JVC Professional introduces GY-HM750 ProHD

JVC Professional introduces GY-HM750 ProHD
JVC Professional introduces GY-HM750 ProHD camcorder
(Feb 2nd , 2011) – JVC introducing the GY-HM750E ProHD compact shoulder-mount
camcorder. Ideal for ENG news, sports, documentaries, events, and other location shoots, it
offers the industry’s fastest shoot-to-edit workflow by recording native HD or SD footage in
ready-to-edit file formats on low-cost SDHC memory cards.
Equipped with the same 3-CCD imaging system in the GY-HM790E, JVC’s ProHD flagship camcorder,
the GY-HM750E delivers outstanding 1920x1080 images in a small, lightweight form factor. It records
at selectable data rates up to 35 Mbps and can record HD footage in 720p, 1080p, and 1080i, as well
as SD footage (576i).
Using JVC’s established native file based workflow, the GY-HM750E includes a dual card slot design
that records to non-proprietary SDHC cards and/or optional SxS recorder. A new feature, borne from
numerous customer requests, allows simultaneous recording to both SDHC cards, for instant backup
or client copy.
JVC’s native file recording technology allows recording in ready-to-edit file formats for Apple Final Cut
Pro or Adobe Premiere (.MOV), as well as other major NLE systems that are compatible with Sony
XDCAM EX files (.MP4). For legacy SD applications, the camcorder can also record standard DV files
(.AVI or .MOV).
Building on the modular approach of the GY-HM790E, the GY-HM750E includes a 68-pin chassis
connector that creates a clean, direct interface with various modules – no external cables needed. The
new KA-AS790 ASI output module, for example, provides a direct feed from the camera to a satellite
uplink or microwave transmitter via BNC, which is ideal for broadcasters that want live HD video from
the field. Not only can the camera be connected to the transmitter or uplink with a single BNC cable,
thereby eliminating the need for additional ‘black box’ interfaces, but the GY-HM750E automatically
switches to low-latency mode (less than 300ms delay) when the module is in use.
JVC has also improved its Pre Rec (retro cache) feature, which continuously records and stores
footage in cache memory and helps prevent missed shots of breaking events. The GY-HM750E stores
20 seconds of footage in its cache. Other features include variable frame rate recording, extensive
image customisation, a high resolution (1.22 million pixel) LCOS viewfinder and 4.3-inch flip-out LCD
monitor, and JVC’s patented Focus Assist functionality. The GY-HM750E also features two XLR audio
inputs with phantom power, plus manual audio level controls with audio meter.
The GY-HM750E includes a Canon 14:1 zoom lens, though it accommodates a variety of lenses with
its 1/3-inch bayonet lens mount. JVC offers lenses from Canon and Fujinon, as well as a broad line of
studio and field accessories that are compatible with the GY-HM750E. .
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