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The Suhr Corso Recording Amplifier is the ideal studio companion.
Corso is an all-tube no compromise variable wattage amplifier (up to
5 watts) that provides players with all of the tone and character of a
high powered amplifier in a compact, portable form factor - perfect for
any recording studio application or bedroom practice session.
Corso is packed with a number of features which give players
incredible flexibility for carving out their ideal sound. With the onboard attenuator, Corso can be easily transformed from the most
complex and detailed clean tones, to a wall of harmonically rich
overdriven lead tones at any volume.
Like To Use Pedals
Corso was designed with a unique low-gain input stage to
accommodate a variety of your favorite boost, overdrive, and
time based pedals.
Recording At Home Made Easy
Equipped with a unique Line Out (post power section), the Corso
is ready for the studio. The Corso’s Line Out offers the sound of
the entire amplifier, not just the pre-amp section, so you can fully
experience all of Corso’s tone when you plug directly into your
digital recording I/O interface. Should inspiration strike in the
middle of the night, just turn the Power control fully
counterclockwise and play without disturbing the neighbors, or
your family.
Engaging this switch boosts
Engaging this switch boosts
Engaging this switch adds
Engaging this switch boosts
Engaging this switch boosts
the upper mid frequencies,
the lower mid frequencies,
12dB of gain, which
the midrange frequencies,
the bottom-end, adding low-
which adds clarity and
which thickens up your
increases sustain and
which gives your tone better
end thump and body to any
definition to your tone which
overdriven rhythm and lead
emphasizes upper harmonics
definition and a clarity,
style, from clean to heavily
is useful for a variety of
for singing solos and
without sounding harsh or
distorted. This switch can
percussive playing styles
percussive Alternative style
fatiguing. also be used to compensate
such as Funk, Rock, and
rhythm playing. R&B. for a loss of low-end/body
when playing Corso at lower
Adjusts the amount of pre-amp overdrive added to your signal. Use
Turning the control
Turning the control
A volume control that
the Drive control in conjunction with the Gain switch to experience
clockwise emphasizes
clockwise increases the
adjusts the overall output
the wide range of tones that Corso has to offer.
the upper frequencies. lower frequencies,
of your signal. Fully
While turning the control
providing a fuller low-end
counter-clockwise (0) the
Clean: settings between 1-2 offer a variety of full bodied clean tones
counter clockwise
response. While turning
Power control acts as a
with excellent clarity
produces a warmer
the control counter
Load, allowing you to
sound, which is excellent
clockwise reduces the
take complete advantage
Classic Crunch: settings between 3-4 (with gain switch in the on
for dialing in smoother
bass, which tightens up
of Corso’s Line Out
position) offer a variety of British crunch rhythm tones with excellent
fluid-like lead tones, and
the bottom-end. This can
without having to be
midrange cut and articulation
is also well suited for
be very useful when
connected to a speaker
Jazz styles.
playing at louder
cabinet. High Gain: settings between 5-7 (with gain switch in the on position)
volumes, and at higher
offer a dramatic increase in gain with extended low-end thump
gain settings. NOTE: The Power control
without loss of definition - taking you from Hard Rock to 80’s Heavy
only affects Corso’s
speaker outputs, this
does not alter/change the
Metal/Alternative (Alt) Tuning: settings between 8 and higher (with
output level of the Line
gain switch in the on position) offer increased saturation, harmonics
Out. (for additional sustain) and low end emphasis when playing drop and
alt tuning styles
2 - 8Ω outputs wired in parallel
Unbalanced ¼” Output. Use this to connect the Corso to a mixer or
IMPORTANT: To avoid damage to your amplifier, do not operate without
recording device.
turning down Corso’s Power control to it’s minimum setting (0) or
NOTE: The Corso’s Line Out is full range (not compensated) and offers
connecting it to a suitable speaker load. the sound of the entire amplifier, not just the pre-amp section. To fully
experience all of the Corso’s tone when plugging directly into a I/O device
we advise the use of filtering (cabinet emulator) or impulse responses
when using the Corso to record direct.
Clean: Bright: On, Drive: 2, Mid Boost: Off, Treble: 6, Gain Boost: Off, Bass: 6, Presence: Off, Deep: On, Power: 8
Thick Crunch: Bright: On, Drive: 7, Mid Boost: Off, Treble: 6, Gain Boost: Off, Bass: 3.5, Presence: On, Deep: Off, Power: 3
Heavy Drive: Bright: On, Drive: 5.5, Mid Boost: On, Treble: 6.5, Gain Boost: On, Bass: 4, Presence: On, Deep: On, Power: 3
Pedal Friendly: Bright: On, Drive: 2, Mid Boost: Off, Treble: 4, Gain Boost: Off, Bass: 6, Presence: On, Deep: On, Power: 8
1. Read these instructions
2. Keep these instructions
3. Heed all warnings
4. Follow all instructions
5. Do not use this apparatus near water
6. Clean only with dry cloth
7. Do not block any ventilation openings. Install in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions
8. Do not install near any heat sources such as radiators, heat registers, stoves, or other apparatus(including amplifiers) that produce heat
9. Protect the power cord from being walked on or pinched particularly at plugs and the point where they exit from the apparatus
10. Only use attachments/accessories specified by the manufacturer
11. Unplug this apparatus during lightning storms or when unused for long periods of time
12. Refer all servicing to qualified service personnel. Servicing is required when the apparatus has been damaged in any way, such as power-supply cord or plug is damaged,
liquid has been spilled on, objects have fallen into the apparatus, the apparatus has been exposed to rain or moisture, does not operate normally, or has been dropped.
13. CAUTION: To disconnect the unit completely from the MAINS, unplug the unit. Turning the power switch off does not disconnect the unit completely from the MAINS.
14. Unit must be operated with a minimum distance of 18” from any object
15. The unit shall not be exposed to dripping or splashing and that no objects filled with liquids, such as vases, shall be placed on the unit. SPECIFICATIONS:
Channels: One
Output: 5 Watts (variable)
Tubes: 2-12BH7A (Power Section), 1-12AU7 (Input Stage), & 2-12AX7 (Tone and Phase Inverter)
Front Panel: Input, Bright Switch, Drive, Mid Switch, Treble, Gain Switch, Bass, Presence Switch, Deep Switch, Power and On/Off switch
Back Panel: AC Power Mains Inlet, Fuse (T1A/250V (Slo-Blow), 2-8Ω speaker outputs and Line Out
Dimensions: 13” x 7” x 8.5”$ $
Weight: 11.4 lbs.
Grill Options: Esher or Confessional
JST warrants for lifetime from date of purchase by the initial retail purchaser that this product shall be free from defects in workmanship. Electronic components such
as capacitors, resistors, filters, transformers, jacks, and pots are covered for 5 years. Any parts determined defective by JST within the five (5) year term shall be
repaired or replaced by JST without charge for parts and labor provided the unit is returned, transportation costs prepaid, to JS Technologies, Inc., 601 Crane Street,
Unit A, Lake Elsinore, CA 92530, or to such facility authorized by JST. JST will pay shipping costs to return the unit to its owner. Defects in workmanship will be
determined by JST for limited lifetime coverage.
This warranty does not cover damage caused by accident, misuse, abuse, neglect, unauthorized or improperly performed repairs, alterations, and/or wear and tear
occasioned by use of the product, and does not include any expense for inconvenience or loss of use while the product is being repaired or replaced. JST expressly
disclaims any liability for consequential damaged arising from the sale, use, or inability to use the product. Any warranty implied by law, including any warranty of
merchantability or fitness, is expressly limited to the one (5) year warranty term for the parts on our amplifiers and electronic products. The foregoing statements of
warranty are exclusive and in lieu of all other remedies. Workmanship lifetime warranty is limited strictly to the original retailer purchaser of the instrument registered
with JST within 10 days of purchase from an authorized JST dealer or distributor. JST will pay shipping costs to return the unit to its owner within the mainland U.S.
The above warranty policy only applies to customers in USA. If you are an international customer, please check with your distributor and the dealer in your country for
warranty matters. Warranty issues must be handled through your dealer or distributor. If you are an international customer who purchased (or plan to purchase) from a
US dealer, we can handle warranty matters direct but you will be responsible for shipping both ways. We encourage international customers to purchase through your
local distributor or dealer for this reason. Our international distributors are set up to handle warranty issues in their respective countries. If you do not have an
authorized Suhr dealer in your country, please contact us direct for further details.
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