MM-1 Microphone Preamplifier with Headphone Monitor

MM-1 Microphone Preamplifier with Headphone Monitor
Microphone Preamplifier
with Headphone Monitor
The portable MM-1 combines microphone preamplification and
headphone monitoring in one compact product. Designed for
demanding radio, television, and multimedia productions, the
MM-1 is a no-compromise, studio-quality microphone preamplifier with phantom power, high-pass filter, and built-in limiter.
Its monitoring function provides a headphone level signal of
microphone audio and an external, balanced line-level signal.
The MM-1 is at home in the most complex broadcast remotes,
theatrical productions, and intercom setups.
High Performance Microphone Preamplifier
• Maximum of 66 dB of gain in eleven steps for accurate,
repeatable gain settings.
• Wide dynamic range and audio bandwidth.
• High immunity to RF interference.
• Transformer-balanced input and output using premium Lundahl
input transformer and custom-designed output transformer.
• High-current line output driver capable of driving very long cable
• Two-position high pass filter at 80 Hz and 160 Hz.
• Selectable 48-volt or 12-volt phantom, or T-powering.
• Virtually “unclippable” dual-stage opto-isolator peak limiter.
The MM-1 is built to Sound Devices high standards of audio
and mechanical quality and will provide years of performance
under the most punishing field conditions.
Flexible Headphone Monitoring
• Monitor preamp audio and line-level monitor audio.
• Front panel headphone connector.
• Front panel headphone level control.
• Separate, front panel monitor level control.
Durable Mechanical Construction
• Easy access battery compartment (2 x AA) with external DC
power connector (5 - 17 VDC).
• High-strength extruded aluminum chassis with metal knobs and
protective end rails.
• Removable belt clip for easy mounting.
Microphone Preamplifier
with Headphone Monitor
(Mic - Line)
Gain Accuracy
(Mic - Line)
0 dB to 66 dB input to output, switch selectable
+0.6, -0.1 dB with reference to front panel gain markings
(150 ohm source, 100 k load impedances)
Frequency Response
(Mic - Line)
20 Hz –20 kHz, +0.1, -0.5 dB, -1 dB at 50 kHz
(relative to 1 kHz level with 150 ohm source)
Equivalent Input Noise:
-126 dBu (-128 dBV) maximum
(150 ohm source, flat weighting, 22 Hz – 22 kHz bandwidth gain
setting 36 dB or greater)
Output Clipping Level:
+22 dBu minimum with 100k ohm load
+20 dBu minimum with 600 ohm load
Input Clipping Level:
+4 dBu minimum at the 0 or +18 dB gain setting
Dynamic Range:
(Mic to Line)
122 dB minimum at the +18 dB gain setting
THD + Noise
0.05% maximum
(from 50 Hz – 22 kHz @ +4 dBu output level, 22 Hz – 22 kHz
filter bandwidth, +46 dB gain setting
Common Mode Rejection
100 dB minimum at 80 Hz
60 dB minimum at 10 kHz
Sound Devices, LLC
300 Wengel Drive, P.O. Box 576
Reedsburg, Wisconsin 53959 USA
tel: (608) 524-0625 fax: (608) 524-0655
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