Quick Start Guide

Quick Start Guide
Getting started
Connect the PlayStation®4 system to a TV.
Connect the HDMI cable and the AC power cord in order, from
For a wired connection to the Internet, connect a LAN
cable (sold separately).
Touch the
(power) button of the PS4™ system to turn
the system on.
Rear view
Rear view
Turn on the TV, and then set the TV input to HDMI.
The power indicator blinks in
blue, and then lights up in
Connect the DUALSHOCK®4 wireless controller to the
system using the USB cable, and then press the
(PS) button.
The controller is registered (paired) when you connect it with the USB cable,
and turns on when you press the
(PS) button.
Perform initial setup.
Set up an Internet connection, set the date and time, and adjust other
settings. Follow the screens to adjust settings, and then select [Start Now]
from the setup completion screen.
When you set up an Internet connection and there is a later version of the
system software, an update file will automatically download.
Front view
AC IN connector
Power indicator
LAN port
HDMI input port
Front view
Welcome to the World of PlayStation
USB port
USB port
Power button
Connection example:
LAN cable
(sold separately)
AC power cord
USB cable
Internet connectivity
device such as a modem
To the Internet line
HDMI® cable
To an electric outlet
PS button
•• When connecting to a network wirelessly (using Wi-Fi), do not connect an active LAN
cable to the PS4™ system. A LAN cable connection is prioritized by the system.
•• To fully enjoy PS4™ system features, an Internet connection is recommended.
If video is not displayed on the screen or video is not correctly displayed when the
system is turned on (the power indicator lights up in white), touch the
button for at least 7 seconds (until the system beeps a second time) to turn off the
power, and then turn on the power again.
•• Initial registration of the controller is necessary in some situations, such as when
using the controller for the first time, or using the controller on another PS4™
•• After registration of the controller is complete, you can disconnect the USB cable
and use the controller wirelessly.
Items that you set during the initial setup, as well as items for which you selected [Set
(Settings) or [Profile] in the
Up Later] or [Skip], can be changed and set from
function screen.
Quick Start Guide
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Using the screen
Playing games
Function screen
A row of function items is displayed.
You can do things such as check for
new notifications and send
messages to your Friends.
To access some features, you must
have an Internet connection and be
signed in to PSNSM.
Downloading games from
Insert a disc.
The game appears in the content area of the home screen.
Front view
PlayStation®Store has a wide variety of content you can't get anywhere else,
including games, free trial versions of the latest releases, and game add-ons that
make the games you have even more fun to play.
To use PlayStation®Store, you must be signed in to PSNSM.
You can also start playing large-sized content without waiting for it to finish
Sharing your gaming experience
By using online services, you can upload screenshots and video clips of gameplay
from a game, and broadcast (stream) your gameplay.
To use these features, you must be signed in to PSNSM with a Sony Entertainment
Network (SEN) master account.
Up button/
Down button
Using a mono headset
Home screen
To use the mono headset, connect it to the controller. With the default setting, only
chat audio is output from the headset.
Select the game.
The game starts.
Content area
Mono headset
The content that you have started is
listed in most recent order from left
to right.
Creating an SEN account
Using the controller
You can use PSNSM and SEN services such as PlayStation®Store and Music Unlimited
by creating an account.
Using multiple controllers
To use the controller wirelessly, the controller's battery must be charged. You can
check the charge level of the battery on the screen that is displayed when you
press and hold the
(PS) button.
You can use up to 4 controllers at the same time.
When you press the
(PS) button on a controller for which registration has been
completed, a color is assigned and the light bar lights up. The color that is assigned
depends on the order in which users press the
(PS) button on the controller. The
first user is blue, the second is red, the third is green, and the fourth is pink.
•• An account can be created for free.
•• You must have an Internet connection to use services. You must also update the
system software to the latest version.
•• A maximum of 16 accounts can be registered on the PS4™ system.
•• To create an account for users under a certain age (a sub account), you must first
create an account for a parent or guardian (a master account).
•• Accounts created on a PlayStation®3 system, PlayStation®Vita system, or a
computer can be used on the PS4™ system.
If you do not have an account
(Settings) > [PSNSM] > [Sign In to PSN] > [I don't have an account] from the
function screen, and then create an account.
Turning off the power
Turn on the PS4™ system (the power indicator lights up
in white) or set it to standby mode (the power indicator
lights up in orange).
Connect the controller to the PS4™ system using the USB
(Settings) >
(User's Guide) from the function screen. This document
contains explanations of how to use each function, how to perform settings, how
long to allow for charging the controller, and other operations. You can also view
the User's Guide from a computer or other device.
Entering standby mode
You can charge the controller from a USB port and remain signed in to PSNSM while
in standby mode.
Select (Power) from the function screen, and then select [Enter Standby Mode].
white, and then the power
The screen turns off, the power indicator blinks in
indicator lights up in orange.
(PS) button on the controller.
To exit standby mode, press the
Safety Guide
This document contains information about how to safely use the PS4™ system, and
information about specifications. It also contains product warranty terms. Be sure
to read it before using the system.
Select (Power) from the function screen, and then select [Turn Off PS4]. The
white, and then the power
screen turns off, the power indicator blinks in
indicator turns off.
(Settings) > [PSNSM] > [Sign In to PSN] from the function screen, enter your
ID and password, and then select [Sign In].
Light bar
MIC switch
User's Guide
Only disconnect the plug of the AC power cord from the electric outlet when the
power indicator is turned off. If you disconnect it while the power indicator is lit or
blinking, data might be lost or corrupted, or the system might be damaged.
Turning off the power completely
If you already have an account
Stereo headset jack
Further information
USB port
Understanding the power indicator
Lit up in
Powered on
Lit up in
Standby mode
Turned off
Powered off
To the PS4™ system
Up button/
Down button
USB cable
Content info screen
The latest information about the
selected content is displayed. To
display the latest information, you
must be signed in to PSNSM.
Quitting a game
Removing a disc
Press and hold the
(PS) button, and
then select [Close Application] on the
screen that is displayed.
Touch the
(eject) button.
To charge while in standby mode, you must set a checkmark in
> [Power Save Settings] > [Set Functions Available in Standby Mode] >
[Supply Power from USB Ports].
Front view
Returning to the home screen
from a game
To return to the home screen without
quitting a game, press the
To resume playing the game, select it
from the content area.
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Eject button
Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.
Information about system functionality and images published in this document may vary from
those for your system, depending on the system software version in use. Also, the illustrations
and screen images used in this guide may vary from the actual product.
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