Entry Intercom

Entry Intercom
Entry Intercom
Kits for 1 to 4 Apartments
Kits Include:
Intercom Stations,
Entry Panel with
Name Directory,
Power Supply,
and Door Strike.
Entry Panels are available
in Aluminum, Bronze
(brown) or White finish.
Competitively Priced
No Telephone Connection or Equipment Needed
Simple to Install (use CAT5 or Graystone cable)
Great for New Construction or Retrofit
Kits Include: Entrance Door Unit (one to four buttons), Door Strike,
Apartment Intercom Stations (1 to 4), Amplifier and Power Supply
• Amplifier Provides: Door Release Timer, Volume Adjustment
Postal Key Connection & Options for 2 or 3 Entry Doors
Simple System Set-Up
Use CAT5 or Graystone cable, uses
three common wires and one address
wire for each intercom station.
Apartment Intercom Stations
Push to Talk, Push To Listen
and Push to Release Door
Entry Door Panel
With Illuminated Directory
(Two-Button Model Shown).
Available in White, Bronze
(brown) and Aluminum.
Power Supply
Wiring Diagram
The Elbex/Graystone
audio intercom system
allows several elegant
and easy installation
options. These include:
home-run, daisy-chain
and hybrid configurations . Wiring can be
completed with Cat5 or
Graystone cable.
Rugged and Feature
Rich Amplifiers
Graystone or Cat5 Cable
Need a Custom Package for
a Larger Residential Building
or Special Application?
The Elbex/Graystone Audio Intercom system offers an array of
options for different buildings: large or small residential buildings,
multiple entry doors and commercial applications.
Entry and Extension Panel Options.
Intercom Station Options
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Elbex also offers Video Intercom systems,
visit our web site at: www.elbex.com
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