Paper Crane Instructions

Paper Crane Instructions
Cranes for Peace
“One thousand paper cranes, forming in my hands
One thousand paper cranes, the hope of peace for all lands”
— Susan Reed
Get a square piece of
paper (colored on one
Now fold along all four
creases at once. Keep the
end that is connected
pointing up.
Fold it in half four
different ways...
Fold two edges in, to form a
kite-shape (or ice cream
cone shape) on top. this...
Do the same thing on the
other side.
...and like this.
Undo the folds you made in
steps 6 & 7.
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Lift the bottom corner
(top layer only) up above
the top corner. Fold along
the creases you made in
steps 6 & 7. Now you
have a diamond shape.
Fold the head down.
Do the same thing on the
other side. (The top flaps
are the wings and the
bottom will lift to be the
neck and tail.)
Repeat step 13 so things
are more-or-less back to
where they were.
Fold two edges in, as in
step 6. This makes the
neck and tail thinner.
Pull the neck and tail
out/down a bit so they're
not actually vertical.
Do the same thing on the
other side.
Pull the head out/up
somewhat so it's not
parallel to the neck.
Now turn the page (so to
speak)... do the same in
Pull the wings straight out
from the body so that the
body inflates. (The far wing
is not pictured here.) If that
doesn't work, you can blow
through a hole in the
Fold up the neck and the
tail as far as you can (be
careful not to rip the
1 down, 999 to go...
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