IntelliVue Telemetry System

IntelliVue Telemetry System
IntelliVue Telemetry
Surveillance and Networking
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In a clinical network,
real strength
Today, more monitored
patients are mobile. Broad
wireless coverage means more
freedom for patients and more
flexibility for clinicians.
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h includes flexibility
As wireless medical devices proliferate, our robust clinical
network will evolve with you to support your wired and
wireless patient data flows.
For clinical users, the network should essentially be
invisible. The information you rely on should be available
when and where it’s needed, whether the source is a
wireless monitor, a networked bedside monitor, or a
laboratory information system.
To maximize return from your investment in a clinical
network infrastructure over time, our latest wireless
technologies coexist with our legacy systems.
IntelliVue Telemetry System
Industry-leading innovation with a Smart-hopping™
cellular system (operating at 1.4 GHz)
The IntelliVue Telemetry System uses a cellular
architecture with Smart-hopping technology to provide
reliable two-way communications between transceivers
and the IntelliVue Information Center. Smart-hopping
technology dodges interference and seeks out the
strongest available signal to achieve seamless
connections wherever patients roam on the network.
Access points give facilities considerable flexibility in
setting up their systems.
Wireless bedside monitoring on the same
Our Common Wireless Infrastructure also supports
wireless bedside monitoring. This gives hospitals the
benefit of a shared infrastructure that still isolates
sensitive patient monitoring transmissions from
enterprise network traffic.
System design and installation
Philips technical consultants work closely with your
clinical staff along with IT, biomedical, and facilities
departments to design and implement a system that
will work for you now, and for years to come.
Training and support
We offer training in many forms, from on-site classes
led by clinical experts to carefully constructed
computer-based training. Our customers can also rely
on our service organization for exceptionally prompt,
responsive support.
IntelliVue Telemetry System
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IntelliVue Teleme t
The IntelliVue Telemetry System uses advanced
Smart-hopping technology, an adaptation
of a protocol originally developed for voice
communications, to maintain seamless
connections between the central station and
telemetry devices. With Smart-hopping, the
transceiver will change frequencies only to
dodge interference or when it finds a stronger
signal. Smart-hopping technology also manages
bandwidth usage so efficiently that many more
simultaneous users can share a channel, in
comparison with simple frequency-hopping.
And that means the IntelliVue Telemetry System
is highly scalable, with capacity to support up to
1,000 transceivers or wireless bedside monitors.
IntelliVue Telemetry System overview
• Compact, lightweight transceivers
• Cellular infrastructure for two-way
communication between transceivers and the
IntelliVue Information Center
• Smart-hopping technology
• Auto-resume of monitoring when a device
comes back into network range
• 2 V-leads with 6-wire ECG for improved
tachycardia assessment
• Audible feedback from transceiver on SpO2
spot checks, patient out of range
• Coexists with UHF Philips Telemetry System
in the same space
Locate a missing transceiver
from the IntelliVue
Information Center. The
device will beep at intervals
until it is stopped using a
button on the front..
AA batteries are
significantly less expensive
than 9V batteries and
easier to change.
Leadset cables are 79cm
(30˝) to accommodate
patient movements.
Colored leadsets available.
* EASI derived 12-lead ECGs
and their measurements are
approximations to conventional
12-lead ECGs and should
not be used for diagnostic
** Device location not available
for sale.
IntelliVue Telemetry System
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e try System
with Smart-hopping technology
Hospital LAN
Database Server
Application Server
The IntelliVue Telemetry System is an
integral part of the IntelliVue Clinical
Access Points
Network. Access points give the system
flexibility and range and can help isolate
the impact of broadband interference.
Sync Unit
Smart-hopping allows many more
simultaneous users per channel than
simple frequency-hopping.
Telemetry overview links a patient’s transceiver and
Reference Data
Physiologic Data
Markings on the leadsets and ports make it easy to
IntelliVue Device Location** shows which access point a
an IntelliVue monitor so that the patient’s telemetry
set up EASI or standard ECG monitoring on the
transceiver is associated with so that you can find missing
measurements (waves, numerics, and alarms) appear
same device.
devices more easily. The map application runs on a standard
on the bedside monitor and the central station in
PC, and access point names appear in the associated bed
context with other physiological data.
sectors on the IntelliVue Information Center.
IntelliVue Telemetry System
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The flexible, wired/wireless I
It all works
The IntelliVue Clinical Network is the enabling
framework for your clinical data flows
The IntelliVue Clinical Network is designed specifically
to manage flows of time-critical, round-the-clock patient
monitoring data. Isolation (physical and/or logical)
protects the network from many of the day-to-day
hazards of business networks, including viruses and
transmission delays.
At the same time, the IntelliVue Clinical Network can
maintain a controlled connection with the hospital LAN
so that useful patient information – such as lab results or
PACS images – can be delivered to the bedside monitor
or central station without the risk of disrupting the flow
of physiologic data or alarms.
The portable TeleMon companion monitor
provides local alarms and displays ECG, SpO2
(optional), and non-invasive blood pressure
measurements at the patient’s side simply by
attaching a cable from the patient’s transceiver.
IntelliVue Telemetry System
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IntelliVue Clinical Network:
The IntelliVue Information Center is the heart
of the IntelliVue Clinical Network
Combining advanced patient surveillance capabilities
across the network with state-of-the-art clinical
decision support tools, the IntelliVue Information
Center is so much more than a central station.
Portal technology opens
a window on IntelliVue
patient monitors or the
Information Center to
run applications from the
hospital LAN.
The IntelliVue Information Center presents a
comprehensive view of patient status past and present,
with up to 96 hours of full disclosure. Export 12-lead
ECGs to your Holter system or waveform strips to the
CareVue Chart clinical information system.
Our suite of clinical review applications includes
arrhythmia analysis, alarm review, and event-based
surveillance. Web-based access enables everything
from better informed consults to the remote ICU
care model.
Flexible wireless monitoring applications
Hospitals have discovered that telemetry systems
have broad applications, from the emergency
department where incoming patients with
suspected cardiac abnormalities can be monitored
without necessarily tying up a monitored bed, to
neuroscience units where ECG telemetry can be
useful in caring for stroke patients.
• Emergency department
Mobile monitoring for patients with suspected
cardiac problems
• ICU stepdown
Less intensive monitoring for recovering patients
• Cardiac unit
Continuous surveillance for ambulatory cardiac
• Neuroscience unit
Critical surveillance for arrhythmias in the
aftermath of a stroke
IntelliVue Telemetry System
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