Low Total Cost of Ownership, high
efficiency and compact solution for
supplying reliable uninterrupted
quality power to all critical
applications in networking and
medium to large data center, health,
finance, industrial processing,
building and transportation markets
and for TLC. Featuring three level
Green Conversion technology,
INGENIO MAX provides highest
efficiency and 100% expected
battery life, ensuring reduced Capex
and Opex.
and telecommunication
Data servers
Process automation
Medical equipment
and safety systems
Continuous cooling
Features and benefits
● Continuous
savings with three level Green Conversion technology,
providing high efficiency and UPS components’ life extension.
● Capital
expenditure protection thanks to hot expandability and load based shutdown in parallel systems.
● Reduced
commissioning and floor space, lower environmental footprint with transformer free design and common battery management.
● Clean
mains and full compatibility with Genset operation due to low input current distortion and soft start.
● No
extra costs for electrical
infrastructure oversizing and power factor correction thanks to 0.99 input PF.
● High
flexibility for all types of loads with full output power rating
and different operating modes.
3-L Green Conversion
High efficiency operations
Battery life care
Three level Green Conversion is based
on a patented control algorithm,
managing the battery-inverter
subsystem to enhance system
efficiency and to extend battery life.
The innovative 3-L Green Conversion
boosts double conversion efficiency up
to 97% from 25% system load, whilst
reducing switching stress on all power
components. This results in up to 33%
energy savings with respect to an older
generation UPS. The Green Conversion
battery charger completely filters
voltage ripple and floating voltage
micro currents to the battery, which
are the main causes of early battery
ageing, providing up to 40% battery
service life extension.
The UPS is capable of different modes of
operation for any application according
to mains quality and load immunity
grade to mains disturbances so as to
always deliver the best reliable quality
power at the highest efficiency:
Preserving battery’s health is a key
to capital expenditure protection and
full availability of mission critical
applications. INGENIO MAX comes
with advanced charging and battery
managing features, allowing for
the best battery performance and
extended battery lifetime:
● on-line
double conversion:
VFI (Voltage Frequency Independent) double conversion total protection ● Green Conversion Battery Care with with up to 97% efficiency thanks adjustable cyclic charge
to 3-L Green Conversion technology.
(14-2 typical), providing 100%
battery service life and maximum ● ECO mode: suitable for stable mains, energy savings.
in VFD (Voltage Frequency
Dependent) mode of operation, ● Dynamic Charging Mode (DCM): achieving more than 98% efficiency.
automatic setting of battery charging
current, with feeding priority to ● Ultra High Efficiency (UHE):
output loads, ensuring low charging the most innovative power protection
times for long autonomy applications.
technology for high immunity grade applications, up to 99% efficiency,
● Battery charging voltage
at the lowest Total Cost of Ownership. temperature compensation
to prevent excess battery charging ● Load Based Shutdown (LBS): keep and overheating.
efficiency at best in parallel systems by suspending the unneeded units.
● Automatic and manual battery test
to detect any battery performance deterioration.
● Common
battery management, the best option when the drivers are pricing and footprint.
Borri S.p.A
Via 8 Marzo, 2
52011 Bibbiena (AR)
Tel. +39 0575 5351
Fax +39 0575 561811
[email protected]
Borri Subsidiaries
Borri Power (US) Inc
9000 Clay Road, Suit 108
Houston, Texas, 77080
Tel. +1 346 212 2686
Fax +1 346 980 8875
[email protected]
Borri Power Systems
North America Inc.
205 - 3689 E 1st Ave.
Vancouver, BC V5M 1C2
Tel. +1 604 439 3054
Fax +1 604 439 3053
[email protected]
Asia Pacific
Borri Asia
No: 5, Jalan PJU 3/38,
Sunway Damansara Technology Park,
47810, Petaling Jaya, Selangor,
Tel. +60-3-7885 0999
Fax +60-3-7731 3666
[email protected]
Middle East
Borri Power
Middle East FZCO
1-151, Techno Hub
Dubai Silicon Oasis
Dubai, UAE
Tel. +971 4 3200528
Fax +971 4 3200529
[email protected]
For more information,
visit our website: www.borri.it
Who we are
Borri Group is a global provider of power
electronics systems and solutions for
harsh industrial and demanding commercial
and ICT secure power requirements
merging eighty years of experience in
developing, manufacturing and supplying
uninterruptable power systems and
Our Research and Development Team’s
expertise combines AC and DC power
technologies and spanning the worlds of
both conventional and renewable energy,
to provide innovative solutions for
tomorrows problems.
The company is comprised of three
business units: Industrial Power,
Commercial Power and Renewable Power,
headquartered in Bibbiena, Italy.
Borri’s latest products, based on its green
conversion operation guarantee the best
PUE for green data centers: proof of the
ongoing company commitment to innovation.
Under the Astrid brand Borri offers systems
for green renewable energy: a confirmation
of Borri’ s commitment to sustainability.
Thanks to its highly skilled custom engineers
Borri controls in-house the entire process:
from feed studies to design, production
and after-sales service guaranteeing
state-of-the-art solutions.
Based in Italy with over 15,000 m²
production area and a large high power test
field, Borri can depend on its more than
80 years of experience and multidisciplinary
research and development to serve our
customers best.
OMG60145revB - 06-2016 - Due to our policy of continuous development, data in this document is subject to change without notice and becomes contractual only after written confirmation
Borri Headquarters and Factory
200 kVA
For medium to large
data centers
Process automation
Service industry
200 kVA
Three phase
On-line double
Transformer free
Full IGBT technology
Paralleling up to 1.2 MVA
200 kVA
Features and benefits
Three level Green Conversion, up to
97% system efficiency, very low noise
and the lowest TCO in its category.
Ultra High Efficiency mode, the ultimate
innovation protecting high immunity
grade applications, providing 99%
efficiency and lowest operational
Full rated output power (pf=1), ensuring
optimal UPS sizing and utilization.
Transformer free design for compact,
light and sustainable systems.
Full IGBT technology and electronic PFC,
ensuring 0.99 input PF and THDi<3%
for maximum upstream sources
Dynamic Charging Mode (DCM) for
maximum versatility in long autonomy
and low charging time applications.
Green Conversion Battery Care (GCBC),
for extended battery service life.
Comprehensive set of communication
options for total remote monitoring of
equipment operation.
Fully compliant with international
product standards for maximum quality
Transformers/autotransformers for
isolation or voltage adjustment.
Battery voltage temperature
External maintenance bypass
wall-mounted box.
Battery fuse switch wall-mounted box.
Battery cabinets for long autonomy times.
Parallel kit for load sharing, Load Based
Shutdown (LBS) for parallel units.
Load-sync for single UPS units, load-sync
box for two sets of paralleled UPS.
Common battery.
Tripping coil for bypass disconnector.
Other options on request.
Green Conversion Battery Care vs conventional float
charge enhanced battery service life
Battery capacity %
For medium to large
data centers
Process automation
Service industry
Battery end of life*
*as per IEC/EN 60896-21
float charge
Battery life %
INGENIO MAX technical data
Rating (kVA)
Nominal power (kW)
UPS dimensions WxDxH (mm)850x900x1975
UPS weight (kg)
Battery configuration
External 360÷372 cells, VRLA (other options)
Connection type
Nominal voltage
Hardwired 4w (rectifier), 4w (bypass)
400 Vac 3-phase with neutral (rectifier)
380/400/415 Vac 3-phase with neutral (bypass)
Voltage tolerance
-20%, +15% (rectifier) ±10% (bypass)
Frequency and range
50/60 Hz, 45÷65 Hz
Power factor>0.99
Current distortion (THDi)
Output Connection type
Nominal voltage
50/60 Hz Voltage regulation
static: 1%; dynamic: as per IEC/EN 62040-3 Class 1 Power factor
Overload capacity
Hardwired 4w 380/400/415 Vac 3-phase with neutral
up to 1, without power derating
Inverter: 125% for 10 min, 150% for 30 s, >150% for 0.1 s;
bypass: 150% continuous, 1000% for 1 cycle
Efficiency (AC/AC)*
Classification as per VFI-SS-111
IEC/EN 62040-3
up to 99% Connectivity and function extensions
Front panel
10” colour touch screen display, 1024x600 pixels
Remote communicationIncluded: serial RS232 and USB, backfeed protection monitoring contact,
input terminal block (remote emergency power off, battery circuit breaker aux. cont.,
external maintenance bypass circuit breaker aux. cont., diesel mode aux. cont.,
external output circuit breaker aux. cont., remote transfer to bypass mode)
Optional: SNMP adapter (Ethernet), Web interface (Ethernet), from ModBus-RTU to PROFIBUS DP adapter.
SPDT contact relay board; remote system monitoring panel; UPS managing and server shutdown software
Optional function extension
Isolation transformer; transformers/autotransformers for voltage adjustment;
external maintenance bypass; custom battery cabinets; wall-mounted battery fuse switch box
battery thermal probe; parallel kit, load-sync for single UPS and load-sync box (2 UPS systems); other options on request
Protection degreeIP20
RAL 9005
Installation layout
Wall, back to back and side by side installation allowed
Accessibility Front access, bottom cable entry *according to IEC/EN 62040-3
Operating temperature range
0°C ÷ +40°C
Storage temperature range
-10°C ÷ +70°C
Altitude (AMSL)
< 1000 m without power reduction, > 1000 m with reduction of 0.5% per 100 m
Audible noise at 1 m (dBA)
Standards and certifications
Quality assurance, ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, BS OHSAS 18001:2007
environment, health and safety
IEC/EN 62040-1 EMC
IEC/EN 62040-2
Environmental aspects
IEC/EN 62040-4
Test and performance
IEC/EN 62040-3
Protection degree
IEC 60529
INGENIO MAX 200 kVA options
When do I use it
Parallel kit
When the unit is to be paralleled for load sharing
Load-sync for single units
To synchronize single units’ output for no-break load
transfers by downstream static transfer switches
Load-sync box for two sets of paralleled UPS
To synchronize the output of two paralleled UPS systems
for no-break load transfers by
downstream static transfer switches
Tripping coil for bypass disconnector
To be fully protected against backfeed energy upon static
bypass failure. Detection circuit is included
Input transformer in extended cabinet
To galvanically isolate UPS from load or to
change system’s earth arrangement
Battery fuse switch in wall mounted box
To disconnect and protect an external battery pack
External battery temperature probe
For charging voltage compensation with temperature
(10 m cable length)
Dry contact relay card
To send UPS status to PLC’s, SCADA’s or AS400’s by
voltage free SPDT contacts
Remote monitoring panel
To monitor UPS status through a LED panel from a
remote control room
RS485 ModBus-RTU port
To send UPS status to BMS’s by RS485 connection and
ModBus-RTU protocol.
For telemonitoring and teleservice
Web/SNMP Adapter
To send UPS status to BMS’s by Ethernet connection and SNMP
or ModBus over IP protocol. To monitor UPS status by any
internet browser from workstations. To receive SMS or e-mail
alerts from the UPS on any portable device
Input terminal block for remote EPO
When the Emergency Power Off (EPO) has to be
commanded by a remote control button
Input terminal block for external manual bypass
switch auxiliary contact
When there is an external maintenance bypass switch,
for state monitoring
Input terminal block for external battery switch
auxiliary contact
When there is an external battery switch,
for state monitoring
Input terminal block for diesel mode contact
When battery recharge has to be inhibited
over genset operation
Input terminal block for external
output circuit breaker
When there is an external output breaker,
for status monitoring
Input terminal block for remote bypass transfer
When the transfer to bypass mode can be commanded
by an external contact
Included features
OMG60144revB - 06-2016 - Due to our policy of continuous development, data in this document is subject to change without notice and becomes contractual only after written confirmation
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