More options for your home. ABB i-bus® EIB/KNX - Busch

More options for your home. ABB i-bus® EIB/KNX - Busch
Tomorrow's aspirations.
More options for
your home.
ABB i-bus® EIB/KNX
LEAN- and SMARTtouch
Delivered today.
One system, many options.
Link your dimmers, socket outlets, switches, blind switches and much more: ABB i-bus
more comfort and security. Create pleasant lighting atmospheres, control your blinds automatically and heat
your rooms as required thus saving yourself money.
The LEAN- and SMART-
The remote control, which
touch is the control unit
can do everything:
for blinds, lighting and
operate blinds, start light
temperature. Centrally it
scenes or change the
provides a lot of status
room temperature.
information from each
*Awarded with the design seal for
disabled living
Space saving: where
otherwise only one
switch fits, you can
operate lights and blinds.
The room thermostat with
Classic: comfortably
absence function. When
control two blinds
you leave your house,
via a 2gang - 1way.
you can lower the room
temperature of selected
rooms via a button located
next to the front door.
Design meets function.
The comfort and safety advantages are available in various design lines. For example, in c a r a t ®
design with a glass black styling frame. You can thereby clearly benefit for more functions and
options than are available in conventional technology.
At last a function that
adapts to your requirements. With, for example, the multifunction
switches. A home-cinema scene with the suitable background light,
lowered blinds, lowered
screen and switched-on
projector can be achieved
with the press of a button. A cosy reading light
in the whole room or
preferably a bright light
for vacuum-cleaning?
You can operate up to
eight light scenes with
only one switch.
This individuality is possible for each room. As
a twofold switch, which
operates the lighting and
blinds in the bedroom or
an extra night light for
the nursery.
You specify your wishes,
the building system
technology from BuschJaeger realises them.
A little thing that can
save a lot of effort, is
the central 1gang 1way
on the front doors. When
you leave the house, you
can specifically switch
off all desired consumers
by pressing the 1gang
1way. The coffee
machine, the television,
the socket outlet, into
which the iron is
plugged – this important
safety shutdown can be
directly carried out when
leaving the house.
The emphasis is thereby
not only on comfort.
Safety in the home can
be expanded systematically. A Busch-Watchdog
in the hall automatically
switches on the light for
you, when, for example,
you want to go into the
cellar with the laundry
A Busch-Watchdog at
the entrance area of the
house automatically
turns on the light for visitors, at the same time
this light keeps away
unwanted visitors away.
The right information on
your house can even
protect you from harm.
An opened window or
patio door is detected
and reported by the system.
So that your life is that
little bit more relaxed.
While the light is switched
on and off in a familiar
way with the upper button, the lower buttons
serve to, for example,
control the blinds as well
as different light scenes
for reading, working or
watching television.
The LEAN- and SMARTtouch provides alarm or
alarm-response messages with a date and time
You can control not only
the audio and video
components of Bang &
Olufsen with the Beo4
remote control of the
Danish manufacturer,
but also use the same
remote control for all
functions of modern
building system technology.
From the LEAN- and
SMARTtouch, the option
is available of directly
controlling, via special
media pages, components from the home-
entertainment domain
control becomes an intesuch as a Bang & Olufsen gral part of general room
system*. These compooperation.
nents can thus be directly
integrated into a light
scene and the media
The Busch-Watchdog FM in
s o l o ® davos design auto-
The Busch-Watchdog 220
matically switches on the
aids visitors and deters
light for you when your
unwanted visitors.
hands are full.
* Control of the existing media units is possible via an additional unit.
** Awarded with the design seal for disabled living
More control than with conventional technology.
With Busch-Jaeger, you can control your house more economically. Control your heating as
required, with for example 21 °C, when you are in the house, and with a minimum of 7 °C frost
protection when you will be absent for longer periods or a window is opened. Benefit from the
energy saving potential of your system.
Using energy economically is not just because
of the environment. The
additional costs of a
household basically
depend on using energy
wisely. With the building
system technology, saving is easy. If a window
is open, a window contact detects this status.
The heating is then
automatically lowered. It
is set to frost protection
in order to prevent the
pipework from freezing.
Don't be a slave to time.
Conventional heating
controls have fixed times
for intense or less
intense periods of heating.
With the absence function, the heating is automatically lowered to a
pre-set value, when you
leave the house. You
thus save energy when
you are not there and
not after a prescribed
The building system
technology can do even
more. The blinds automatically protect your
furniture and plants
when the sun is shining
directly in. During a
storm, the blinds are
automatically raised, in
order to exclude a fault.
whole house. You can,
for example, operate all
of the blinds, without
having to go from room
to room, or simultaneously call up light
scenes with many lighting fixtures and lamps.
This makes using energy not only more economic but also more
You can control this system comfortably thanks
to this remote control. It
can be used in the
The heating is automatically lowered to frost protection when a window is
The room thermostat for
opened. This status is
heating, cooling and conshown in the display.
trolling the lighting and
shading with LC display.
Everything integrated into
one frame: different light
scenes can be selected.
Blinds can be operated at
the touch of a button.
Music can be played in
every room thanks to the
Busch-AudioWorld® amplifier insert. And the familiar
socket outlet is located at
working height.
The remote control for
multi-combinations (see
above) controls, for
example, different light
scenes and your blinds.
A member of
the ABB Group
Your ABB-partner
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