GAI-Tronics Telephony Hygeia 4

GAI-Tronics Telephony Hygeia 4
GAI-Tronics Telephony
Hygeia 4
Hands Free Sterile Area Telephone
The Hygeia is a fully electronic telephone that
incorporates many features found on modern
commercial telephones. It provides hands-free
loudspeaking communication facilities, as
intercoms PBX switching, or coupled direct to
the public telecom network.
Hygeia is a flush or surface mounted unit
incorporating a flat membrane operating
panel. When installed with suitable interface
sealants, a very high IP water resistant rating
can be achieved.
The operating membrane is an impermeable
multilayer chemically inert polyester.
Incoming calls are indicated by a flashing LED
and audible warble tone. To aid intelligibility, a
volume control button is provided for noisy
Full keypad
Flat membrane fascia,
resists contamination
Hands free operation (VOX)
DTMF/LD dialling
Audio-visual ring indication
CE Compliant
Flush or surface mounting
Volume adjust on
installation and on front
Call termination can either be through button
depression, automatic time out or remote
Ringer operation is selectable either at
installation or as remote programming.
Hygeia can be configured to be fully
compatible with most PABX’s or PTT
networks. Loop disconnect (LD) and tone
dialling (DTMF) systems are remotely
selectable, as are recall systems, timed break
recall (TBR) and earth loop recall (ELR).
Available as 18 button with 2 memory keys
and volume (VOL) button.
GAI-Tronics Telephony
Hygeia 4
Hands Free Sterile Area Telephone
Tested to the CTR21 specification.
Voice-switched (VOX) semi-duplex operation.
Additional half-duplex mode controlled remotely (optional local
push-to-talk button)
Send & Receive levels remote programmable (1dB step)
Receive volume control button(s) adjusts level by +/- 6dB
Call timeout programmable from 1 to 42 minutes
Remote switch-off capability
Euro-wide network matching (factory set)
Colour: White with blue printing
Weight: 1.1kg (3kg with backbox)
This mark indicates compliance with the
following directives:
Radio & Telecommunications Terminal
Equipment Directive 1999/5/EC (R&TTE)
Tested to CTR21
For specific country approval, please call
Dialling Data:
LD (pulse dialling) : 66:33, 10 ips, 800ms IDP
DTMF: 100ms to ITU-T Q23
Recall: TBR (Timed Break Recall),100ms or ELR (Earth Loop
Other formats (factory set):
LD: 60:40, 10ips, 500ms / 800ms IDP
DTMF: 50ms
TBR: 300ms or 600ms
Full keypad with 2 memories, Recall and Volume button.
Safety: Tested to EN41003 and EN60950.
Ringing and Remote Maintenance:
Dual tone ringing through loudspeaker >75 dB @ 1m REN 1.
Auto-answer for remote programming: 0 to 15 rings.
Speech disabled during remote programming: call cleared
down in favour of user dialling.
Sensing: Remote sensing of network loop current (2.5 mA
resolution) and power-supply connection.
Power Supply: Regulated power supply required 9-12Vdc
@ 500mA (included).
Memory Retention (autodiallers):
E PROM - 10 year life.
Operating: -20° C to +55° C
Storing: -40° C to +70° C
Relative Humidity: Up to 95% (non-condensing).
Weather Resistance: Up to IP65 dependent on installation.
Please call for advice on application.
Casing Material: Front face plate membrane is an
impermeable multilayer chemically inert polyester.
Chemical Resistance: Resistant to: Alcohols, Dilute acids,
Dilute alkalis, Esters, Hydrocarbons, Ketones, Household
cleaning agents. (Tested to DIN 42 115).
Overall (no back box): 352H X 181W X 48D mm
Fixing: 307H X 166W mm CRS
Cut out: 275H X 100W mm
no back box
with stainless steel back box
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An ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 Registered Company
The policy of GAI-Tronics is one of continuous improvement; therefore the company reserves the right to change specifications without notice.
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