Programming Quick Start

Programming Quick Start
Quick Start Programming…
Yaesu FT-60R
1. Turn radio ON.
2. Press [V/M] key to go to VFO mode.
3. Use numeric keypad to enter desired frequency.
4. Press [F] key then [SQUELCH TYPE/1] key.
5. Use tuning knob to select squelch type.
6. Press [F] key to set squelch type.
7. Press [F] key then [CODE/2] key.
8. Use tuning knob to select CTCSS tone or DCS.
9. Press [F] key to set tone.
10. Press [F] key for over one second - the next available memory location will start
blinking in the display.
11. Touch [F] key to enter what you have just programmed into that memory location.
Painless...especially when you have Auto Repeater Shift set!
Want to add an alphanumeric label to that memory entry?
a. In Memory mode (not VFO mode), select desired channel w/channel knob.
b. Press [F] key then [SET/0] key to enter Set Menu.
c. Use tuning dial to go to Item 27 - NAME.
d. Press [F] key and use tuning dial to choose ALPHA.
e. Press [F] key to set what you just chose.
f. Press [F] key then [SET/0] key to enter Set Menu.
g. Use tuning dial to go to Item 28 - NAME WRITE.
h. Press [F] key once...then one more time to make first digit blink.
i. Use tuning knob to select desired alphanumeric character.
j. Press [F] key to set - and move to next character.
k. Repeat i-j above for up to six characters.
l. When pressing [F] key after entering sixth character, a long beep will be heard.
m. Touch PTT key to exit Set Mode and go back to Memory Mode.
Courtesy of Clint Bradford, K6LCS
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