User`s manual | Cinema Ribbon In-Wall Loudspeakers CRW-2 and CRW-2C

Cinema Ribbon
In-Wall Loudspeakers
CRW-2 and CRW-2C
Installation Instructions and
User's Manual
Important Safety Instructions
1. Read Instructions.
2. Keep these Instructions.
3. Heed all Warnings.
4. Follow all Instructions.
5. Do not use this apparatus near water.
6. Clean only with a dry cloth.
7. Do not install near any heat sources such
as radiators, heat registers, stoves, or
other apparatus (including amplifiers) that
produce heat.
8. Refer all servicing to qualified service
personnel. Servicing is required when the
apparatus has been damaged in any way,
such as a connector is damaged, liquid
has been spilled or objects have fallen into
the apparatus, the apparatus has been
exposed to rain or moisture, does not
operate normally, or has been dropped.
9. Object and Liquid Entry — Care should
be taken so that objects do not fall into
and liquids are not spilled into the inside of
the apparatus.
23.10 in/
587 mm
4.05 in/
103 mm
7.87 in/
200 mm
CRW-2 and CRW-2C
(same dimensions for each)
Wall cutout required:
6.4" H x 20.8" W
(163 x 528 mm)
User's Manual
Safety Instructions.............. 2
Dimensions........................ 2
Introduction........................ 4
Features............................. 6
Location............................. 8
Using a subwoofer........... 11
Break-in period................. 12
Installation........................ 13
Wiring........................... 14
Specifications.................. 17
Troubleshooting............... 18
Limited Warranty.............. 19
Service Assistance........... 19
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User's Manual
Thank you for purchasing a Sunfire
XT-Series Cinema Ribbon in-wall
loudspeaker. We hope you enjoy it and
the music it makes as much as we have
enjoyed creating it for you.
As an exclusive XT-Series product,
this loudspeaker follows a great heritage
of both world-class ribbon loudspeaker
designs and industry-leading subwoofer
The CRW-2 and CRW-2C loudspeakers are designed as a perfect match to
our True Subwoofer and SubRosa series,
resulting in the ultimate home theater
experience... the kind of heart-felt experience that could only come from Sunfire.
The loudspeakers should only be
installed by qualified and experienced professional installers.
Your Sunfire Cinema Ribbon CRW
loudspeaker should reach you in perfect
condition. If you do notice any shipping
damage, please contact Sunfire immediately.
Gently lift out the loudspeaker and all
the packing material. It is important to
save all the packing materials and the
box in case your loudspeaker ever needs
to be moved or shipped for repair.
Make sure that you keep your sales
receipt. It is the only way to establish
the duration of your Limited Warranty
and it may come in useful for insurance
• CRW-2 loudspeaker for front, surround,
and surround back applications
• CRW-2C loudspeaker for center channel applications
•2 way, high-pressure design
• Magnetically shielded
• Waveguide-loaded Neodymium ribbon
• Two 4.5-inch High Back-emf drivers
• 115 dB maximum output
• 400 watts maximum power
• Stylish black anodized aluminum frame
with end caps
• Magnetic grille
• Ribbon level control
• One pair of gold-plated spring terminals
• Optional pre-construction bracket
If your loudspeaker needs servicing,
please read the Troubleshooting section
on page 18. If a problem persists, please
contact your nearest authorized Sunfire
Please take a moment to fill out and
mail the Sunfire Customer Response
card. Also read the serial number located
on the rear label and record it here:
Serial Number:
Purchased from:
User's Manual
CRW-2 loudspeaker
a decade ago with the original True
Subwoofer. This design relies on highpressure, “High Back-emf” technology
that provides very high bass output from
a very small box. When migrating this
subwoofer technology to the midrange
and high frequencies on the Cinema
Ribbon CRW loudspeakers, you get the
same advantages: high output, small
size, high efficiency, and years of troublefree operation.
CRW-2C center loudspeaker
The Cinema Ribbon CRW-2 and the
CRW-2C are high performance loudspeakers that are specifically designed to
work with your flat panel display. Sharing
technology with the rest of the Cinema
Ribbon line, years of research and
decades of experience have gone into
these amazing loudspeakers.
The ribbon - a legacy refined
The ribbon in this loudspeaker is a remarkable piece of engineering, because
it has the output capability, purity, and
low distortion of a large 6-foot-tall ribbon
- in fact, it is derived from Bob Carver’s
award-winning Amazing Loudspeaker
from the late 1970s! The sound from the
CRW-2 ribbon is deliberately focused
in the forward direction, with very little
sound going up or down - reducing reflections off the ceiling and floor, that disturb
our sense of space and imaging. The
CRW-2C features an integrated “acoustic
lens,” that disperses the signal for center
channel applications.
The woofers - a legacy refined
Sunfire created the category of smallbox, high-power subwoofers more than
User's Manual
The Cinema Ribbon CRW loudspeakers are a no-compromise answer to the
age-old question of Form vs. Function.
Why not get both? Combine these speakers with the SubRosa In-wall subwoofer
for the ultimate in hidden high performance.
Installation overview
A template is supplied to help mark
the sheetrock for cutting. A paint shield
is also supplied to aid in painting the
An optional pre-construction bracket
is available that will help you install the
loudspeakers in rooms that are under
construction. Please contact Sunfire to
order this bracket. (It comes with its own
installation guide.)
The CRW-2 may be mounted vertically
between wall studs, either side of your
big screen display.
The CRW-2C may be mounted horizontally, above or below your display. For
existing walls, the horizontal mounting
will involve cutting a vertical stud and
some extra framing.
The CRW-2C may also be used
vertically as left and right loudspeakers,
in which case, the acoustic lens can be
A system of six screw clamps secure
the loudspeaker firmly in place in the
sheetrock, once the opening has been
1. Binding Posts
Each loudspeaker has one pair of goldplated spring-loaded binding posts.
Always use high quality connections
and speaker wires, and make sure
there are no loose fittings or stray wire
strands. The spring connections accept
bare wire or pins.
Connect the positive speaker-level
output of your power amplifier or
receiver to a positive (red) input of the
loudspeaker. Connect the negative
speaker-level output of your power amplifier or receiver to a negative (black)
input of the loudspeaker.
Make sure that the positive and negative connections do not touch, or this
may damage your power amplifier.
2. Speaker Wire Channel
To ease installation, the speaker wiring
can be passed through these channels
to the binding posts.
3. Clamps
Once the loudspeaker is pressed into
an opening in the sheetrock, screws
on the front panel are turned to pull the
clamps out and down to press against
the sheetrock, and secure the loudspeaker in place.
4. End Caps
These decorative end caps can be
painted to match your room decor. A
paint shield (12) is supplied to cover
the drivers during painting.
5. Ribbon Adjustment
This allows you to adjust the level of
the ribbon section relative to the other
drivers. The range of adjustment is ± 3 dB, and the default setting is in the
middle (0 dB). Perform a listening test
and adjust as desired.
6. Woofers
The CRW-2C and CRW-2 use two
identical custom drivers.
User's Manual
7 8 9
7. Clamp Screws
These screws are used to clamp the
loudspeaker in place, once it has been
pressed into the sheetrock opening of
your wall.
8. Ribbon
The CRW-2C and CRW-2 use the
same ribbon driver.
9. Lens (CRW-2C only)
The CRW-2C uses an acoustic lens
over the ribbon to optimize the performance as a center loudspeaker.
The grille is attached to the main body
with magnets. To remove the grille,
gently pry it away from the corners.
11.Cutout Guide
This allows you to easily mark the
required cutout onto your wall.
12.Paint Shield
This covers the drivers and frame when
painting the end caps to match the
User's Manual
Loudspeaker Location
Center line
of display
(above or below display)
The CRW series loudspeakers are designed to be a perfect sound compliment
to flat panel displays. The CRW-2C center loudspeaker can be mounted above
or below the display, and the CRW-2 can
be mounted at either side.
The following details show various systems incorporating the loudspeakers, with
a subwoofer to handle the low frequency
As with all loudspeaker installation,
check that the position does not
interfere with the picture quality.
Ideally, all of the surround loudspeakers in a home theater system should
be of the same make and model, and
positioned at similar heights to produce
a smooth and continuous soundfield.
Sunfire Cinema Ribbon CRM-2BIP bipole
loudspeakers use the same drivers and
ribbons as the CRW series, making them
perfect for rear channel applications.
Alternatively, you could use additional
CRW-2 loudspeakers.
Front Left/Right Speakers
The front left and right CRW-2
loudspeakers should be positioned so
that your TV display is exactly centered
between them. This will help focus your
attention towards the display.
Your left loudspeaker should be set
exactly the same distance and angle
away from your listening position as the
right loudspeaker.
Front left and right loudspeakers
If you have a smaller TV, the loudspeakers should be no more than two
feet away from the sides of the display.
User's Manual
If you have a Sunfire or Carver system
equipped with Sonic Holography, then
it is recommended that you use a tape
measure to set the left and right loudspeakers to be an equal distance away
from your listening position, within half
an inch tolerance. (Sonic Holography is a
unique process designed by Bob Carver
to enhance the three-dimensional effects
and realism of stereo sound.)
5.1 Configuration
Place each surround loudspeaker an
equal distance away from your central
listening position, and keep them at least
one or two feet above ear level (with you
sitting down).
The Center Loudspeaker
Most movie dialog will come from the
center loudspeaker, so careful positioning
is an important part of a good home theater system. Your eyes and ears should
focus your attention towards the center of
the display.
The CRW-2C center loudspeaker can
above, or directly underneath the display,
as long as it is located on the centerline
and not off to one side.
5.1 System
They can be placed either side of the
listening position.
6.1 and 7.1 Configuration
Sunfire home theater processors and
receivers have two extra outputs for surround back loudspeakers. These create
a wonderful sense of realism in surround
effects during playback of Dolby Digital
EX, Dolby Pro Logic IIx, and DTS-ES.
Such systems can be configured for
one or two surround back loudspeakers.
Center loudspeaker
If possible, have the center, left and
right loudspeakers at the same height
(within two feet). This will help give a
smooth transition when sound effects
move from loudspeaker to loudspeaker.
If you are connecting one surround
back loudspeaker, place it directly behind
your listening position, with the surround
loudspeakers to the side as shown.
The CRM-2BIP ribbon loudspeakers
may be used as surround loudspeakers,
as shown in the following systems and
6.1 System
Sunfire CRM-2BIP surround loudspeaker
User's Manual
With two surround back loudspeakers,
set them behind and between the surround loudspeakers.
Subwoofer Location
The best location for a single
subwoofer can be found by following
these steps:
1. Place the subwoofer on your couch
or favorite easy-listening chair.
2. You can then either run a calibration (noise) signal through it, or
play some of your favorite music
samples with heavy bass.
7.1 System
9.1 Configuration
Some Sunfire home theater processors
and receivers have two side-axis channels that are matrixed from the left and
right front channels, and they are available in stereo as well as surround modes.
For the side-axis, you could use another pair of CRW-2 loudspeakers.
Place the side-axis loudspeakers
along the side walls, close to the fronts.
3. Walk around the room, standing in
all the positions where you might
be able to place the subwoofer.
This is usually somewhere close
to the corners of the room. Try
locations fairly close to the front
loudspeakers, and try crouching
down low.
4. Find the place in the room where
the bass output from the subwoofer
is most even. Shut things down and
install the subwoofer there.
5. This is the best position for the
subwoofer. The bass will sound the
best when you are sitting in your
normal listening position.
9.1 System
User's Manual
Using a subwoofer
The Cinema Ribbon CRW loudspeakers are designed to be used
with a subwoofer to fill in the lower
frequency range. They are not
designed to accept 400 watts of power at
the full frequency range.
Your system should be designed so
that the Cinema Ribbon CRW loudspeakers receive only the range above 80 Hz,
with a subwoofer to handle the frequencies below 80 Hz.
Crossover adjustment
We recommend that you set your home
theater processor's crossover to 80 Hz,
and set the channels that use the Cinema
Ribbon CRW loudspeakers to "small."
• Your subwoofer receives frequencies
below 80 Hz, from all loudspeakers
whose size is set to small, in addition to
the LFE channel:
Sunfire home theater processors and
receivers have a bass management system that allows you to redirect the bass
frequency range of each channel to the
subwoofer. The advantages are :
The overall bass of the system is
improved, as subwoofers, such as
Sunfire's powered True Subwoofers
are specially designed for this
frequency range.
The subwoofer can simultaneously
play the bass from all of the loudspeakers, in addition to it’s own low
frequency effects channel (LFE).
There is no loss in perception of the
position of movie or music sound
effects, as the ear cannot easily
locate the position of bass sound
Compact loudspeakers can be
used for front, center and surrounds, as they do not have to
reproduce the low frequency range.
This leads to a saving in room
Your amplifiers do not waste power
reproducing the low frequency
User's Manual
• All loudspeakers set to small, receive
frequencies above 80 Hz.
• Set your subwoofer's own crossover
control (if it has one) to maximum
frequency or bypassed mode. If it is set
lower than the 80 Hz, there would be a
hole in the mid-bass, and bass information would be missing.
The acoustic summation of the
subwoofer output and the Cinema Ribbon
CRW output produces a flat frequency
NOTE: Dolby Digital and DTS modes
are designed especially for complete
systems with front, center, and surround
loudspeakers and subwoofers. You need
all of the loudspeakers to get the best
performance from your Home Theater. If
you do not have a subwoofer connected,
you will be missing the 5.1 LFE (low
frequency effects) information.
NOTE: If your processor or preamplifier
does not have a crossover control, you
might need an external active crossover
to split the audio signal into a low-pass
range for the subwoofer, and a high-pass
range for the Cinema Ribbon CRW loudspeakers. (Sunfire subwoofers have their
own crossover controls with line-level
high-pass outputs that can be used to
power an amplifier connected to Cinema
Ribbon CRW loudspeakers.)
Break-in period
Like many high performance automobiles, the Cinema Ribbon CRW loudspeakers perform at their best after an
initial break-in period. A minimum of 20
hours is recommended prior to performing critical listening, however the speakers will sound their best after a period of
300 to 400 hours. During this time, the
driver suspensions and ribbon structure
will relax into their operating design positions and give optimum performance.
To facilitate break-in during the initial
20 hours, it is recommended that you
play material with a wide dynamic range
at louder volumes – such as your favorite
rock and roll album (that is if your family
or neighbors can stand it).
It is important that your amplifier
must supply good clean power,
and not run into distortion. Amplifier
distortion due to clipping, causes
high-frequency output components that
can damage loudspeakers. Even a 100
watt amplifier running into clipping can
damage loudspeakers rated at 400 watts
or more.
User's Manual
Read the details on page 8 to help
determine the best position for your
The CRW-2C center loudspeaker
can be fitted horizontally, either above
or below the display. A pair can also be
used as left/right speakers if the acoustic
lenses are removed. This is done by gently prying them off at the four corners.
Preliminary steps:
If the TV display is in place, it
should be removed from the wall.
Clear the area where you are going
to work, so it will be safe. Remove
any fragile objects, small children
or pets, and cover anything that
might be affected by dust from cutting sheetrock.
Put on your safety glasses.
Marking and cutting the
Horizontal mounting into existing
construction will most likely mean cutting
a vertical stud. This installation should
be done by an experienced and qualified
carpenter, to prevent weakening the
wall structure. When the extra framing
is done, the installation and wiring is the
same as described as follows for the
The CRW-2 loudspeakers can be wall
mounted vertically, for example, on either
side of a display. We recommend that the
ribbon section is positioned at a height
close to ear-level, therefore you can fit
the CRW-2 loudspeakers with the ribbon
at the bottom if necessary.
Tools required:
Phillips screwdriver or screw gun
Pencil or other suitable wall marker
Sheetrock saw
Safety glasses
Sturdy ladder or step ladder
Electronic stud finder if needed
You may need an assistant.
User's Manual
1. Choose the best location for your
CRW-2 loudspeakers, preferably
centered between vertical wall
studs. Use a stud finder to find
where the studs are.
Do not position the loudspeaker
closer than one inch from the
cabinet sides to a stud. This allows for the clamps to swing out.
Check there is no electrical wiring
or plumbing behind where you are
2. Hold the cutout template onto the
wall surface, and use a level to
make sure it is vertical.
Marking the opening
onto the wall using the
inside of the template
3. Mark the sheetrock with a pencil
around the inside of the template,
and remove the template.
4. Carefully cut out the sheetrock
around the marked lines, and
remove any debris from the hole.
The front channels of Sunfire's Theater
Grand Amplifiers each have two pairs
of outputs. In a normal system, use the
voltage source.
This example shows the speaker wiring
connections for a right front speaker. On
conventional amplifiers, use the standard
positive and negative speaker-level
3. Pass the wiring through the wiring
channels in the back of the loudspeaker (see item 2 on page 6.)
4. Do an electrical continuity test to
make sure the connections are
good from the amplifier-end of the
speaker wire to the ends of the
wires at the loudspeaker.
5. Secure the wiring to the loudspeaker's spring-loaded binding posts,
observing the correct polarity.
Gently pull on them to make sure
they are secure.
1. Install the speaker wires following
all local codes for electrical wiring
installation. Use class 2 wiring,
and 12 gauge is recommended, 16
gauge is the minimum.
2. Follow common low voltage
practices like avoiding high voltage
electrical wiring, or crossing them
perpendicularly. This will reduce the
chance of picking up hum or other
the wires
User's Manual
6. It is a good idea to secure the wiring from vibration as much as possible. Do not have the weight of the
cables hanging on the terminals.
Fitting the loudspeaker
1. Press the loudspeaker into the
sheetrock opening, and screw
in the six clamp screws. As the
screws turn clockwise, the clamps
rotates out and presses onto the
back of the sheetrock to hold the
loudspeaker firmly in place.
Tighten the clamps (the sheetrock is not
shown for clarity)
Rear view showing the clamps engaged
and the wiring in place
User's Manual
Painting the loudspeaker
1. Press the paint shield in place to
cover the woofers and ribbon during painting.
2. Remove the paint shield when the
painting is done.
Final steps
1. The supplied Sunfire badge can
now be pressed in place to match
the orientation of your loudspeaker.
The adhesive backing holds it in
2. Add the magnetic grille to cover the
woofers and ribbon.
3. Enjoy your new loudspeaker. See
page 12 regarding the break-in period required before the loudspeakers will sound their best.
User's Manual
2-way, High Pressure
Magnetically Shielded
Drive Units
HF: Waveguide loaded Neodymium
LF: Dual 4.5-inch High Back-emf
Frequency Response
95 Hz to 40 kHz
Crossover Frequency
1.5 kHz
Maximum Power
400 watts
Minimum Power
25 watts
Sensitivity (2.83 V/1 meter)
90 dB
Maximum Output
115 dB
8 ohms nominal
1 pairs gold plated spring terminals
(Maximum dimensions, including grille)
23.10" (587 mm)
7.87" (200 mm)
4.05" (103 mm)
20.8" x 6.4" (528 x 163 mm)
15 lb (6.8 kg)
7.87" (200 mm)
23.10" (587 mm)
4.05" (103 mm)
6.4" x 20.8" (163 x 528 mm)
15 lbs (6.8 kg)
User's Manual
© 2008 Sunfire, LLC.
All rights reserved. Sunfire, LLC reserves
the right to improve its products at any time.
Therefore, specifications are subject to
change without notice.
Manual 913-156-00 Rev A
The Cinema Ribbon CRW loudspeakers are designed and built to provide
years of trouble-free performance. Most
problems that occur can usually be
solved by checking your setup, or by
making sure all components are fully
The following information will help you
deal with common problems you may
experience. If a problem persists, please
contact your Dealer for assistance.
Poor or no sound
Check all the connections from the
loudspeaker to the amplifier or receiver.
Swap loudspeakers around, and see
if the poor sound follows a particular
Check that your amplifier is not driven
too hard or is clipping. Even a low-powered amp driven into clipping can cause
distortion or damage your loudspeakers.
Many processor/preamps can send
test tones through all the loudspeakers
in your system. Use this to adjust the
volume of each channel until they are
all playing at the same level. Make sure
that any bass management options are
set correctly, and any channels using
the Cinema Ribbon loudspeakers are
set to "small."
If the system bass is weak only when
playing surround sources, check that
your processor is correctly set to decode
the surround modes, such as Dolby
Digital or DTS.
Some DVD discs have a menu that
allows you to select which soundtrack
to play. Check that the correct surround
audio soundtrack is selected.
User's Manual
Limited Warranty
Sunfire, LLC is proud of its products
which have been built with care using advanced technology and premium component parts. Your unit has been crafted to
perform properly for many years. Sunfire,
LLC offers the following Warranty to you,
the owner of a new Sunfire product:
The Sunfire Warranty for the
XT-Series Cinema Ribbon CRW loudspeaker is in effect for FIVE years from
the date of original retail purchase. The
Sunfire Warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship. The following,
however, are excluded:
a) Damage caused during shipment.
Some states do not allow limitations on
how long an implied warranty lasts and/or
do not allow the exclusion or limitation of
incidental or consequential damages, so
the above limitations or exclusions may not
apply to you.
This Warranty gives you specific legal
rights, and you may also have other
rights which vary from state to state. We
suggest that you attach your purchase
receipt to this Warranty and keep these in
a safe place. Thank you for your choice
of a Sunfire, LLC product.
Service Assistance
We suggest that you read the Limited
Warranty completely to fully understand
your Warranty/Service coverage.
b) Damage caused by accident, misuse, abuse of operation contrary
to the instructions specified in the
Sunfire user’s manual
If your Sunfire product ever requires
service, write to us, or call:
Sunfire, LLC
Technical Services Department
P.O. Box 1589
Snohomish, WA 98290
Tel (425) 335-4748
Fax (425) 335-4746
c) Units where the serial number
has been defaced, modified or
d) Damage resulting from modification
or attempted repair by any person
not authorized in writing by Sunfire,
e) Units purchased from unauthorized
You will be directed to an authorized
Sunfire Service Station or receive
instructions to ship the unit to the factory.
Please save the original shipping carton
and packing materials in case shipping is
required. Please do not ship Parcel Post.
The Sunfire Warranty extends to the
original owner during the five year warranty period so long as the original dated
purchase receipt is presented whenever
warranty service is required.
All implied warranties, including warranties or merchantability and fitness
for particular purposes, are limited in
duration to the five year length of this
Warranty, unless otherwise provided by
state law.
Sunfire, LLC’s liability is limited to the
repair or replacement, at our option, of
any defective product and shall not in any
event include property or any other incidental or consequential damages which
may result from the failure of this product.
User's Manual
NOTE: Before sending in your unit for repair, you must call Sunfire for return authorization (RA).
Include a complete description of the
problem, indicating how you have it
connected, the associated equipment in
your system and a copy of your purchase
receipt. Initial shipping costs are not paid
by Sunfire, LLC; return ground shipping
costs will be prepaid if repairs were covered by the scope of this Warranty.
Cinema Ribbon
In-Wall Loudspeakers
CRW-2 and CRW-2C
Manual 913-156-00 Rev A
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