SC 5000 - POS Network

SC 5000 - POS Network
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SC 5000
Performance and Versatility at the POS
Put a proven performer
on your countertop
The sleek, stylish SC 5000 programmable PIN pad from VeriFone is
a very versatile performer. Need a lightweight, ergonomic device to
hand to customers for smart card, debit, EBT, or other PIN-based
transactions? Want the flexibility of supporting payment, loyalty, stored
value or smart card transactions on a space-saving PIN pad that readily
integrates with your existing POS system? Turn to the SC 5000.
Its compact, “hand-over” design is perfect for customer PIN entry.
A highly readable graphics display, triple-track mag-stripe card reader,
optional smart card reader and full compatibility with VeriFone’s Omni,
Verix and NURIT devices, add to the SC 5000’s convenience and value.
And, security is a lock with the latest protections — including advanced
encryption, file authentication, and tamper resistance.
Plus, along with the SC 5000’s adaptability and performance, you get
the unsurpassed quality and reliability that is synonymous with the
VeriFone name.
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Integrates into any POS environment
Compact size means more counter space
Handover design for easy customer PIN entry
SC 5000
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Performance and Versatility at the POS
Features & Benefits
Adapts to Any Environment
• Programmable PIN pad with mag-stripe card reader
and optional smart card reader makes it easy to handle
virtually any card-based transaction — from loyalty
applications to age verification
• Securely supports multiple payment and value-added
applications on the same device
• High-speed processor and ample memory streamline
transactions to keep lines moving
• Quickly and efficiently integrates into any POS environment
• Small footprint preserves precious counter space
• Works with VeriFone Omni, NURIT and Verix devices
32-bit microprocessor
Memory Options
3 MB (2 MB Flash and 1 MB SRAM)
6 MB (4 MB Flash and 2 MB SRAM)
2 lines x 16 characters, up to 4 lines x
20 characters, 122 x 32 pixel graphical
LCD display, with optional backlighting
Magnetic Card Reader
ISO 7813 choice of dual-track (1, 2) or
triple-track (1, 2, 3), bi-directional
Smart Card Reader (Optional)
Provides Exceptional Ease of Use
• Palm-sized, “handover” design is perfect for customer
PIN entry
ISO 7816, 1.8V, 3V, 5V or synchronous
and asynchronous cards; EMV Level 1
and 2 Type Approved
Cryptographic algorithms include: DES,
3DES, RSA, and AES. Key-management
schemes include Master/Session,
DUKPT and virtually any other key
management scheme through the use
of VeriShield Security Scripts. All
cryptography and key-management
functions performed by integrated
security chip. Communication between
the keyboard, display, and security
module is fully safeguarded;
PCI PED approved
Height: 155 mm (6.1 in.); width: 95 mm
(3.7 in.); depth: 50 mm (2.0 in.);
weight: 360 g
SAM Card Reader (Optional)
• Highly readable display provides excellent graphic support
Choice of 2 or 4 Security Access Module
(SAM) readers
0° to 40° C (32° to 104° F) operating
temperature; 15% to 90% operating
humidity, non-condensing; -18° to 66° C
(0° to 151° F) storage temperature
• Optional backlighting improves readability in low-light
Includes Essential Security
Serial Interface
• Exceptionally large keypad reduces costly errors
• Tamper-detection circuitry resists unauthorized intrusions
• Provides sophisticated security protections, including the
latest Triple DES. encryption, Master Key/Session Key and
DUKPT key management, and VeriShield file signing for
16 keys (with 3 programmable function
keys and 3 command keys);
7-20V DC; 3.7W (maximum consumption
with optional backlight on)
Asynchronous serial (7/8 data bits,
even/odd/no parity). Baud rate of
1,200-115,200. Compatible with RS-232
signal levels
• PCI PED approved for PIN-based applications
© 2007 VeriFone. All rights reserved. VeriFone, the VeriFone logo, Omni, Verix SC, NURIT and VeriShield are either trademarks or registered trademarks of
VeriFone in the United States and/or other countries. All features and specifications are subject to change without notice. 1/07 45399 2M//BM Rev B
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