DMX functions

DMX functions
Addendum to JEM K1 Hazer™ manual - page 16: Software version 2.0
Due to the newer version of the software installed in this product,
please note the DMX Functions have now changed on Page 16 of the main user manual.
Please observe the new DMX protocol settings:
DMX functions
The JEM K1 Hazer™ address setting must match the DMX address allocated to it on the
controller. To set the address, see “Setting the DMX base address” on page 13. The
JEM K1 Hazer™ requires two DMX channels.
DMX channel 1
Function: Haze Density
Proportional output level control
Max Output
DMX channel 2
Function: Fan Speed
0-100%, heaters on
Auto fan mode
Machine shutdown, heaters off (only if CH1 is zero)
23/05/2012 Jem Service Team
[email protected]
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