Remote Access – Siemens devices

Remote Access – Siemens devices
Remote Access – Siemens devices
Use your Siemens software tools remotely just as if
you were on site. With a Netbiter gateway connected
to your Siemens PLC or machine, you can do
programming or debugging from any location using TIA
Portal or STEP 7.
What you get:
Immediate remote access to your
machinery at any time.
Fewer service trips.
Faster and better service to customers.
What you can do:
Remote programming
Just like being on site!
The Netbiter Remote Management solution from HMS Industrial Networks
allows you to open up a secure connection to remote machinery and
devices. Through this connection, it is possible to do remote configuration,
programming or debugging of your Siemens device from any location.
Once the communication tunnel is open, you use your standard Siemens
configuration software to configure the PLC or device.
How it works
On your computer, you run the Netbiter QuickConnect software and a
secure tunnel is created to the Netbiter gateway which is connected to the
remote device (via RS232 or Ethernet/LAN). You can then simply open TIA
Portal or STEP 7 and configure or debug just as if you were on site.
Remote debugging
Remote file transfer
Remote web server access.
RS232 or
Is your device ready for Remote Access?
Almost any device can be connected to
Netbiter Remote Access. A list of verified
devices can be found on
and HMS can assist you in testing an
verifiying your particular device.
The connection is established via Netbiter Argos in the cloud
( which acts as a routing portal. A Netbiter gateway
registers at the Netbiter Argos cloud portal at power-up and establishes
a remote connection without the need for opening inbound ports in
firewalls or setting up VPN connections on site. The result is a secure
connection which is set up a matter of minutes.
Solid security
Security together with ease-of-use are the two main traits of Netbiter
Remote Access. Data is encrypted both to and from Netbiter Argos and
you can also choose a two-step verification method (you log in with a
password and also get an SMS to verify your identity). This ensures secure
data connection to your remote equipment.
Save time. Save money. Save resources.
Power supply
12-48 VDC
Power consumption (max at 24 dc)
4.5 W
Operating temperature
-40 to +65 °C
Mechanical dimensions (L•W•H)
92 x 135 x 27 mm
Wall or DIN rail
Metal or plastic
Available versions
Netbiter EC310 (Ethernet only)
Netbiter EC350 (Ethernet or cellular 3G/GPRS)
Serial port
Enable Remote Access inside Netbiter Argos.
S7-1200 series (Ethernet)
verified with S7-1211C
Step 7 TIA from Version V12, SP1
S7-1500 series (Ethernet)
verified with S7-1500-1-PN
Step 7 TIA from Version V12, SP1
S7 300 series PN/DP (Ethernet)
verified with S7-315-PN/DP
Step 7 TIA from Version V12, SP1
S7 300 series PN/DP (Serial)
verified with S7-315-PN/DP
Step 7 Manager from V 5.5
10/100 Mbit/s
3G: Five Band UMTS/HSPA+
(850/800, 900, 1900 and 2100 MHz)
GPRS: Quad-Band GPRS Class 12
(850/900/1800/1900 MHz)
Max amount of data to be sent over 3G
1 GB
View video: Setup in 7:08
See the full process from connecting
the Netbiter to the PLC, etablishing the
connection and configuring the PLC.
Enter the IP address of your remote machine or PLC.
Open TIA Portal or STEP 7 and configure as usual.
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