Thermal Printer Star TSP 650 Installation for Web Print (manual print

Thermal Printer Star TSP 650 Installation for Web Print (manual print
Thermal Printer Star TSP 650 Installation for Web Print (manual print) Downloading the Printer Driver After you receive the Star TSP 650 Thermal Printer you will need to download and install the Printer Driver Software. This is a simple process and can be done with the following steps. IMPORTANT First make sure you are downloading the driver for the correct printer. The Model Number on the Bottom of the printer should be TSP650 IMPOERANT Make sure the printer is not plugged into the Touch Screen Workstation 1)
First Visit the website 2)
Next click on the Members Button and Login to the Manager’s Admin 3)
Click on the "Support Center" Icon 4)
Next, Click the Downloads Button 5)
Select the Rely POS Thermal Printer Driver Star 650, and click the Download button 6)
Next click on "Save" 7)
Save the File to the Desktop 8)
It is a large file so it takes a couple minutes 9)
When it is done, close all the windows Extracting the Files Next you will have to extract the files, before you install. 10)
Locate the zipped folder on your desktop 11)
Right Click on the folder and Click on "Extract ALL" 12)
When the wizard appears, click “Next” 13)
You can select a name and place to put the extracted files, simply leave the settings as they are and click “Next” 14)
Once the Extraction is finished, make sure the “Show extracted files” checkbox is checked and click “Finished” Installing the Printer Driver Software Install The Printer Driver. Make sure the printer is NOT plugged into the Touch Screen. 15)
Double click on the folder to open its contents 16)
Double Click on the Setup folder to open its contents 17) Click on Setup 17)
Click “Run” 18)
Click “Next” 19)
Check “I accept the terms…….” And Click “Next” 20)
Click “Typical” Installation 21)
Click “Install” 22)
It is a large program so it will take a few minutes 23)
Press the Finish Button once the Finish Screen appears. Installing the Printer IMPORTANT Please plug in the printer and plug the USB or Serial Port from the printer to the Touch Screen NOW 1) First, Press the “Start” icon and press “All Programs” 2) Scroll across all the way to “Printer Utility” and click it 3) When the Printer Connection Wizard opens, select TSP 654, and keep it in Star Line Mode 4) Select the correct port, USB or Serial. If you are not sure, double check the bottom. 5) You can leave the printer name as is and click “OK” Printer Settings WEB (Manual Print) After installing the Star 650 Printer you will need to change the Page Properties in Internet Explorer for the printer to print correctly. Set the Printer to Default Printer First, set the printer to the default printer. 1)
Press the “Start” Icon on the bottom left on the screen and Press “Printers and Faxes” 2)
Next, Right Click on the Star Printer 3)
Scroll over to “Set as Default Printer and click 4)
Now that you have set the printer as the default printer, Right click over the printer again and this time Click on “Properties” 5)
Click on the “Device Settings” Tab 6)
Page Size should be "72mm x Receipt" and Page Cut Type should be “Partial Cut. Leave all other settings as they are. 7)
Apply and Close the window Set the Browser (Internet Explorer) Printer You will now need to set the print settings in the Browser Pages. Follow the instructions below. 8)
Login to the POS Section and clock in or clock out, then right click on the white space. 9)
Next Click on “Print Preview” 10)
Now click on the “Gear Icon” and the page setup dialog box will appear. Set the paper to 72 mm x Receipt Make sure all the Margins are zero “0” Enable “Shrink to fit” All Headers and Footers should be set to zero Click "OK" 
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