KX-TA624-4 KX

KX-TA624-4 KX
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Feature List
◗ Name and Number Compatibility
◗ Voice Mail Integration
◗ Door Phone & Door Opener3
◗ Wireless Proprietary Telephone Integration
◗ 3 Line Display Phone Capable
KX-TA624-4 Control Unit
3–6 CO lines, 8–24 extensions
Intercom Path:
4 paths
Dialing Method:
External:Tone/Pulse (10 pps, 20 pps)
Internal: Tone/Pulse (10 pps, 20 pps)
Dialing Conversion:
Tone to pulse or pulse to tone
Space division CMOS Crosspoint Switch
Power Failure:
Transfer: 2 CO lines to pre-assigned extensions
Back Up:
Several hours with UPS (depending upon use)
CO lines: Modular Jack (RJ-11)
4 Pin Modular Connector
Phono Jack
External Music:
2-Conductor Jack
RS-232C Interface Port (D-Sub, 9 Pin)
Power Source:
AC 120 V, 60 Hz
Dimensions (HxWxD):
11-3/4" x 14-1/2" x 4"
11.7 lbs.
KX-TA1232 Control Unit
8–12 CO lines, 16–32 extensions
Intercom Path:
Non-blocking with proprietary phones
Dialing Method:
External: Tone/Pulse (10 pps, 20 pps)
Internal: Tone/Pulse (10 pps, 20 pps)
Dialing Conversion:
Tone to pulse or pulse to tone
PCM Timer
Power Failure:
Pre-assigned extensions
Back Up:
Several hours with UPS (depending upon use)
CO lines: Modular Jack (RJ-14C)
Amphenol Connector
Phono Jack
External Music:
2-Conductor Jack
Power Source:
AC 120 V, 60 Hz
Dimensions (HxWxD):
25-3/16" x 12-5/8" x 4.5"
17.8 lbs.
Panasonic Consumer Electronics Company
Division of Matsushita Electric Corporation of America
Executive Offices: One Panasonic Way, Secaucus, NJ 07094
(201) 348-7000
For regional locations: www.panasonic.com/pcecoffices
Design and specifications subject to change without notice.
Panasonic Customer Service
9 am - 9 pm (EST) Monday through Friday;
9 am - 7 pm (EST) Saturday and Sunday
[email protected]
Improve the Lines of
Communication with
a Panasonic Advanced
Hybrid Telephone
11:50 AM
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With meetings scheduled throughout the day,
every day, in addition to those days you
need to work from home or other locations,
it’s virtually impossible to be available to answer
your phone—even when you’re waiting
for calls you just can’t miss. In a thriving
business, this is a common scenario, and there’s
no doubt that productivity would increase if
you could have access to your phone and its
features more regularly.
Keeping track of incoming and outgoing calls is
an arduous task in a large office; directing the
right calls to the right people is a vital yet
complex service and calling a staff together for
an important meeting can be less-than-easy
at times.
Enter a Panasonic Advanced Hybrid Telephone
System. Expressly designed to streamline
business communications, an Advanced Hybrid
System organizes your phone lines into a
cohesive system and makes a host of advanced
features available to each extension at the
With an Advanced Hybrid System, you can assign
specific lines to each phone, keep track of calls,
forward your calls to an outside location, screen
incoming caller information, page all system
extensions—you can even have access to many
great features on a cordless handset!
A Variety of Options Enables Customized Solutions
Flexible CO Line Buttons
Toll Restriction
It’s easy to custom-design a system that’s just right for you and your
business with the Panasonic Advanced Hybrid Systems. To start,
there are a wide variety of telephones to choose from. The KX-TA1232
system works with all of the KX-T7000 and 7300 series telephones, as
well as, the KX-T7720, KX-T7730, KX-T7740 and KX-T7750 telephones,
our wireless telephones and most single line telephones. The KX-TA624-4
works with all the phones listed above plus the KX-T7735. All of these
models can be individually programmed to fit each user's needs.
The Central Office (CO) line buttons on each telephone in the system
can be programmed to suit the specific needs of each employee. You
can individually program CO line buttons for Direct Station Selection
(DSS)/Busy Lamp Field (BLF), automatic dialing or one-touch access to
the feature used most often.
Unauthorized long distance phone calls are easy to eliminate with this
feature. Toll restriction allows you to prohibit certain outgoing calls by
restricting selected system extensions from accessing specified area
codes or exchanges. Restrict calls being made to just one phone
number or many phone numbers — you decide. A must for those who
need tight cost control applied to their business telecommunications.
Both the KX-TA624-4 and the KX-TA1232 are expandable, providing a
cost-effective staring point. As your business grows, the system can
grow with you by adding the required expansion units and telephones.
The KX-TA624-4 has a base configuration of 3 central office lines and 8
stations and it expands to 6 central office lines and 24 stations. The
KX-TA1232 is initially configured for 8 central office lines and 16
stations it expands to 12 central office lines and 32 stations.
Wireless Proprietary Phone Integration
Perfect for those busy executives who never seem to be at their desks!
Each wireless model offers flexible keys that can be programmed to
access central office lines, features or a combination of both. This way,
you’ll have easy access to anything you need while you’re away from
the base unit. KX-T7885 and KX-TD7895 wireless phones can easily
integrate on a proprietary basis with the KX-TA624-4 and KX-TA1232
Single-Line Device Integration
And your options don't end there. By adding an optional Panasonic
KX-TVS Series Voice Processing System, you no longer have to be
concerned about calls going unanswered. The KX-TVS Voice Processing
System is an automated attendant, which directs callers to the
appropriate extension or department. It's also a fully featured voice
mail system that includes features such as live call screening and
two way record.
Panasonic Advanced Hybrid Telephone Systems allow you to connect
many types of single-line telephone devices such as answering
machines, wireless phones, fax machines and computer modems,
without the need for additional cards or modules. You save money by
using equipment that you already own and by avoiding upgrade costs.
However, programming is the key to customizing the KX-TA624-4 and
KX-TA1232. The programming options are virtually unlimited. You can
program the system so specific telephones are restricted from
calling specific telephone numbers — or an outside line can be programmed to call one location during the day and another at night — its
your choice.
The optional DISA OGM Card is a wise choice because it enables
outside callers to reach their intended party directly. The caller will
hear a message instructing them to dial a single-digit code for the
desired party. The caller is then routed to that person’s extension
automatically. With the addition of a KX-TA62491 or KX-TA123291
DISA OGM Card, the KX-TA62-4 and KX-TA1232 will provide a simplified “auto attendant” feature with two custom 30-second outgoing
messages. This way, employees can field their own calls and have their
own answering machines, even though they share the same line.
Dual Port Usage
You can easily connect a Panasonic proprietary telephone and a
single-line device simultaneously to any single extension port. This
feature increases the cost effectiveness of your system and helps
eliminate extra wiring costs.
Caller ID1 Compatibility
The Panasonic KX-T7000, KX-T7300 or KX-T7700 series display phones
offer Caller ID1 compatibility, allowing you to view the name and
number of an incoming caller. And, with Caller Waiting Caller ID1 you
can view the name and number of an incoming caller, even when you
are already on the phone! The KX-T7030, KX-T7135, KX-T7335 and
the KX-T7730 all have 1-Line LCD displays that can alternately display
Caller ID1 name and number, whereas the KX-T7735 has a 3-Line backlit
LCD display that shows both Caller ID1 name and number at the same
time. The system can log up to 20 unanswered calls per extension.
With the help of Caller ID1 and the Call Log feature, you’ll never miss a
call, even if you’re away from your desk. Just scroll through the Call
Log, and identify those callers who tried to contact you while you were
KX-T7735 3 Line Backlit LCD Display
201 973 4000
Paul Jones
Call on CO1
Direct Inward System Access (DISA) with OGM2
In addition, a DISA card also enables you to call into the system from
outside the office and utilize one of the system’s lines to make calls.
This feature can be helpful when you need to make calls from a client’s
office or are using a cellular phone.
Station Message Detail Recording (SMDR)
Keeping track of calls—including the who, where, when and for how
long—is an important and complex task in a corporate environment.
But with this feature, all the information you need can be tracked and
collected easily. By connecting a serial printer to the system, or by
attaching a call accounting system, you can obtain a record of calls.
Account codes may be assigned to keep track of costs to be billed to
clients, employees, projects or departments.
Account Codes
Have a business where keeping track of calls to and from particular
clients is a necessity? The account codes feature allows you to set up
accounts for each customer you communicate with regularly, giving you
the option to bill them for phone calls or simply keep a log of phone
calls being made to each customer.
Voice Mail Integration
When you add an optional Panasonic KX-TVS Series Voice Processing
System to your Advanced Hybrid Telephone System, lost or illegible
phone messages are a thing of the past! A voice processing system
functions much like a receptionist: it can route callers to desired
extensions, send callers to a user’s mailbox, notify users of new
messages, transfer messages from one user to another and more.
No business phone system is complete without one! Also, you can
enjoy the convenience of a message waiting light, which lets you
know when you have unheard voicemail messages.
Door Phone & Door Opener3
Add security to your facility with the optional Door Phone/Opener
Adapter Card. With this option installed, our Advanced Hybrid
Telephone Systems can interface with up to 4 door intercoms and can
control up to 4 electronic door contact closures. If you have more than
one door intercom, you can assign each one a unique ringing pattern4
to help you distinguish which one was pressed. You can also use these
adapter cards to open a door from the telephone, provided the door is
equipped with an electric latch.
Time (Day/Night/Lunch) Service
The system can automatically switch between day, night and lunch
modes at a programmed time every day. The modes can also be
changed manually by the operator or manager at any desired time.
Intercom with Auto Answer
CO buttons can be programmed as intercom buttons with this special
feature. Simply press the CO button, and your voice is immediately
audible in the office you’re trying to reach. Full intercom capability at
the touch of a button!
Add a Wireless System Phone for
Productivity and Mobility
The KX-T7885 wireless phones uses 900 MHz
operation and Panasonic Sound Charger™
technology for great range and crisp, clear
sound. Models KX-TD7895 adds Digital Spread
Spectrum technology for an even longer range
and protection from eavesdropping. Both
models feature flexible keys that can be
programmed to access central office lines or
system functions like speed dialing. They also
have fixed keys for intercom, hold, redial,
conference and transfer functions.
Choose from a Wide
Range of Proprietary System Phones
The Panasonic KX-T7000, KX-T7700 and KX-T7300 Series of
proprietary phones offer a wealth of features from which to choose,
so you can build a system that fits your needs to a “T”. Flexible
CO line buttons, programmable soft keys, monitor speakers,
automatic redial and headset compatibility are among the many
features available. Most of the phones even come in
two colors: ash gray or matte black.
Allows you to make a voice announcement simultaneously to all
proprietary phones in the system.
Conference Calling
Allows you to combine two calls from two different lines together, so
you can talk to both parties at the same time — for use with internal
or external lines.
Call Forwarding
You’re working from home one day and find yourself calling the office
every hour to check voicemail; waiting for that important call. With Call
Forwarding, you can make sure all your calls reach you — whether
you’re at home or working from a remote location.
1 Requires subscription to name-and-number Caller ID service offered by certain telephone
companies for a fee. Also requires an optional KX-TA62493 or KX-TA123293 Caller ID card.
Name and number Call Waiting Caller ID may not be available with all Caller ID services.
2 Requires an optional KX-TA62491 or KX-TA123291 DISA card.
Fax detection is not available on model KX-TA1232.
3 Requires an optional KX-T30865 Door Phone and an optional
KX-TA62460 or KX-TA123260 Door Opener Adapter Card.
4 Distinctive ringing patterns are only compatible with Panasonic proprietary phones.
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