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Everything you need for talkshow programming!

Advanced 6-Line Talkshow System

The Telos Hx6 features advanced dual hybrids and a full suite of audio processing capabilities, including Telos’ renowned Digital Dynamic EQ, to deliver superb caller audio over POTS or ISDN phone lines from even the most problematic connections.

A VSet6 phone controller connects via Ethernet to provide system control. Its large, colorful VGA LCD displays provide intuitive operation and setup, and exclusive animated Status Symbols icons give producers and talent line and caller status at a glance. The system offers flexible I/O options to meet most any need.

The included XScreen Lite call screening software from Broadcast Bionics gives screeners and hosts plenty of information and control using sophisticated visual talkback, including a drag and drop database of all calls for your show as well as a phonebook and visual warnings for persistent or nuisance callers.

Systems Pricing from $2795.00






Convenient 6-Line Telephone System

The affordable 1X6 has all of the telephone interface equipment necessary for talk show programming. A single rackmount unit houses both a Telos ONE digital hybrid and a six-line, broadcast phone system.

The 1X6 is easy to install – all six phone lines are connected using standard RJ-11C plugs and all audio connections are XLR. For system control, the 1X6 uses a desktop

Switch Console (sold separately). Special function buttons on the Switch Console are used to automatically select the next caller, to put callers on the air or to conference, and to access several other unique features. A standard telephone set may be used for call screening.

• Telos ONE digital hybrid with 6-line broadcast phone system in one unit

• Separate Switch Console with buttons to control all popular functions

• Standard RJ-11 phone plugs and XLR audio connections



6-line telephone system

Switch console for Telos 1x6

List $2,349.00

List $695.00

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Call controller

Extended Desktop Director

6- and 12-line Modular Telephone Systems

The Telos Nx12 is a powerful 12-line phone system offering state-of-the-art hybrid technology with support for both ISDN and POTS phone lines, including caller ID.

It sports four advanced Telos hybrids that can be used in single- or dual-studio configurations, and comes equipped with analog or AES inputs/outputs.

Note: If you order analog I/Os two hybrids are accessible. With digital I/O models, four hybrids are accessible. Each of Nx12’s four hybrids is equipped with its own

Omnia AGC and noise gate to make caller-to-caller consistency better than ever, no matter how high or low the caller’s gain is. The Nx6 is a 6-line system. Many configurations are available. Call BSW today for more details.


6 Lines POTS, Livewire and Analog I/O

NX6POTS-AES 6 Lines POTS, Livewire and AES I/O


3 two-channel ISDN Lines, Livewire and Analog I/O

NX6ISDN-AES 3 two-channel ISDN Lines,, Livewire and AES I/O

List $3,495.00

List $3,695.00

List $3,495.00

List $3,695.00




12 Lines POTS, Livewire and Analog I/O

6 two-channel ISDN Lines, Livewire and Analog I/O


12 Lines POTS, Livewire and AES I/O


6 two-channel ISDN Lines, Livewire and AES I/O

List $4,395.00

List $4,395.00

List $4,595.00

List $4,595.00


6 POTS, 3 two-Channel ISDN Lines, Livewire/Analog I/O List $4,395.00


6 POTS, 3 two-Channel ISDN Lines, Livewire/AES I/O List $4,595.00

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Multi-Studio VoIP Phone Broadcast System

The Telos VX VoIP phone system plugs into Axia IP-Audio networks to connect multiple channels of audio and control via a single Ethernet RJ-45. It uses standard SIP and RTP protocols to work with your VoIP-based PBX or SIP-trunking Telco service to direct up to 16 hybrids, with as many as 48 active calls (up to 4 per hybrid) at once. Gateways allow the VX to connect to traditional Telco lines. VX comes with free Windows-based

VX Producer software (or XScreen Lite from Broadcast Bionics).

The VX Engine is where all hybrids are housed and where call control and audio processing occurs. I/O is only limited by network bandwidth and throughput, resulting in a capacity of up to 80 available incoming lines.

The VSet (VX Director) offers an LCD color display that instantly lets talent know what's going on. Available in three versions, it can handle up to 12 phone lines and provides linse status, caller information and fader assignments at a glance.



12 phone lines



6 phone lines

1 phone line

List $8,495.00

List $1,049.00

List $795.00

List $695.00




Analog audio interface

GPIO Logic Interface

See the video at

List $2,495.00

List $2,495.00

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Directs up to 80 lines of phone traffic!



"Easy to use."


STAC Phone System Gives You Complete Control

The Comrex Studio Telephone Access Center (STAC) puts you in control of your talk shows, call-ins and phoners with great sound, ease of operation and a scalable configuration.

• Dual, high-performance digital hybrids – 6 or 12-line system

• Screener Mode simplifies screening and queuing; web browser control

• Automatically answers calls with custom message and puts them on hold

• XLR Send input; XLR Caller 1 and 2 outputs; two stereo mini headphone jacks

• Front panel LEDs indicate level status

• Aux DB-9 control output, momentary or latching



6-line phone system

12-line phone system

List $3,200.00

List $3,900.00


Additional control surface for STAC6 List $600.00

STAC12CS Additional control surface for STAC12 List $900.00


STAC6-to-STAC12 expansion module List $900.00

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Powerful VoIP Talkshow System

Comrex STAC VIP smoothly integrates legacy POTS lines with VoIP technology to deliver a new way to manage telephone calls for talk shows, interviews and contests. Besides taking traditional POTS calls, it also handles calls from HD Voice-capable telephones and Smartphones apps, as well as high quality calls from Skype users.

Management system will even integrate with your VoIP PBX system.

• Processes up to 12 incoming VoIP calls on a single DSL line utilizing telephone grade G.729 audio compression

• Easy extension sharing and integration with SIP-based PBX systems

• Accepts incoming wideband voice calls from VoIP telephones, wideband voice capable Smartphones and soft codecs

• Easily accommodates legacy POTS/ISDN

• Seamlessly integrates with Skype

• Analog and digital I/O


List $4,500.00


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STAC-VIP-SURFACE Extra control surface List $900.00


Control surface sidecar List $300.00





“You say analog

AND digital?


BSW, you spoil me...”



STAC Chart

See the video at






State Of The Art Digital Hybrids

Available in single (x1) and dual (x2) hybrids, and with analog only or analog and digital I/O, the Telos Hx Series offers superb hybrid performance.





Single hybrid

Dual hybrid

Single hybrid w/AES

Dual hybrid w/AES

List $795.00

List $1,395.00

List $995.00

List $1,595.00

See the video at

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• Advanced hybrid technology that significantly sweetens and controls caller audio

• Symmetrical wide-range AGC and noise gate with adjustable gain settings

• Auto-Answer, caller disconnect detection

• Sophisticated new audio-leveling and anti-feedback routines for enhanced openspeaker applications

• Call screening and line-hold features

• Front-panel send and receive audio metering



DH20 16-bit digital hybrid List $995.00

DH22 Dual 16-bit digital hybrid List $1,595.00

DH30 24-bit digital hybrid List $1,795.00

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High Performance Digital Hybrids

Comrex’s digital hybrids provide the highest quality audio interface between your telephone line and audio equipment. Common features: balanced XLR inputs and outputs; adjustable AGC and caller ducking; selectable auto mix-minus; auxiliary and headphone monitor outputs; remote control. DH20 The DH20 offers the superior separation of a top-of-the-line digital hybrid at a very economical price. It provides selectable automatic gain control and caller ducking. Both the DH20 and the DH22 offer remote control and status as well as selectable caller ducking. DH22 The DH22 offers the same functionality as the DH20 but in a dual configuration. DH30 The DH30 adds more capability through the addition of AES/EBU inputs and outputs, interfacing with the latest digital and analog consoles. It also provides acoustic echo cancellation with simple front panel controls and remote control capability. See all three online at

"You won't believe the difference"


Low Noise Digital Hybrids

The JK Audio Innkeeper1x digital hybrids now offer lower noise and even better echo cancelling performance. They also add an RS-232 remote interface using simple ASCII protocol (cable included). Use the Innkeeper1RX to bring in high-quality audio b d l l continuously monitor the phone line and audio signals to deliver better separation and to effectively prevent transmit/receiver crosstalk. This proprietary, dual-convergence echo canceller algorithm can achieve excellent separation, typically exceeding 50 dB, without any setup and without sending a noise burst down the line. Also available in Innkeeper1X desktop model. Optional remote controls available. JK Audio’s Innkeeper 4 squeezes four independent digital hybrids into a 1RU space. The front-panel keypad, display, and handset jacks provide easy speed dialing and call setup, and balanced XLR output jacks contain only the caller’s voice. You also get remote control and LED status indication and it even stores 50 names/numbers. The Innkeeper 2 is a dual hybrid version (also with LED screen). For details on each of the four models, please call or go online.

INNKEEPER1RX Single hybrid, rackmount List $875.00


Single hybrid, desktop List $795.00



4 hybrids, rackmount

2 hybrids, rackmount

List $1,795.00

List $1,495.00

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• Voice Presence Compensation for richer caller audio;

AGC and caller ducking

• Proprietary auto-null algorithm, 50 dB null

• Headphone jack and monitor speaker terminals



Without Losing Calls

Part of JK Audio’s new modular talk show system, these desktop

Guest Modules for the Concierge switch core are hot swappable


without losing calls and feature line selection buttons that change color to indicate call status. Designed for years of dependable service, they boast durable aluminum and steel construction with a sealed rubber keypad.


1x6 desktop control surface


2x6 desktop control surface


1x12 desktop control surface


Keypad control


Web control interface

List $375.00

List $395.00

List $395.00

List $139.00

List $345.00

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Connects Two Hybrids Across Six Phone Lines

The Concierge switch core, a key component of JK Audio's modular family of talk show system components, can connect two hybrids across six phone lines. The switch matrix routes six incoming analog phone lines to JK Audio InnKeeper 1rx or InnKeeper 2 digital hybrids. Concierge also offers music on hold input, auxiliary phone integration, and intuitive call control. Two Concierge switch cores can be bridged together, providing six additional phones lines for a two hybrid, 12-line system. You can add up to eight Guest Module control surfaces to provide remote control of the switch matrix over CAT5 cable.

CONCIERGE-2X6 List $925.00

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JK Audio Digital Hybrids

JK Audio’s Broadcast Host digital hybrid contains everything you need to get talk show-quality audio from standard telephone lines, with excellent separation between your voice and the caller’s. In fact, the quality is so good it competes with hybrids costing hundreds or thousands more. JK Audio’s new state-of-the-art echo canceller in the

Host achieves excellent separation on any telephone line. The similar

Innkeeper PBX connects to multi-line PBX telephone systems through the handset cord. It achieves excellent separation without any setup, and without sending a noise burst down the line.


List $495.00


List $495.00

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GUESTMODULE1 Remote control interface/keypad List $139.00

"Reliable and easy"






• 16-bit digital signal processing; proprietary auto null algorithm

• Send and Receive LEDs

• Balanced XLR input with Mic/Line pad switch

• 3.5 mm mono input; 3.5 mm output L=send/R=caller

• Balanced XLR caller output

• 3.5 mm headphone output (mixed send/receive)


• Auto-Answer/Auto Disconnect for IFB/monitoring

• RJ11C phone and aux phone jacks


• Select electret, dynamic, and carbon handset types

• RJ22 handset and phone jacks

Digital Hybrid with Balanced Outputs

The JK Audio PBXport professional digital hybrid provides talk show quality caller audio from your PBX phone system. It lets you send mic or line level signals into your PBX telephone system while maintaining excellent separation between your voice and the caller. The balanced XLR CALLER output jack contains only the caller’s voice, allowing full duplex voice conferencing through the existing PBX phone system without fear of echo and feedback. The MIX OUT jack contains both voices mixed for archive recording. For complete flexibility,

PBXport provides connections for a microphone, headphones, mixer, telephone handset and your telephone set.

PBXPORT Desktop ONE digital hybrid List $825.00

Contact BSW For Lowest Prices

• Transmit female XLR with mic/line switch

• Switch selects between electret, dynamic, and carbon handset types

• Front and Rear panel Handset and Phone Base

RJ22 jacks

• Front panel 1/4" headphone jack

• Remote control screw terminal block

• 16-bit DSP Echo Canceller

• Speaker output terminals

• Caller output male XLR

• Mix output male XLR

"Provides sound just like any thousand dollar model"


Bluetooth Desktop Interface

The JK Audio BlueKeeper interfaces to your cell phone like a Bluetooth wireless headset. Simply connect your favorite microphone and headphone and enjoy an immediate improvement at both ends of the call. The professional microphone preamplifier provides a dramatic improvement in sound quality to the caller (or back to the station if you are away from the studio). The caller audio comes in loud and clear over the convenient front-panel headphone jack.

For recording interviews, BlueKeeper allows you to maintain superb separation between your voice and the caller. The stereo output jack on the back of the unit provides your voice on one channel (in full fidelity) and the caller’s voice on the other channel.

BLUEKEEPER List $495.00

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The JK Audio InnKeeper LTD digital hybrid connects audio signals to a standard analog telephone line without the transmit/receive crosstalk common to analog hybrids. Its Digital Signal Processor continuously monitors both the phone line and audio signals to deliver excellent separation, typically exceeding 50 dB, without any setup and without sending a noise burst down the line. An auxiliary telephone is only required to place outgoing calls.

• Auto-Answer/Auto Disconnect for use in IFB and monitoring applications

• Other applications include telephone interviews, talk shows, church PA interface, and more

• Can connect to an optional JK Audio Guest Module for remote control and dialing without an auxiliary


• Optional RA2 rackmount accessory holds two units in a 1U rack space



List $575.00

GUESTMODULE1 Remote control interface List $139.00

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Rackmount kit List $50.00



Full Duplex


Audio Interface




AutoHybrid gives you simultaneous send and receive audio through analog telephone lines— this is a full duplex

AutoHybrid capable of 20 dB nominal trans-hybrid loss.

AutoHybrid is perfect for monitoring remote locations,

IFB feeds, and many simple studio, conferencing, and

PA telephone interface applications. Passive autoanswer/disconnect interface.

Desktop unit is rackable 4-across with optional RA4 shelf.



RA4 Rack shelf

List $195.00

List $50.00

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"Clean signal…easy to use."


Handy Telephone


The Inline Patch hybrid connects between an analog or cordless telephone and the wall jack to give you more control over recording and playback. The unit’s two back-to-back hybrids give you complete control of audio from both sides of the call.

Audio input jacks let you mix sound bites into your conversation. One stereo output jack provides your voice on one channel and the caller’s voice on the other. A second output jack contains a mix.

"Very easy to install and use."

Uses convenient standard connectors!

ends or receives program material via the switched telephone network. This unit requires no external power and connections are via standard modular plugs. Line level 1/4" input. The TCB-2 auto-answer coupler is perfect for listen-line applications. Just plug in the standard connectors, attach the power supply and you’re ready to go. The coupler answers on the first ring and disconnects on hang up.



List $175.00

List $300.00

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Time-Tested Phone Couplers

The Excalibur HC-1 connects with the handset of any telephone using modular connectors. 1/4" audio connectors on back. The unit is passive, no power required. The HA-1 hybrid adaptor connects through the telephone handset and allows you to use your favorite broadcast hybrid with almost any telephone.; old, new, single or multiple line, etc.

HC-1 Phone coupler List $99.00

HA-1 Hybrid adaptor List $99.00

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Auto Answer Coupler

The economical TC-1 auto answer audio coupler is powered by your phone line. It includes dry relay contacts for Status output, a reset button to disconnect callers, audio send/receive

(duplex operation). Answers/seizes line, and automatically releases upon hang-up.


List $155.00

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Amplified Telephone Interface

The CircuitWerkes MicTel replaces the handset of a telephone to provide high-quality audio for feeding and receiving information. For nontelephone work, its balanced, studio quality inputs and outputs make it an excellent audio interface device for all kinds of remote or instudio work. The aux. audio channel drives the headphones, giving you a portable field amplifier with an IFB feed for your headphones in one compact box.


List $329.00

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Compact Auto

Answer Coupler

The tinyTOOLS TT-1 is a compact auto answer and auto disconnect hybrid. The ng full duplex audio A multi-turn hybrid NULL trimmer achieves 20+ dB separation. Rear-panel RJ-11 phone line jack and second loop-thru RJ-11. Both 3.5 mm and screw terminals are provided for balanced send and caller audio.


List $139.00



Rack shelf List $59.00

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Smart Telephone


The Broadcast Tools STA III provides an interface between telephone line and user equipment. The STA III provides a self-null hybrid with balanced input and outputs.

The STA III monitors the telephone line for CPC calling party control and long dial tone hang up signals, allowing use behind PBX telephone switches and POTS lines.


List $319.00

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"Excellent product."


Phone Tap/Coupler

The CircuitWerkes TelTap is a versatile phone line monitor and manual coupler. It allows you to seize or tap the line, send or receive audio, and has call indicator LED and mute switch.

TELTAP List $99.00

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Handy Call Progress Decoder

The CircuitWerkes CP-2 standalone call progress decoder allows any automatic telephone coupling device to hang up properly on PBX or other telephone lines that don't provide the customary end of call d.c. signaling. It can work with all telephone devices, regardless of maker.

CP-2-CW List $189.00

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Complete Control and More

From CircuitWerkes and BSW

The CircuitWerkes HC-3 automatically answers your phone line on a programmable number of rings. It features a simple hybrid circuit that separates incoming and outgoing telephone audio, bridging balanced audio input with a send level control and a low impedance balanced output. The HC-3's features make it ideal for a variety of telephone tasks such as listen lines, concert lines and remote broadcasting. Dry relay contacts close at pickup.

• Auto-answer and auto-hangup

• Remote pickup and hangup control for manual operation

• Simple hybrid circuit for bidirectional audio connection

• Built-in tone generator for setting hybrid null

• All connections made to screw terminals

• LED’s for incoming ring/on line, and power indications


List $279.00

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Dial Up Remote Control

The CircuitWerkes DR-10 is a user programmable remote control that lets you operate your station's equipment from anywhere there's a phone. It automatically answers the phone and waits for you to enter your password, after which you have complete control of the DR-10's relays. They can be individually programmed for momentary, latching or interlocked operation.

• Relays can be programmed to decode any of the 16

DTMF tones

• 2-tone sequence mode and anti-falsing delay mode prevent accidental contact closures during remote broadcasts


List $399.00

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Rack mount List $35.00

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The CircuitWerkes Sicon-8 is an affordable, full-featured dial-up remote control based on proprietary voice recording technology that lets you record your own messages, in any language. A complete solution for facilities with basic to moderate control requirements, all of its I/O, including 8 channels of relays, are included on the main board, with all metering, status and control connections are on depluggable screw terminals.

• Can be controlled from its onboard Ethernet interface or serial port, a dial-up telephone or auto-answer cell phone

• Onboard Web server gives access to all metering, status and basic control functions

SICON8 List $1,299.00

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The CircuitWerkes Sub-03 can automate your network feeds or take the guesswork out of when to cut away from networks. The decoder listens to your network audio and gives you dry contact closures from any service that sends subaudible tones including satellites, RPUs, ISDN loops and more. Its relay contacts interface easily with your automation system. It accepts a wide range of input audio signals, and its fully adjustable, active, balanced output can be used to feed your equipment. Internal filters greatly reduce the presence of tones in the output.


List $395.00

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The CircuitWerkes TAC-5 remote broadcast coupler with

DTMF control can handle remote broadcasts or general dial-up control from anywhere. While the telephone interface lets you get your audio on the air, you can use the TAC-5's relays to control your automation system or even put yourself directly on the air. The direct to air mode is not only useful for remotes; it is also great for emergency broadcasts.

TAC-5 List $319.00

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The CircuitWerkes SEN-6 subaudible encoder generates

25, 35, and combo 25/35 Hz tones. It features active balanced audio !/O with gain control and integral filtering that keeps audio source material from falsely activating decoders. It can be special ordered to generate 50, 75, and combo 50/75 Hz tones.


List $449.00

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The CircuitWerkes DS-8 is a DTMF sequence decoder providing dry closures for eight different tone sequences. It can decode 1 to 4 digit DTMF sequences used by networks for automating closed-circuit feeds and local insertions. Relays can be easily programmed via DTMF phone to operate in momentary, latching, or interlocked latching modes.


List $299.00

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The CircuitWerkes AC-12 fits up to 12 AC1B autocouplers (sold separately). It offers two balanced bridging input, switchable busses for audio distribution. Each coupler card has an individual 600 ohm bi-directional audio connection with level trim.

• LEDs for ring, on-line and clipping

• Strappable input attenuator which accepts a wide range of input signals

• Individual relay isolated, user-selected, momentary or latching dry contacts

Remote Site


The CircuitWerkes


(2-channel) and SiteSentry4 (4-channel) boast an internal web server for monitoring your site from any web browser in the world. They automatically detect both meter low and meter overload conditions. Both feature an internal temperature sensor and an external audio monitor.



List $329.00

List $509.00

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Mainframe List $379.00


Coupler card List


Call progress decoder List $119.00

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The CircuitWerkes DTMF-16 is a compact and rugged remote control unit that provides 16 optocoupled outputs using standard TouchTone signals. It excels in controlling remote satellite receivers, network switching equipment, repeaters, or virtually any application where local control is inconvenient or impossible. Simply connect the DTMF-16's bridging input across an audio line and its outputs will activate whenever a DTMF tone is received.

DTMF16 List $229.00

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Cellphone Interfaces with Mixers

The Conex FlipJacks are affordable cellphone interfaces. The FlipJack FJ500 offers a 3-channel mixer for cellular broadcasts. The original FlipJack is a smaller,

2-channel version. Both use your phone’s 2.5 mm hand-free port (or 2.5 mm adaptor). Includes cable. Power supply sold separately.


• 2 XLR inputs (mic and mic/line)

• Aux line input and output

• Tuner input for off-air monitoring

• 2 headphone outs w/ volume ctrl

• Connects to a standard phone line

• “AA” batteries or external power

• Multi-LED level indicator

• FLIPJACK features:

• 2 XLR inputs (mic and mic/line)

• 1 headphone out with volume ctrl

• Separate external tuner/aux input

• Powered by internal 9V battery

• LED level and low battery indicators

List $398.00

List $289.00

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Power supply

2.5mm-to-2.5mm Cable

2.5MM to 3.5MM Cable

List $13.00

List $13.95

List $13.95

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4-Channel Cellphone Interface

The FJ700 is loaded with a 4-channel mixer boasting mic and line level inputs, with balanced XLR connectors and 1/4" unbalanced inputs. Use with most cell and land line phones. Four headphone channels. “AA” batteries or AC power.

Power supply sold separately.





Power supply

2.5MM to 3.5MM Cable

List $13.00

List $13.95

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JK Audio Telephone Taps

New Bluetooth wireless tap! The Daptor Three audio interface offers Bluetooth wireless as well as balanced XLR and unbalanced 3.5 mm connections to let you send and receive audio through your cell phone. It also works great with any laptop that has a wireless headset connection! Ruggedly built, yet weighing just 7 ounces, it runs on a single 9-volt battery.

The non-Bluetooth Daptor Two lets you connect any mixer to the 2.5 mm headset jack on your wireless phone. This passive adaptor features balanced XLR and unbalanced 1/4" jacks (you may use either the XLR input or 1/4" input, not both). You can send and receive audio from your mixer or recorder through your cell phone.

The Daptor One converts the 2.5mm headset jack on your wireless cellular phone to a modular phone line jack. This RJ-11 jack connects directly to any JK Audio

RemoteMix series mixer.

Connect the JK Audio THAT1 or THAT2 between your telephone and handset for quick access to audio in and out of the telephone. THAT1 has RCA I/Os. THAT2 adds

XLR I/O and a handset selector switch.

To record audio from your cellphone connect the CellTap between the 2.5 mm earpiece jack of your cellphone and your earpiece. It features a 3.5 mm audio output.

Use QuickTap between your standard telephone and handset for access to audio out of any telephone. Simply connect your audio equipment to the audio output jack.

VoicePath routes audio in and out of any telephone using your PC sound card. Use

PC software to play your conversation right back into the phone line.


Bluetooth w/ XLR & 3.5mm


2.5 mm tap w/ XLR & 1/4"



2.5 mm tap w/ RJ-11

Telephone audio tap w/RCA





Telephone audio tap w/XLR

2.5 mm cellphone audio tap

Telephone audio tap

Phone tap with software









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Telephone Interfaces

"Reliable remote audio gear for the road warrior on your staff."

— John Lynch, Senior Sales Rep


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Take Your Show On The Road

Mixer, Headphone Amp and Communications

Interface in One!

JK Audio’s RemoteMix 4 four-channel field mixer and headphone amplifier pulls triple duty as a state-of-the-art communications interface featuring a phone line hybrid and keypad, a PBX handset interface, and a cell phone interface. Durable and portable, its parts all seamlessly work together to save you lots of setup time in the field.

i h b id lli i t studio talk show hybrid. Use it as a front-end mixer for your POTS, ISDN or IP codec. Even use it with your laptop codec. For TV, it gives you the ultimate phone connectivity with four IFB feeds. You can send and receive interview audio, and pull IFB out of any business phone system, even your cell phone.

REMOTEMIX4 List $1,395.00

Contact BSW For Lowest Prices


• 4-channel mixer, headphone amp and a communications interface in one for maximum efficiency

• Lots of I/O to handle most any remote broadcast application

• Bluetooth wireless technology for complete operating freedom


1/4" to 2.5 mm Cellular Replacement Cable


4-conductor 3.5 mm headset adapter cable



"Loaded with features and versatility"


Versatile Field

Interview Tool

The JK Audio RemoteMix

One combines professional audio electronics with a flexible communications interface in a rugged new belt pack connections through a cell phone or notebook for truly flexible remote monitoring.

A professional microphone preamp and powerful headphone amplifier deliver exceptional sound quality. A 3.5 mm stereo line input jack lets you mix recordings into the broadcast.

• XLR Mic input

• Mic mute switch

• 3.5 mm stereo line input and output

• 1/4" stereo headphone jack

• 3-conductor 2.5mm headset interface (most legacy phones)

• 4-conductor 3.5mm headset interface (iPhone, most Android phones and notebooks)

• >20 Hours on one 9-Volt alkaline battery


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Great For Sports

Remotes and A Whole

Lot More


T channel field mixer and headphone amplifier works as a universal communications interface. It f features a phone line hybrid and keypad, a PBX handset interface, and both wired and wireless cell phone interfaces. These parts can all work together, saving setup time in the field. Offering


superb sound quality, RemoteMix 3.5 lets you route audio through your cell phone or notebook using Bluetooth Wireless Technology.

• Three XLR mic jacks

• Three 1/4" headphone jacks with individual level controls

• 3.5 mm Send and Receive jacks

• LED VU meter


List $1,050.00

• Phone line hybrid with DTMF keypad

• Universal PBX handset interface

• Wired phone headset interface

• (2.5mm and 3.5mm interfaces)

• Bluetooth wireless technology

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Bluetooth Wireless Interview Device

The BluePack lets field reporters conduct live man-on-the-street interviews through a

Bluetooth-equipped cell phone. Its professional mic preamp and powerful headphone amplifier make sure the message gets through, and its 3.5 mm stereo line input jack allows the mixing of recordings into the broadcast. This versatile unit offers the options of mixing the mic input (balanced XLR) and the 3.5 mm aux send for a 3.4 kHz station feed back through a phone (via Bluetooth) and/or grabbing a full-bandwidth mix from the 3.5 mm stereo output to a recorder.

BLUEPACK List $495.00

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Handy Universal Interface

Pick up this comprehensive road tool to get audio in and out of analog phone lines, PBX systems and even cell phones. The JK Audio ComPack is perfect for remote broadcasts, IFB feeds, or interviews over any phone connection.

ComPack also functions as a simple telecom interface for your beltpack intercom system— connect the 3-pin male XLR to your beltpack intercom group for a full duplex, always-on connection to any phone line.


List $495.00

Contact BSW For Lowest Prices

• XLR mic/line in and line out; 1/4" headphone output

• Standard RJ11 telephone interface

• PBX interface with handset type select switch

• 2.5 mm cellphone jack (cable provided)

• 3.5 mm line input

• Battery test button with indicator


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