Quick Installation Guide

Wi-Fi Wireless Device
Quick Installation Guide
Homeowner or contractor installation
• Refer to this Quick Installation Guide to install Fujitsu Wi-Fi Wireless Device IS-IR-WIFI-1 only. This guide does NOT replace
any installation manual(s).
• Have contractors refer to the installation manuals that accompany this unit for complete and specific installation details and
• The manufacturer shall in no way be responsible for improper installation, start-up, maintenance or service, including issues
caused by failure to follow all appropriate instructions in the installation manuals.
• Carefully read the installation and owner manual(s) before beginning.
• NOTE to Contractors: For technical support, contact your Fujitsu Distributor.
Compatibility & Requirement
Recommended for the following indoor types:
Wall mount / Floor Mount / Compact Cassette /
Ceiling / Universal type
Wireless Device Installation FJ-IR-WIFI-1NA
Power supply
Recommended for the following indoor types:
• Wall mounted
• Floor
• Compact Cassettes
Possible mounting positions
To update the App status according to the last command sent from the Fujitsu wireless remote controller. Use the following Wi‐Fi module mounting position illustrated below when sending signal from the wireless remote controller.
20 ft direct
10 ft
10 ft + 10 ft
+__10 ft____ Total: 20 ft
Total=20ft max
20 ft max
IR Emitter 1
IR Receiver
IR Emitter 2
Setting up Wireless Device
You need the following:
• IntesisHome Device
• Wi‐Fi Device (laptop/smartphone/tablet)
• Access Point or Router
• Quick Start Guide/ Install manual Before starting
7Ft Max
Get close to the device
Check Wi‐Fi Signal strength on the placement location.
If you have enough Wi-Fi signal then proceed to install.
If you don’t have enough Wi-Fi signal:
a. Try to install the IntesisHome device in another place
b. Move the router closer to Wi-Fi module.
Set up
11) Select IntesisHome Device network
 With your Smartphone, Tablet or Laptop, search for the Wi‐Fi • Go to your device network settings. Click on the INTESISHOME inside your network options.
network called "INTESISHOME" and connect to it. 2 2) Open Web browser
 On the same device. open a web browser of your choice. 3
Set up
 Go to ihconfig.com
 Select your Wi‐Fi network
Set up
 Insert Password
 Click Next
Setting up
Device will blink in the following sequence:
*Note: If the Wi‐Fi device is not connecting to your Wi‐Fi network. Please re‐check the following and start from step one.
• Check Wi-Fi Signal Strength
• Check if internet service is active (Connect to Wi-Fi network with smart phone to verify the internet connection is working)
• Make sure you are selecting the right network.
• Make sure you are entering your network password properly (Case sensitive)
After Verifying these points:
Press and hold for 10seconds and release the back button on the device.
3) Go back to Step number One and start again
LED turns solid green
Fill form to create account.
Go to web site
https://user.intesishome.com/login 8bClick
Note* Confirm the IntesisHome Email before moving to step 8b.
Registration number is located in the back of the physical Wi‐Fi device, Box or manual.
https://user.intesishome.com/login New user: The picture above will automatically ask to add a device.
Once the device is register. You are now ready to control your system.
Sign in with your new account and enjoy controlling your Fujitsu system!
Download IntesisHome
application from:
IR Configuration
Once you have the IntesisHome device installed and Wi‐Fi configured, you are ready to start the IR Configuration process. Learning mode is use to provide the end user a quick way to set up their IR wireless connection in seconds. NOTE: Make sure that the AC unit is Off and the Fujitsu wireless Controller is Off before pressing the On/Off button. In order to ensure the learning process, please make sure you send an On command from your Fujitsu Wireless controller. Make sure your wireless remote controller has fully charge batteries. 1) Fujitsu wireless remote controller is off, only time should be display in the remote controller.
2) Press and hold the black button on the back of the Wi‐Fi module for 4 seconds and release. Top LED will turn on steady white.
3) Press Start Stop on your Fujitsu wireless remote controller while pointing to the Wi‐Fi module. Refer to picture A:
3ft Max
• If the IntesisHome device LED starts blinking Green, the IR learning process has been successful. • If the IntesisHome device LED starts blinking in Red, repeat the process from step 1 and check our compatibility list. If problem still persists, please visit our support section at www.fujitsugeneral.com/wifi.htm • If the IntesisHome device LED turns Off, repeat the process from step 1 and check that your IR wireless remote controller has batteries and that you are pointing directly to the IntesisHome IR receiver. Wireless module LED Definitions
WPS: Wi‐Fi Protected Setup.
Multiple indoor unit (including Multi‐Zone) Applications
• Each indoor unit must have its own Intesis Wi‐Fi module to manage each zone independently in one account.
• Room 1
• Room 2
• Room 3
Room 1
Room 2
Room 3
Room 4
• Room 4
Multi‐Zone Application: Steps to Register New (additional) Devices
1) In your IntesisHome account click on the settings option
2) Click on Devices
 Click
 Click
3) Click on Add a Facility. Fill all information needed then Click on the plus sign (+)
 Click
 Click
4) Fill and verify code. Code is located on the device or in the products box. Follow the same procedure if you have more than one module in your installation. Warning Use only parts, accessories and controls supplied or specified by Fujitsu. Ask a licensed contractor to install all parts, accessories and controls. Use of unauthorized or improper installation of parts, accessories and controls can result in injury, major equipment repairs or property damage. Read the owner's operation manual carefully before using this product. The owner’s operation manual provides important safety instructions and warnings which should be followed closely. For any questions or concerns, please contact Fujitsu General America, Inc.
Non‐Internet Retail Policy
Internet sales are strictly prohibited and unauthorized. Any Fujitsu HVAC systems or components purchased on the Internet, from an online retailer or any similar e‐tailing website, OR where the original factory serial numbers of the display have been removed, defaced, or replaced in any way WILL NOT BE COVERED BY WARRANTY. Fujitsu General America, Inc.
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