Tempest™ Pillar Mount

Tempest™ Pillar Mount
Tempest™ Pillar Mount
(sku 94800822)
This post is for use with the permanent-mount Tempest Torch (SKU 94900743 NG, 94900753 LP).
Packing List
Pillar Mount
Pillar Cover
6” Gas Flex Line
3/8” to 3/8” Flare Fitting
(2) 8-32 Thumb Screws
Pillar Mount Attachment
NOTE: The illustration below is for example only. Make sure to follow all gas line and building code requirements
for your location. The base may be shimmed to level the mount.
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17601540 - 8/13/08
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Tempest™ Pillar Mount
(sku 94800822)
Suggested Order of Installation
1. Determine a location for the pillar mount.
2. Route the gas line to the center of pillar mount location, placing the gas inlet 1” to 2” above the surface
and cap the gas line. You may wish to leak test the gas line at this time.
3. Place the pillar mount in location and mark the four mounting holes. Drill appropriate holes in this location
for the type of fasteners being used. Do not secure the pillar mount at this time.
4. Slide the pillar cover (included with this kit) and control cover (included with the torch) over the pillar
5. Attach the flex tube (included with this kit) to the 3/8” to 3/8” flare fitting (included with this kit) then attach
to the flex tube on the torch. NOTE: Do not install the glass on the torch at this time – wait until the torch
is fully installed before installing the glass. Slide the flex tube through the pillar mount and attach to the
gas line. With the flex tube and gas line fully secured, turn on gas to the torch and leak test the gas line
6. Position the pillar mount over the mounting holes and secure.
7. Place the torch head over the pillar mount and secure with the four screws (included with the torch).
NOTE: The flex tube may fit very tightly within the pillar mount. We suggest that you place several bends
in the tube before installing.
8. Attach the control cover and glass on the torch (see the torch owner’s manual for details).
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17601540 - 8/13/08
© Travis Industries, Inc.
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