air.
If you still do not have a good flow of water, with the pump running, undo the levers on the snap hose fitting that connects
the hose from the pump to the bottom inlet on the iCool. There is no need to remove the fitting, just open the levers and
this will allow any trapped air to escape. As soon as you see water coming out of fitting, quickly snap it back into position
and lock it again.
You only need to bleed the system once for each set up. Once primed of air, the system will remain primed and water
will normally flow instantly each time you start the pump until the pool is emptied or the iCool is moved.
Never operate the pump without water. Water pumps can not operate for long periods without water because the water
provides the lubrication to the bearings. To prevent damage, your iCool system will shut down the pump automatically if
water is not flowing properly for more than 2 minutes. If this happens a warning screen will normally appear to explain
to you how to correct the problem.
Before you turn on your iCool system you must set up and fill the pool. iCool portable inflatable pools and semi
permanent demountable pools come with their own instructions and are easy to set up. Just be sure that they are in the
position you require before you fill them with water as the weight of the water will make it impossible to move them once
they are filled.
All iCool Compact models are fitted with the latest chemical and salt resistant Titanium Heat Exchanger tanks, however
we highly recommend that chlorine should only be used in very small doses to prevent skin and eye irritation to pool
users and to extend the life of metal parts such as the circulating pump in your iCool.
In cold water, chlorine is very effective in small doses of just 1.5 parts per million, (1.5 ml per litre).
The use of salt serves no practical purpose in ice bath therapy and should be avoided as salt is very corrosive.
Never use bromide or bromine based products, they are extremely corrosive and can damage the metal parts.
Household first aid disinfectants such as Dettol or similar can be used instead of chlorine, they are very effective for
bacterial control and will not harm your iCools components. Two to four capfuls per day is usually enough.
iCool also produces a very effective anti bacterial solution especially formulated for use with ice bath pools and equipment.
Please see our website for details.
The 2013 iCool Compact range
Page 3
Quick start guide
The following is a quick start guide to get your iCool up and running quickly, however you should read the
entire manual to get the most out of your iCool.
Before you fill the pool you must connect the 2 hoses provided. ICool hoses have convenient snap fittings that are very
quick and easy to use.
The water level in the pool must be above the water inlet to the pump and the inlet on the Compact unit.iCool must
be on the same level surface as the pool. It must not be above the pool.
Connect the plug from the pump assembly
to the socket on the rear of the iCool. This
socket carries only 12 volts so it is quite safe
to handle at any time.
Be sure to align the groove in the plug to the
matching groove in the socket so that the pins
line up. Never force it. Push in and turn a half
turn to the right to lock it.
When the iCool is not in use please attach the water proof cover provided to the pump socket. This will prevent
corrosion damage.
Connect the main power cable provided with your iCool to a standard power outlet capable of providing at least 12 amps
in countries with a 220 V supply and 24 amps in countries with a 110 V supply. Although the system requires much less
power than this in normal operation, all heat pump compressor motors need considerably more power for a minute or
so each time they starts up.
For safety, the power outlet you use must be earthed correctly.
The main power switch is also part of the electrical safety circuit that guards against the
possibility of electric shock. Every electric component in the iCool is protected by this
device. It is a good idea to test this system each time you use the iCool by turning on
the main switch and then pressing the test button above the switch. If the safety system
is working normally, pressing the test button will cause the main power switch to shut
down instantly.
After a successful test, reset the main switch to ON to begin normal operation.
Your iCool has a full colour high-resolution touchscreen that
eliminates all switches and provides complete control over your
iCool system in a user-friendly and intuitive manner. It also provides
a substantial amount of additional information to assist you.
When you turn on the power for the first time the system will load the
latest software from its memory card and run a diagnostic self test
routine. This will take about 20 seconds. During this time you will
see this screen (shown at right) and then a black screen.
The system status bars will flash white.
The status bars on each side at the front of the iCool will change
colour or flash to give a clear indication of each function.
While the software is loading the status bars will flash white, the
screen shown above will be seen, then a black screen appears for
about 15 seconds while the computers test the safety systems.
After the self test is completed, your personal logo screen or a
welcome screen will appear. Touching this screen anywhere will stop
the bars flashing and show a steady white light to indicate that the
systems check was successful and that your iCool is ready to use.
The Status bars glow BLUE when only the pump is running, green
when the cooling system is running and red when the heating system
is running.
If the bars glow red when you start cooling please refer to page 7 for
an explanation.
the software loading screen
The 2013 iCool Compact range
Page 5
If you ordered a personal logo screen your welcome screen will look like the samples below. Otherwise the
standard iCool welcome screen will appear
touch YOUR logo OR WELCOME screen anywhere to continue
The main operating screen provides many options which are covered elsewhere in this manual, however to quickly start
the system you can simply accept the default water temperature setting of 15ºc or, to select a different temperature
touch the change settings button. Then 10ºC will be inserted automatically, but you can change to any temperature you
require at this point. Simply touch the up and down arrow buttons and the desired pool water temperature will appear on
the bottom left-hand of the screen in the blue window marked “selected temperature”. The right-hand side of the screen
shows the outside air temperature.
The temperatures is in degrees centigrade, however it can also be
displayed in Fahrenheit. This is explained later in this Manual.
Once you have selected the pool water temperature you want your
iCool to cool to, touch the start button. This takes you back to the
main run screen which is the screen that you will use most of the
time during normal operation.
Touch the start pump button. This will start the pump operating and
water should begin circulating.
NOTE! When you touch start buttons they change to stop buttons
and can then be used to stop that function if required.
It is essential that the water is flowing correctly before you touch the
start system button.
The water flow is pre set to an optimum flow of about 15-20 litres
or around 3-5 gallons per minute. This allows time for the heat
exchanger to operate at maximum cooling efficiency.
Pool water is completely changed approximately every 15 to
20 minutes.
Do not touch the start system button until you are sure that water
is flowing smoothly. If water does not flow smoothly within a minute
or so, please check that the hose with the pump is flat on the floor
and no part of it is higher than the top of the water. Check that the
water in the pool is higher than the pump. If this does not correct the
problem the system will sound an alarm and a red warning screen will
appear with information about how to correct the water flow problem.
30 22
water temperature setting screen
Now that you have pre set your desired temperature and started the circulating pump, notice that the pump
button will have changed from start to stop. You can use this same button to start and stop the pump at
any time.Now, touch the start system button and the cooling cycle will begin. The water will be cooled to your preset
temperature and the system will then cycle to maintain it at that temperature automatically. The system can only be
started once within any 3 minute period to avoid overloading the compressor. If you don’t hear it start do not touch the
start system again , it will start automatically after the 3 minutes safety period elapses.
For the safety of users, you can not set temperatures below 5°c or above 45°c. (40°f-112°f). In an emergency you can
stop all functions immediately by touching the “all stop” button However, if the cabinet is hot, only the fan may continue
to run until the cabinet has cooled.
Some models have the ability to heat as well as cool:
If your iCool is a Dual Temp Model, then depending on the temperature you set, it will either heat or cool the water
automatically to reach your preset temperature and then maintain it at that temperature. It heats by modern heat pump
technology using as much as 70% less electricity than conventional electric spa heaters.
For safety reasons you can only initiate the heating mode at the time the unit is first switched on. You can not change to
heating while you are using it in the cooling mode or vice versa. You must switch off at the main switch and start again
to change modes.
If you set the temperature to a value that is below the current water temperature in your pool it will automatically begin
cooling when you touch the start system button.
if you set the temperature to a value that is above the current water temperature in your pool it will automatically begin
heating when you touch the start system button.
To use the heating function, use the up down arrows to select the hot temperature you require up to 42ºc (or 108ºf) and
then touch the start button. This takes you back to the main operating screen where you can now start the pump and
the system as usual. The status bar on top of the unit will turn RED when you touch the start button to indicate that your
iCool is now heating. It will continue to heat until it reaches your pre set temperature and then hold that temperature for
as long as you wish.
We all understand that heat rises, so you must use a cover on top of your pool when heating it or you will lose a large
amount of the heat energy into the room and it will take much longer to heat the water.
If water stops flowing for more than two minutes the iCool will sound a warning and shut down. This screen will appear.
The Water Flow Warning Screen also provides an
option to over ride the flow protection system in the
rare situation of a false alarm.
Never use this option unless you are absolutely
certain that the system has stopped because of a
false water flow alarm!
Once you use this function to disarm the flow safety
monitor nothing will stop the system even if water is
not flowing and this can seriously damage the pump as it
will have no lubrication or cooling from the water.
This over ride function is only to be used for short
periods where it is essential to keep your system
operating until the reason for the false alarm can be
determined and corrected. Water flow can also stop
if the heat exchanger tank is frozen solid!
If you set the temperature below about 7ºC or 45ºF it is occasionally possible in certain climatic conditions for the heat
exchanger tank to freeze solid which will block the flow of water.
In order to cool the pool water to these extremely low temperatures the system must cool to at least 5 to 7ºC below the
set temperature and this takes it very close to the temperature that water freezes solid.
Following international safety standards your iCool will not accept water temperature settings below 5ºC or 40ºF as this
would put athletes using the system unattended at risk of hypothermia. However, the iCool is easily powerful enough to
freeze the water and if this happens the safety screen above will appear and the system will stop.
The 2013 iCool Compact range
Page 7
detailed operation
details of the main operating screen
The pool temperature window shows the actual water temperature returning from the pool. This will vary slightly to the
actual temperature in the pool because for safety reasons the electronic sensor is in the cooling unit not in the pool.
It accurately reads the actual temperature of the water that is returning to the pool. The actual pool temperature will
be slightly different depending on your particular setup. The temperature is always accurately maintained but if you
want to display the actual pool temperature within 1 degree you can simply set an offset amount to compensate for the
difference when selecting your required temperature.
The heat pump temperature window shows the temperature inside the cabinet. If this exceeds 70°C or 158°F the system
will shut down, an alarm will sound and a warning screen will appear. This could happen in extremely hot conditions or
if the unit is covered by an object such as a towel or anything that prevents proper airflow.
The outside temperature window shows the current room or outside temperature. It is not desirable to operate this
system in temperatures above 42°C or 108° F. If the reading exceeds this you need to move the system to a cooler
area or improve the air flow.
The preset temperature window always shows your selected temperature. This is the temperature the water
will be automatically cooled (or heated) to and maintained at.
Changing the temperature setting
You can change your preset temperature at any time by touching the change setting button, this will take you to the
change settings screen. From here you proceed as described previously.
If you have the dual temp model you can also heat your pool up to 42ºC for contrast therapy, however, for safety reasons
you cannot change directly from heating to cooling or cooling to heating. To do this you must switch off the entire system
at the main switch and start again. This is required to prevent the system from changing modes accidentally.
See setting up for heating mode on page 7.
During normal operation the main fan will automatically change speeds as required to maintain the highest efficiency.
The fan will be at full speed when temperatures are high or the water is warm.
You can display the POOL temperature AT full-screen size.
If you touch the number in the pool temperature window on
the Main Operation Screen for a few seconds the screen will
change to a full-screen display of that temperature. This is useful
if you wish to monitor the system from a distance.The pre-set
temperature and the outside temperature continued to display in
smaller windows for your reference.
To return to the main operating screen touch the back 1 button.
To stop the system at the end
of your recovery session
There are several ways to stop the system and close it down. You
can stop the cooling system by touching the stop system button,
in this case the pump will continue to run. You can stop to pump
at any time by touching the stop pump button. Alternatively you can stop everything by touching the all stop button.
Alternatively you can simply switch off the main power. If you use the all stop button the fan may continue to run for a
short time to cool the cabinet. Because the system will not run without water, touching stop pump also stops the heat
pump if it is already running.
Emptying the pool USING THE PUMP.
You can use the main circulating pump to empty the water from the pool by detaching the hose at the top of the pool
that runs the the iCool. The pool water can then be directed to a drain. The pump can be turned on and off at any time
using the PUMP stop/start button.
Functions OF the touch buttonS
System settings
When your iCool starts up, the first screen you will see offers you a system settings button. The best settings are
automatically selected so there is usually no need to use this feature. The three settings you can change are the fan
speed range, the temperature from degrees Centigrade to Fahrenheit and the sound level from the screen.
Main cooling fan speed: This allows you to set the main cooling fan to either normal or quiet mode.
Generally you should always leave it in the normal mode which is fully automatic and allows the system to control the
fan speed to give the very best efficiency and fastest cooling.
If you are in a very quiet environment you can select quiet mode, but you must be aware that this will
reduce the cooling ability of the system, however it will be quieter overall as the fan will not run higher
than 60% of maximum unless there is a risk of overheating, in which case the safety system will turn
the fan back to high no matter what the setting. The normal setting is used to give absolute maximum
cooling power where higher fan noise is not a problem. On a normal day this gives about 30% more
cooling than in the quiet mode. If cooling seems lower than normal, check to see if this feature was
previously set to Quiet Mode.
Temperature display scale: this can be set to
either Centigrade or Fahrenheit and this changes all of the displays
throughout the entire system. When you first start the iCool it will
normally start in Centigrade as this is the world standard. Due
to complex decimal calculations between Cº and Fº there may
be minor difference in the true Fº displays. This has no effect on
actual cooling accuracy.
The sound level adjusts the sounds made by touching the screen
and by the alarms. Normally it should be left on high to assist with
settings and to make sure alarms are heard.
A red dot indicates which setting is selected in each of the
available settings.
The 2013 iCool Compact range
Page 9
temperature settings
When your iCool starts up, you are offered 3 different
ways to choose a water temperature setting.
Whichever method you choose it eventually takes
you to the main run screen. If you make no setting,
the system will automatically insert 15°C.(around
59ºF) In this case you can proceed directly to start
the pump and cooling system.
If you want to use your previous setting from the last
session, you can touch the use previous setting button
and the last setting you used will be automatically
inserted into the system. Previous settings will be lost
if you have removed to mains power.
If you want to make a different temperature setting,
you touch the change setting button and this will take
you to the water temperature setting screen illustrated
above right, where you can use the up and down
arrows to select the temperature you require. After you make your
setting touch the start button to go to the main screen where you can
start both the pump and the cooling system and where all relevant
temperature information is clearly displayed.
After you start the system running you can view the actual water
temperature in full screen by touching the blue pool temperature
square at the bottom left of the main screen for more than 2 seconds
water temperature setting screen
water temperature FULL screen
Temperature limitations
Because of the dangers of hypothermia in the case of an unattended athlete using the pool, your system
will not allow you to set temperatures below 5°C/40°F. If the model you are using is the contrast model
which also provides heating for contrast therapy you cannot set the temperature above 45°C/112°F
because of the risk of scalding. These temperature limits have been set after wide consultation with the
sporting industry around the world. There are no demonstrated benefits in using water temperature lower
than 5°C or above 45°C and therefore the risk of doing so is not justified. If you really do need lower or
higher temperatures for any reason, iCool can change the software on request, but this modification is at
the owner’s risk.
Timing functions
Your iCool offers a number of very useful timing functions including
a real-time clock, a countdown timer to time recovery and training
sessions and a timer to shut down the system automatically at a
predetermined time after use. To set up and use these functions
touch the timer function button on the home screen. You can
reach this screen by using the back 1 button or the home button.
You can display the time of day on the built-in clock.
To set the clock touch the set main clock button on the timing
functions screen and the time setting display on the bottom right
of the screen will begin flashing. You must set it while one of the
time setting screen
numbers is flashing by using the up down and left right keys. Once
you stop using these keys for more than a few seconds the display will stop flashing and the time showing is set into
the system and the clock begins operating.
The iCool clock operates in the universal 24-hour time style.
Automatic system shutdown timer
You can preset your iCool to shut down at any time up to five hours in the future. This is very convenient for coaches
and specialists who may want to leave the training area early but want to make sure that the system is not left running
needlessly. To set this time, touch the set shut down button and the clock digits on the bottom right of the screen will begin
to flash as with setting the clock. Use the same up down and left right arrows to set the number of hours
and minutes you wish to elapse before the system automatically shuts down. The system automatically
begins the countdown and will stop when the time you set reaches zero. The time remaining before
shutdown is displayed on the main clock display screen.
As the same arrows are used to set all three time functions, to avoid confusion, a red dot appears next
to be button of the function being set.
A very popular and useful feature of your iCool is the session countdown timer.
This allows you to accurately control the immersion times of athletes and to
repeat those times as often as needed. This is an essential part of successful cryo
recovery therapy and is just as important as maintaining accurate and consistent
temperatures, which of course your iCool does perfectly.
The session timer is set up from the main time setting screen by touching the set
countdown button. The numbers on the setting screen in the bottom right-hand
corner will begin to flash and you can use the left, right and up, down arrows to change the time in minutes and seconds.
Once you have set the time you want your athletes to remain in the bath, touching the display countdown full-screen
button will take you to the screen illustrated below. This screen allows you to see the countdown from a distance and
also to control it in various convenient ways. The current pool temperature and the outside temperature will also be
The count down can be set for once only, or it can repeat automatically as many times
as you like. This is particularly convenient if you have a number of athletes using the
same pool at the same time. The system beeps for each of the last five seconds at the
end of each countdown to warn the athletes to get ready to get either in or out of the
pool and pauses for several seconds to allow the changeover before the countdown
begins again (if it is set in the repeat mode).
Resets time to the preset
value in the single shot
mode, ready to start again by
pressing the start button
When this button is pressed the
countdown will repeat until the
repeat function is cancelled by
pressing once again. A red dot
indicates that it is active
You can pause the
countdown at any time and
start again from the same
position with this button,
or touch reset to start from
the top.
This button starts the
The 2013 iCool Compact range
Page 11
You can also display the main clock,
showing the time of day in full-screen
mode if required by touching THE display
clock fULL screen buttoN.
To go back to the previous screen touch the
back 1 button.
External lighting
Some iCool models have convenient area lighting
which is very helpful if the area around your pool
arrangement is not well lit. The lights can be
activated from several screens by touching the
lights button. This Takes you to a simple screen
that has both on and off light icon buttons. When you touch
the on button the area lights illuminate and a red dot beside the
icon indicates that the lights are set on. If your iCool does not
have area lights this function will turn the iCoolSport logo lights
on and off.
stereo sound system
Some iCool models have a very high quality
stereo sound system built in to allow athletes to
plug-in their iPods or MP3 players.
This feature has no effect if you’re particular
ICool model does not have a sound system built-in. To activate
the sound system touch the sound button. This takes you to
a simple sound control screen that turns the amplifiers and
speakers on and off. Plug-in any music player to the mini phono
jack provided. The volume is controlled by your music player not
by iCool stereo system, so be sure the volume is turned down
when you first plug in your player.
The help system
Your iCool has an extensive built-in electronic
help system. Detailed and well illustrated helpful
information on every important subject to do with
the operation of your iCool, is available from
almost any screen simply by touching the help button.
Touching any help button will take you to the screen illustrated
on the right. The screen has eight menu buttons covering all of
the important topics you are ever likely to need assistance with.
When you touch the menu button covering the topic you need
assistance with, the screen will change to a series of pages
covering that subject. Sample screens are illustrated below
and opposite.
You can flip forward or backwards from page to page using the buttons on the right-hand side of the help screens or you
can return to be main help menu page at any time.
The built-in illustrated help system is a revolutionary new idea and we are constantly updating it as new information and
new feedback comes in from all over the world from iCool clients and from our recovery research programs in several
Some help pages may not be installed on your iCool when it is delivered, so that your local dealer can install them to suit
your country and sport. This may lead to a computer crash if some pages are missing. If this happens please switch off
the iCool at the main power and restart. iCool can provide a free updated memory card with the latest help menus to
examples of the electronic help system’s pages:
You may need a free local upgrade memory card to access all help files for your region.
Locking your iCool system to prevent tampering.
your iCool has an electronic lock
As you can see, iCool Systems have attractive user interfaces,
this makes them easy and very intuitive to use, but the downside
is that untrained people sometimes like to play with the colourful
touchscreens. As with any sophisticated piece of equipment when
people start pressing buttons at random anything can happen. Your
iCool has many safety features to prevent a person tampering with the system from causing a disaster, but most of these
safety features involve Automatically shutting down the system which of course is undesirable. We have covered this by
installing a secret locking routine. It is a good idea to keep this secret to as few people as possible.
To lock the screen so that no further inputs can be made, touch and hold the iCool icon on the main run screen for more
than 10 seconds (you can only lock from this main screen). A picture of a lock will appear. While ever this lock is visible
it is not possible to make any inputs or to change screens.
To unlock the system and returned to normal, repeat the procedure. Touch and hold the iCool icon for more than 10
seconds. The lock will disappear and all functions will return to normal.
The 2013 iCool Compact range
Page 13
As with all computers and computer controlled devices it is possible that occasionally the system could freeze due to
data or software conflicts. Your iCool has 2 computers that monitor and communicate with each other. Occasionally a
data error can cause them to stop communicating.
We have designed the system to be as fail safe as possible. In most cases if the screen freezes the main computer will
still carry on running the system and monitoring the safety features but you will not be able to change anything. You can
either allow it to keep running if that is more convenient, or you can restore the system to normal operation by switching
off the main power and re starting, exactly as you would do if your computer or smart phone freezes.
The system will always reset to normal when you restart it.
When your screen first starts up and the welcome screen appears a small warning notice may appear in the centre of
the screen for one or two seconds referring to the inter computer communication requirements, this is normal.
emergency override provisions
Certain safety features in your icool can be overridden in the event of a partial failure.
ICool systems are very reliable and have attained an excellent reputation around the world for this. In addition we have
done all that we can in the designs to build-in ways to work around any partial failure, so that you are not prevented from
using your system for an important event. There are some circumstances in which it would be acceptable to temporarily
override certain safety systems that may become too sensitive and cause trouble until they can be properly readjusted.
This allows systems to continue to operate in circumstances where otherwise it might not be possible. Of course we do
not advise the overriding of electrical safety circuits.
For example, depending on the way your system has been set up, it sometimes occurs that the water flow monitoring
system may be too sensitive and will stop the pump because it appears that water is not flowing properly. We allow this
to be over ridden if it becomes troublesome. Instructions on how to do this will appear on the screen automatically if this
happens. It must be remembered of course that if you disarm this system the pump is no longer protected from running
dry without water lubrication, so it is essential that you manually monitor the water flow. Our staff can assist you by
phone or e-mail to overcome most problems on the spot.
Even if the touchscreen fails or is damaged, we can usually still get you going.
In our efforts to remain the world’s number one supplier of mobile ice
bath systems, we have continued to improve reliability, but we have also engineered ways to ensure that no matter what
happens in the field, in most cases you can still use your iCool for that important event.
Realistically, even the best electronic systems occasionally have problems, especially in portable systems that have a
relatively hard life and where water and heat are involved.
Fortunately, we have very few such problems, but as an added benefit we have built into all iCool’s a complete manual
override system that allows your iCool to operate effectively even if parts of the electronics fail for whatever reason.
We do not publish this over ride information in the manual because it is a little different from model to model, but in the
rare event that you ever have a failure of the electronics or the touch screen which prevents you from operating your
iCool, just call or e-mail the local iCool representative in your country, or our international number or go to our web site
and we will give you instructions on how to use the manual over ride facility on your particular model.
At you will find a listing of representatives around the world, or you can request a reply directly
from our factory in Australia. You will be contacted promptly and we will explain how to work around your problem until
we can arrange repairs. This is an important service that we hope you never need, but it’s good to know it is there. In
addition to this service you will be pleased to know that your iCool is of a modern modular design, which means that
most components can be easily replaced in the field and often by the owner.
If you have a dual temp model it can also heat your pool and because it heats by modern heat pump
technology and it does so using as much as 70% less electricity than conventional spa heaters.
For safety reasons you can only initiate the heating mode at the time the unit is first switched on. You can not
change to heating while you are using it in the cooling mode. You must switch off at the main switch first.
Turn on the unit at the main switch and when the main screen appears, touch the change temperature button. On the
screen that appears use the up down arrows to select the hot temperature you require up to 42ºC (or 108ºF) and then
touch the start button. This takes you back to the main operating screen where you can now start the pump and the
system as usual. The status bar lights will turn red when you touch the start button to indicate that your iCool is now
heating. It will continue to heat until it reaches your pre set temperature and then hold that temperature for as long as
you wish.You must use a pool cover when heating the water.
We all understand heat rises and so you must use a cover on top of your pool when heating it or you will lose a large
amount of the heat energy into the room and it will take much longer to heat the water.
If the status bar lights turn red when you start a cooling cycle: For safety reasons the system will not change from heating
mode to cooling mode or cooling to heating unless you re start it by turning the main power off and back on. Then it will
operate in the mode you first set.
Dual Temp
Twin XP
Twin XP Dual Temp
Cooling Power (watts)
Heating Power (watts)
Run (& Max) power @220V
5 amps (10 amps)
5 amps (10 amps)
7 amps (14 amps)
7.5 Amps (14Amps)
7.5 Amps (14Amps)
Run (& Max) power @110V
10 amps (20 amps)
10amps (20 amps)
14 amps (26 amps)
15 Amps (28 Amps)
15 Amps (28 Amps)
Heatpump type
Safety Device
30 milliamps
30 milliamps
30 milliamps
30 milliamps
30 milliamps
Heat Exchanger
Roller Bearing
Roller Bearing
Roller Bearing
Roller Bearing
Roller Bearing
Handles- Stainless Steel
Area Lighting
YES-10 watts
YES-10 watts
YES-10 watts
YES-10 watts
YES-10 watts
Touch screen
800 x 480 HI RES
800 x 480 HI RES
800 x 480 HI RES
800 x 480 HI RES
800 x 480 HI RES
Isolated water Pump
Water pump capacity Max
25 LPM
25 LPM
25 LPM
25 LPM
25 LPM
Weight -kg (Pounds)
33.7 (74.1)
35 (77)
37 (81.4)
39 (85)
39 (85)
Dimensions (cm) h x w x d
64.5 x 34.5 x 53
64.5 x 34.5 x 53
64.5 x 34.5 x 53
64.5 x 34.5 x 53
64.5 x 34.5 x 53
Dimensions (inch) h x w x d
25.3 x 13.5 x 20.8
25.3 x 13.5 x 20.8
25.3 x 13.5 x 20.8
25.3 x 13.5 x 20.8
25.3 x 13.5 x 20.8
Country of Origin
HR22 Green Gas
HR22 Green Gas
HR22 Green Gas
HR22 Green Gas
HR22 Green Gas
Cabinet and chassis:
Marine Grade aluminium.
Heat fused appliance grade enamel.
Heat exchanger:
Heat pump plumbing:
Commercial Refrigeration grade copper.
Handles:Stainless Steel.
Plastic covers:
Co extruded Acrylic.
The 2013 iCool Compact range
Page 15
iCool Systems are sold all around the world and these specifications may be different for units delivered in your
country due to local conditions or regulations or other factors. Also certain specifications may change due to ongoing
research and development, because we are constantly improving our products.
We welcome your feedback and suggestions and we offer support for general enquiries and information for specific
countries on our website at.
Thank you for choosing iCool the world’s most popular ice bath therapy
and recovery systems.
Published 2013 by
iCool (Australia) Pty Ltd
iCool HK (China) Ltd.
iCool is a Registered Trade Mark worldwide.
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