How to fit EGR blanking plate on Mazda BT-50

How to fit EGR blanking plate on Mazda BT-50
How to fit EGR blanking plate on Mazda BT-50 (2006-2011), Ford PJ, PK Ranger
The EGR Blanking Plate. You can buy them plenty in
Unlike other brand of engines, the Mazda/Ford diesel
engines are quite easy to fit EGR blanking plate.
EGR gas cooler pipes are somewhat fragile please take
care not crack the neck pipe. Do not force any pipes in the
EGR gas cooler.
Remove the plastic engine cover.
Remove a black plastic hose clamp which holding two hoses to EGR gas cooler. (To secure larger working
Loosen two bolts holding EGR gas cooler. Undo two bolts which holding the EGR gas pipe flange to the
exhaust block.
Lift EGR pipe flange up and fit EGR blanking plate. Tighten up the flange bolts and cooler bolts.
You don’t need any sealant. It should be done within 30 minutes.
Also consider blocking the two hoses at the EGR cooler to protect engine in case of cooler leak.
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standard set by government authority.
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