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Design Guide 2009
Design and Lifestyle
Liebherr's engineering excellence in Germany provides the largest
selection of freezers, refrigerators and wine refrigerators worldwide.
Liebherr-appliances consistently specializes in the manufacturing of high
quality freezers and refrigerators. With more than 300 basic models, we have
the widest selection in the world. Liebherr appliances feature premium quality,
numerous innovative product ideas and advanced design. Liebherr freezers and
refrigerators are manufactured at three modern production plants:
Liebherr Marica in Bulgaria, Liebherr-Hausgeräte Ochsenhausen GmbH in
Germany and the Liebherr-Hausgeräte Lienz GmbH in Austria.
The appliances for the North American market are produced in Austria and in
Liebherr is commited to the protection of the environment and recognizes it
as a critical priority. To guarantee an optimum and consistent implementation,
all ecological aspects were observed and integrated into the quality control of
Liebherr in compliance with DIN EN ISO 9001.
Liebherr's Commitment to the Environment
The components of Liebherr products can be recycled when the necessary
resources are applied. A concern for the environment and a desire to protect
resources has lead to increased levels of recycling year after year. When
Liebherr manufactures products, it is essential that the recyclable recovery rate
of the materials we use constantly increases.
Recycling is a common goal among all manufacturers, municipalities and
recycling companies to protect our environment. Protecting the environment
and producing products which have a low impact on the environment, is one
of Liebherr's core values. Whether you are replacing a unit or starting fresh,
remember to dispose of your old appliance in an environmentally safe and
friendly manner.
FULL TWO YEAR WARRANTY - For two years from the date of original purchase, your Liebherr Warranty
covers all parts and labor to repair or replace any part of the product which proves to be defective in materials or workmanship.
FULL FIVE YEAR WARRANTY - For five years from the date of original purchase, your Liebherr Warranty
covers all parts and labor to repair or replace any components that prove to be defective in materials or
workmanship in the sealed system. The "Sealed System" means only the compressor, condenser, evaporator, drier and all connecting tubing.
LIMITED 6TH THROUGH 12TH YEAR WARRANTY - From the 6th through 12th year from the date of
original purchase, your Liebherr Warranty covers all parts that prove to be defective in materials or workmanship in the sealed system (parts only).
For Service and Parts in the U.S.:
Liebherr Service Center
Customer Service
If your appliance is not working properly please call the
numbers listed below.
Give the fault number displayed, together with the
Type Designation,
Service Number and
Appliance Number (Serial Number)
from the model plate, to ensure prompt, accurate servicing. The model plate is located inside the appliance.
Leave the appliance door closed until the customer service technician arrives to minimize any further cold loss.
15545 N. 77th Street
Scottsdale, AZ 85260
Toll Free:
(480) 998-0141
(480) 998-7877
1-866-LIEBHERR or
For Service and Parts in Canada:
Euro Parts
579 Campbell Street,
P.O. Box 759,
Lucknow, Ontario, N0G 2H0
Toll Free:
1-888-Liebherr or
General Remarks
Safety Warnings
Electrical Requirements & Safety
Area Requirements
Safety Regulations
Design and Lifestyle
XS 1200
WS 1200
Unit and Cabinet Dimensions
General Remarks
Safety Warnings
This design guide contains Danger, Warning and Caution statements. This information is important for safe and
efficient installation.
This design guide is not replacing the use and care manual which contains important information on how to use Liebherr appliances.
Always read and follow all Warning and Caution statements!
Danger indicates a hazard which cause serious injury or death if precautions are not followed.
Warning indicates a potentially hazardous situation which, if not avoided, could result in death or serious injury.
Caution indicates a potentially hazardous situation which, if not avoided, may result in minor or moderate injury.
This highlights information that is especially relevant to a problem-free installation.
Make sure incoming voltage is the same as the unit rating.
To reduce the risk of fire, electric shock, or personal injury, the installation work and electrical wiring must be done by
a qualified electrician in accordance with all applicable codes and standards, including fire rated construction.
To the Installer
It is very important that the guidelines and instructions are followed in this design guide to ensure proper installation and operation of the unit. The Installation Guidelines section contains important information for making sure the
installation is correct. Read and understand all the information and installation guidelines in this manual before the
unit is installed.
It is also very important to know the Safety Information.
General Remarks
II. Electrical Requirements & Safety
III. Area Requirements
Connect the appliance to a 115 VAC, 10 amp circuit that
is controlled by a circuit breaker or fuse.
We recommend using a dedicated circuit for these appliances to prevent electrical overload. Comply with
the National Electrical Code as well as local codes and
ordinances when installing the receptacle.
Verify the following:
The power cord is equipped with a three-prong (grounding) plug for your protection against possible shock
hazards. To maintain this protection:
• Do not modify the plug by removing the round grounding prong.
• Do not use a power cord that is frayed or damaged.
Do not ground to a gas pipe. Check with a
qualified electrician if you are not sure the
appliance is properly grounded. Do not have
a fuse in the neutral or grounding circuit.
Electrical Grounding Required. This
appliance is equipped with a threeprong(grounding) polarized plug for your
protection against possible shock hazards.
• DO NOT remove the round grounding
prong from the plug.
• DO NOT use a two-prong grounding
• DO NOT use an extension cord to connect
power to the unit.
• Finished floor height is level.
• Electrical outlet is in correct location.
To protect the refrigerator from possible
damage, allow the appliance to stand 1/2 to
1 hour in place before turning the electricity
on. This allows the refrigerant and system
lubrication to reach equilibrium.
General Remarks
IV. Safety Regulations
The appliance complies with UL250 and CAN/CSA-C
22,2 No. 63 and is designed to cool, freeze, store food
as well as make ice (if equipped). It is designed as a
household appliance. If used commercially, the relevant
regulations on commercial use must be observed.
The appliance is set to operate within specific ambient
temperature limits according to its climate rating. These
temperature limits should not be exceeded. The correct climate rating for your appliance is indicated on the
model plate.
This is explained as follows:
Set for Ambient Temperatures of
50°F to 90°F (10°C to 32°C)
61°F to 90°F (16°C to 32°C)
61°F to 100°F (18°C to 38°C)
61°F to 109°F (18°C to 43°C)
50°F to 100°F (10°C to 38°C)
50°F to 109°F (10°C to 43°C)
The refrigerant circuit has been tested for leaks.
Design and Lifestyle
XS 200
For the user with exclusive demands, Liebherr now offers a small range of “Design & Lifestyle” appliances. The Humidor XS 200
and the wine storage cabinet WS 1200 convince with a glass door in a stainless steel frame, even a stainless steel housing and
multiple features inside.
Humidor XS 200: To provide perfect enjoyment, cigars mature for some time after production in special climate chambers at humidity of 68 % to75 %. Maintaining this humidity and keeping to a storage temperature of 41 °F to 68 °F is essential for preserving
the quality or for agingcigars. Liebherr’s new humidor provides the perfect climatic conditions for storing or aging cigars over a
long period.
Wine Storage Cabinet WS 1200: The temperature at which wine is served is key for savouring it at its best. The new WS 1200
wine storage cabinet in elegant stainless steel with glazed door has a compact footprint, yet it stores a selection of up to 12 Bordeaux bottles at perfect drinking temperature. The cabinet provides a focal point in any environment, with the option to wall mount
or position it on furniture, the most coveted wines in your collection can always be in sight and ready to hand for serving.
XS 200
Energy Supply:
Climate Rating:
Door hinges:
115V / 60Hz / 1.3A
glass door
with stainless steel
• Touch electronic control system
• LED lighting
• Wooden shelves and presentation boxes crafted from Spanish cedar wood
• Activated charcoal filter
Design and Lifestyle
WS 1200
WS 1200
Energy Supply:
Climate Rating:
Door hinges:
115V / 60Hz / 1.5A
glass door
with stainless steel
Touch electronic control system
LED lighting
Removable wooden shelves
Activated charcoal filter
Design and Lifestyle
Unit Dimensions XS 200, WS 1200
XS 200, WS 1200
Design and Lifestyle
Design Guide 2009
Design and Lifestyle
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