8-10kW - GE Generators
8 - 10kW1
Automatic Home Generator Systems
Smaller and Smarter
Give your family the peace of mind that comes with knowing
that if the power goes out, your lights will still be on.
Our 8kW1-10kW1 has the smallest standby generator footprint of
its class. Its compact design, convenient placement options and
comprehensive warranty make it the best choice for homeowners
with small to medium properties.
The 8kW1 Home Generator System by GE keeps the essentials
powered in your home. The lights stay on. The refrigerator keeps
things cold. The furnace keeps you toasty warm on a cold winter’s
night. The 10kW1 standby generator provides enough power
for more than just the essentials by managing up to 8 high-wattage
appliances with Symphony® II Power Management.
Enjoy peace of mind from GE Generator Systems. The smart choice.
Backed by 130 years of providing the latest technology, GE is
committed to providing peace of mind to our customers. GE is one
of the fastest growing home generator system brands in the country
and provides a managed whole house solution to back up power.
You already trust our brand for your appliances, now you can count
on us to keep them running during an outage.
To learn more, visit www.GEgenerators.com
The longest, most comprehensive limited
warranty in the industry. We offer a 4-year limited
parts and labor warranty2, so you can be assured
of our commitment to quality.
Providing Peace of Mind
The system continuously monitors
your home’s connection to utility
power. The generator starts
automatically when there is an outage
and shuts off automatically when
utility power is restored.
Designed Around Your Life
Smallest Standby Generator
Featuring a new space-saving design,
the compact 8kW1 - 10kW1 has the
smallest standby generator footprint
of its class. Its unobtrusive design
makes it a perfect fit for homeowners
with smaller properties.
Convenient Placement Options
Our 8kW1 - 10kW1 standby generators
can be placed as close as 18" from the
home in accordance with National Fire
Protection Agency testing standard3.
Our 8kW1-10kW1 standby generator is
the best choice for homeowners with
tight lot lines.
Premium Engine
Newly designed for standby
applications, Briggs & Stratton
engines deliver improved reliability,
performance and durability to
meet your power demands during
a power outage.
28 ˝
040350 (CARB Compliant)
GE Power Management
Watts¹ LP/NG
Selected Circuits
Symphony® II Power Management
8,000 (LP Gas)
6,000 (NG)
10,000 (LP Gas)
9,000 (NG)
Briggs & Stratton® OHV Engine
Briggs & Stratton VanguardTM Engine
Fully Automatic
Fully Automatic
120/240V AC, Single Phase, 1.0pf
Amps (240V)
33.3 (LP Gas)
25 (NG)
41.7 (LP Gas)
37.5 (NG)
Voltage Regulation
Full Pressure
Fuel Consumption 4
(at ½ Load )
37.6 ft 3/hr, 1.04 gal/hr (LP Gas)
94 ft 3/hr (NG)
42.8 ft3/hr, 1.18 gal/hr (LP Gas)
111 ft3/hr (NG)
Fuel Consumption 4
(at Full Load )
56.4 ft 3/hr, 1.57 gal/hr (LP Gas)
121 ft 3/hr (NG)
65.6 ft 3/hr, 1.82 gal/hr (LP Gas)
169 ft 3/hr (NG)
Weekly Exerciser
Galvanneal steel
with corrosion resistant paint
Enclosure Technology
Hour Meter
Easy Monitoring
Each generator system comes with a
wireless monitor for inside your home,
so you know your generator is working
without ever having to go outside.
040374 (CARB Compliant)
Liquid Propane (LP), Natural Gas (NG)
Fuel Type
Overcrank Protection
Dimensions (L×W×H)
28" x 24.4" x 33.5"
(Generator Only)
252 lbs.
272 lbs.
4 Year Limited
100 Amp Automatic Transfer Switch
with Symphony® II Power Management
Available Accessories
Maintenance kit helps you complete
scheduled and preventative
maintenance on your standby
generator. Designed specifically for your
generator's needs, each maintenance
kit contains oil and air filters, an oil
funnel and spark plug(s).
Cold Weather Kit ensures smooth
operation in the winter months with
the Cold Weather Kit for GE Generator
Systems. The thermostatically
controlled battery warmer and block
heater activate as the temperature
drops helping the standby generator
operate in colder temperatures.
Transfer Switch Options
50 Amp, 10 circuit
automatic transfer switch
100 Amp, 16 Circuit Automatic Transfer Switch
200 Amp Automatic Transfer Switch
with Symphony® II Power Management
Basic Wireless Monitor
Included Extras
Each system includes an hour meter,
battery charger and synthetic oil.
Not for Prime Power or use where standby systems are legally required, for serious life safety or health hazards, or where
lack of power hampers rescue of fire-fighting operations.
¹ This generator is rated in accordance with UL (Underwriters Laboratories) 2200 (stationary engine generator assemblies)
and CSA (Canadian Standards Association) standard C22.2 No. 100-04 (motors and generators)
² Warranty details available at www.GEgenerators.com
Installations must strictly comply with all applicable codes, industry standards, laws, regulations and provided installation
manual. Running engines give off carbon monoxide, an odorless, colorless, poisonous gas so it is important to keep
exhaust gas away from any windows, doors, ventilation intakes or crawl spaces. The installation manual contains specific
instructions related to generator placement in addition to NFPA 37, including the requirement that carbon monoxide
detectors be installed and maintained in your home
Fuel consumption rates are estimated based on normal operating conditions at ½ load. Generator operation may be
greatly affected by elevation and the cycling operation of multiple electrical appliances – fuel flow rates may vary depending
on these factors.
Is a trademark of General Electric Company
and is under license by Briggs & Stratton
Post Office Box 702
Milwaukee, WI 53201 USA
Assembled in USA
Briggs & Stratton Corp. reserves the right to make
changes in specifications and features shown
herein, or discontinue the product described at
any time without notice or obligation.
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