Sunbeam Smartheat™ Oil Filled Radiator

Sunbeam Smartheat™ Oil
Filled Radiator
Instruction Booklet
HE6100 1000W Sunbeam Smartheat™ Oil Filled Heater
HE6150 1500W Sunbeam Smartheat™ Oil Filled Heater
Please read these instructions carefully
and retain for future reference.
Sunbeam’s Safety Precautions
Safety Precautions For Your Heater
Sunbeam’s Total Safety System
Features Of Your Sunbeam Smartheat™
Oil Filled Radiator
Using Your Heater
Troubleshooting Guide
Care And Cleaning
Sunbeam’s Safety Precautions
Sunbeam are very safety conscious when
• Do not use an appliance for any purpose other
designing and manufacturing consumer prodthan its intended use.
ucts, but it is essential that the product user
• Do not place an appliance on or near a hot gas
also exercise care when using an electrical
flame, electric element or on a heated oven. Do
appliance. Listed below are precautions which
not place on top of any other appliance.
are essential for the safe use of an electrical
• Do not let the power cord of an appliance hang
over the edge of a table or bench top or touch
Read carefully and save all the instructions
any hot surface.
provided with an appliance.
• For safety reasons and to avoid maintenance
Always turn the power off at the power outlet
by unskilled persons, some appliances are
before you insert or remove a plug. Remove by
‘sealed’ using tamperproof screws. Such
grasping the plug - do not pull on the cord.
appliances should always be returned to the
nearest Sunbeam Appointed Service Centre for
Turn the power off and remove the plug when
adjustment or repair if required.
the appliance is not in use and before cleaning.
• Do not operate any electrical appliance with a
Do not use your appliance with an extension
damaged cord or after the appliance has been
cord unless this cord has been checked and
dropped or damaged in any manner. If damage
tested by a qualified technician or service
is suspected, return the appliance to the
nearest Sunbeam Appointed Service Centre for
Always use your appliance from a power
examination, repair or adjustment.
outlet of the voltage (A.C. only) marked on the
• For additional protection, Sunbeam recommend
the use of a residual current device (RCD)
Close supervision is necessary when your
with a tripping current not exceeding 30mA in
appliance is being used near children or infirm
the electrical circuit supplying power to your
Never leave an appliance unattended while in
• Do not immerse the appliance in water or any
other liquid.
Young children should be supervised to ensure
that they do not play with the appliance.
If you have any concerns regarding the performance and use of your appliance,
please visit or contact the Sunbeam Consumer Service Line.
Ensure the above safety precautions are understood.
Safety Precautions For
Your Heater
• This heater becomes hot during use. To avoid
burns, do not let bare skin touch hot surfaces.
If provided, use handles when moving this
heater. Keep combustible materials such as
furniture, pillows, bedding, papers, clothes and
curtains at least 3 feet (90cm) away from the
front of the heater and keep them away from
the sides and rear.
• Extreme caution is necessary when any heater
is used by or near children or invalids and
whenever the heater is left unattended.
• Always unplug the heater when not in use.
• Do not use outdoors.
• Do not run the cord of the heater under
carpeting. Do not cover the cord with throw
rugs, runners or other floor coverings. Arrange
the cord away from traffic areas where it will
not be tripped over.
• Do not locate the heater immediately below a
socket outlet.
• Do not use this heater in the immediate
surrounds of a bath, shower, laundry area or
swimming pool.
• Do not insert or allow foreign objects to enter
any ventilation or exhaust openings as this may
cause electric shock or fire, or damage to the
• To prevent a possible fire, do not block air
intakes or exhaust in any manner. Do not use
on soft surfaces, such as beds, where opening
may become blocked.
• A heater has hot and arcing or sparking parts
inside. Do not use it in areas where petrol,
paint or flammable liquids are used or stored.
• In order to avoid overheating, do not cover the
• This heater is only to be used with the castors
fitted and in good condition.
• Your Sunbeam Smartheat™ heater is filled
with a precise quantity of special oil. Repairs
requiring opening of the oil container are only
to be made by Sunbeam or its service agents
who should be contacted if there is an oil leak.
• When scrapping the heater at the end of its
useful life, follow local regulations concerning
the disposal of oil.
Important Instructions - Retain For
Future Use
If you have any concerns regarding the performance and use of your appliance,
please visit or contact the Sunbeam Consumer Service Line.
Ensure the above safety precautions are understood.
Sunbeam’s Total Safety System
Adjustable thermostat
Thermal back-up fuse
Your Sunbeam Smartheat™ oil filled radiator
features an adjustable thermostat which
detects the temperature in the vicinity of the
heater and switches the heating element off
when a preset temperature is reached.
In addition to this automatic cut-off, your
heater contains a thermal back-up fuse to
provide additional back-up protection. If the
heater is in an overheat situation, the back-up
fuse will open, stopping the power flow to
the heating element. This fuse cannot be
reset, so in the event that the back-up fuse is
activated, the heater will need to be replaced.
Safety auto shutoff
If the appliance overheats for any reason,
a switch automatically activates to turn the
heater off. For added safety, you must remove
the plug from the wall and wait till the heater
cools down before the heater can be switched
back on.
Features Of Your Smartheat™ Oil
Filled Radiator
Convection vents
Vents guide the flow of heated convection air
to provide more effective heat distribution
around the room.
Heat setting operation
There are 3 heat settings to choose from, allowing
you to select the most comfortable room temperature.
Thermostat control operation
The adjustable thermostat allows you to select the
desired heat level, and automatically switches the
heater on and off to maintain it.
Discreet cord storage compartment
The discreet cord storage compartment allows you
to keep the power cord out of harms way when the
heater is not in use.
Integrated humidifier cup
The removable humidifier cup allows
you to add moisture to the air to
ensure that the air doesn’t dry out.
Provide easier mobility from
room to room.
Using Your Heater
Attaching the castors
Switching the heater on
1.Carefully position the heater upside down on
a soft cloth or carpet.
2.Use the 4 wing nuts provided to fix the
castors to the heater base.
1.Place the heater on a flat level surface.
2.Insert the plug into a 230/240V power outlet
and turn the power on.
3.Turn the heat setting dial to low, medium or
high depending on your preference.
Setting the thermostat
1.Set the thermostat to the highest setting by
turning the dial clockwise as far as it will
2.When the room has reached the desired temperature level, lower the thermostat setting
by turning the thermostat dial anticlockwise
until it clicks. This is the current room
temperature, and your heater will aim to
maintain this set temperature.
The thermostat is now set and will maintain
the pre-set temperature level by automatically
switching the heater on and off depending on
the room temperature.
NOTE: Be careful not to overheat the room
by leaving the heater on maximum heat and
maximum thermostat for extended periods of
Locating Tabs
Locating Guides
Using Your Heater (continued)
Cord storage
Using the humidifier
1.Open the hinged door on the bottom of the
heater, below the controls.
2.Wrap the cord around the retaining hooks.
3.Close the door to store neatly away.
To fill the humidifier cup with water:
1.Open the hinged door on the side of the
heater opposite to the controls.
2.Remove the humidifier cup.
3.Pull the top from the cup to open.
4.Fill with water no higher than the maximum
level indicated.
5.Replace the top, return the humidifier to the
heater, and close the hinged door.
NOTE: Ensure that you do NOT fill the
humidifier cup beyond the MAX line indicated
on the cup.
Troubleshooting Guide
If your heater fails to operate check the
• Make sure the electrical outlet or circuit
breaker is working, and the thermostat is set
to an appropriately high setting.
• Check for obstructions. If you find an
obstruction, turn the heater off and follow
the reset instructions in this section.
Resetting the safety auto shutoff
1.Remove any blockage from the heater vents.
2.Switch the heater off by rotating the top
control dial to OFF.
3.Unplug the heater and wait 5-10 minutes for
the heater to cool down.
4.Once the heater has cooled down, plug the
heater into the power outlet and operate
Care And Cleaning
Ensure that the heater is switched off and
disconnected from the power outlet before
Carefully wipe the exterior of the heater with
a soft damp cloth and dry thoroughly with a
dry cloth.
Over time, dust may accumulate on the vents.
This dust can be removed by wiping with a
damp cloth, or by using the brush attachment
to your vacuum cleaner.
Store the heater in a cool dry place when
not in use. Store the heater in its carton
if possible, to prevent scratching and dust
2 Year Replacement Guarantee
We are so confident of the quality of our product, should this
appliance develop any malfunction within 2 years of purchase
(3 Months commercial use) due to faulty materials
or manufacture, we will replace it for you absolutely free.
Should you experience any difficulties
with your appliance, please phone our
free call customer service line for advice
on 1300 881 861 in Australia, or 0800
786 232 in New Zealand.
Alternatively, simply return the faulty
appliance to your place of purchase,
along with your purchase receipt.
Your Sunbeam 2 Year Replacement
Guarantee naturally does not cover
misuse or negligent handling, and
excludes breakables such as glass or
ceramic items, and normal wear and tear.
Similarly, your 2 Year Replacement
Guarantee does not cover damage to
household surfaces as a result of water
or other substances leaking from your
appliance, nor does it cover freight costs.
In Australia, this guarantee is additional
to the conditions and guarantees which
are mandatory as implied under the
Trade Practices Act 1974 and State and
Territory legislation.
Sunbeam Service Centres
Sunbeam has established a network of
authorised service centres throughout
Australia and New Zealand to provide
quick, convenient service for our
Should your appliance require repair
or service, either during or after the
guarantee period, contact your nearest
service centre.
For a complete list of Sunbeam’s
authorised service centres:
1300 881 861
New Zealand
0800 786 232
Consumer Hotline
In Australia
Or call 1300 881 861
In New Zealand
Or call 0800 786 232
is a registered Trademark of Sunbeam.
Made in China.
Due to minor changes in design or otherwise,
the product may differ from the one shown in this leaflet.
© Copyright Sunbeam Corporation Limited 2008.
ABN 45 000 006 771
Sunbeam Corporation is a division of GUD Holdings Ltd.
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