Carpet Cleaning Equipment Catalog

Carpet Cleaning Equipment Catalog
Carpet Cleaning Equipment Catalog
“1% better in 1,000 ways”
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While Mytee® Products, Inc. is a relatively young company, its roots go back decades. After doing janitorial cleaning for several years in the
Los Angeles, California area, John LaBarbera started building carpet cleaning machines in his father, Frank LaBarbera’s garage in 1977. The Carpet Jenny Company was thus formed and Frank and John became partners, moving the company to Colorado Springs, Colorado in 1978.
In 1990, the company was sold and the families moved back to California, settling in the San Diego area. In 1994, John started a company centered on
a portable water heater product, the Mytee® Hot, thus the name Mytee® Products. In 1995, carpet cleaning and auto detailing machines were added to
the line.
In 2000, Mytee® acquired the assets of The Hild Floor Machine Company. Hild’s history goes back an impressive 84 years to 1927 when Fred Hild began
building floor machines. In the 1940s, Joseph Roti, who had acquired the Hild company at the time, developed the first shower feed carpet brush that
allowed rugs to be cleaned in the home, instead of the inplant cleaning method. Thus, Hild became the originator of On-Site Carpet Cleaning, and the beginning of a new innovative industry was born. Mytee® Products, a family owned company, is thus also the oldest company in the industry today. And we are
proud to be in this industry and of our history.
Rotary Extraction
Floor Machine
Vapor Steamer
Our goal is to offer the best quality products with the best customer service and at the lowest price possible.
Because we are constantly improving our machines, what is shown in this catalog may not reflect their current versions.
Why Buy Mytee®?
Carpet. Upholstery. Drapes. Automotive. Tile. Grout. We do it all. Our machines are made to tackle the toughest cleaning
jobs you’ll face. Use them for deep periodic cleaning, or for day-to-day maintenance and spill cleanup.
Our machines were designed with cleaning professionals in mind. Every Mytee® product is designed and built with industry leading features that set them apart from the competition.
All of our machines are built on-site at our California plant. Our machines undergo extensive factory testing to ensure
that they meet rigorous quality standards. Mytee® extractors are covered by the strongest warranty in the industry.
Every part has quality built in.
Mytee® Products’ equipment represents the cutting edge in cleaning technology. Nobody else even comes close.
Extractors for professionals
Speedster® LTD
The Speedster® LTD line of extractors
will take your cleaning capabilities to the
next level with the combination of power,
versatility, and efficiency. Available in both
heated and cold water models, the Speedster® LTD will change the way that you
look at portable extractors! The Speedster® LTD features:
The Speedster line of carpet extractors
are powerful, portable, user-friendly, and
affordable. Take on any job with confidence utilizing the Speedster’s® combination of power and versatility. Available in
cold water and heated models, the Speedster® features:
•10 gallon solution tank.
•Waist-high switches.
•Bucket-high drains.
•12” ball bearing wheels & 5” locking
•11 gallon solution tank (approx.).
•Waist-high switches.
•Bucket-high drains.
•Auto pump-out.
•10” semi-pneumatic wheels.
•4” locking casters.
•Dual 3-stage vacuum motors.
•200 CFM.
•130” water lift.
•220 PSI adjustable pump.
•Dual 3-stage vacuum motors.
•200 CFM.
•130” water lift.
•0-500 PSI adjustable pump.
•1,600 watt heater, maximum 210°F heat.
•Dual 3-stage vacuum motors.
•200 CFM.
•130” water lift.
•220 PSI adjustable pump.
•2,000 watt heater, maximum 210°F heat.
EZ Wands – A high quality, dual jet, 12” carpet
cleaning wand. (Optional)
Clear “T” handle lid.
Easy faucet fill.
•Dual 3-stage vacuum motors.
•Auto-fill kit & auto pump-out.
•200 CFM.
•130” water lift.
•Adjustable 0-500 PSI pump.
•1,600 watt heater - 210°F maximum.
•Dual 3-stage high performance vacuum •Dual 3-stage vacuum motors.
•Auto-fill kit & auto pump-out.
•Auto-fill kit & auto pump-out.
•200 CFM.
•230 CFM.
•130” water lift.
•Adjustable 50--900 PSI pump.
•144” water lift.
•Adjustable 0-500 PSI pump.
•Dual 3-stage high performance vacuum
•230 CFM.
•144” Water lift.
•0-500 PSI adjustable pump.
Prime valve rinse hose.
Switchplate featuring dual circuit indicator
light strip.
Spinners® – Tile and grout cleaning tools.
Vacuum and Solution hoses – Crushproof
vacuum hose and high pressure solution line.
(Sold separatey)
Mytee® Hot Turbo – External heater for cold
water extractors. (Optional)
Make Carpet
Cleaning a Breeze
Escape Electric Truckmount
From carpets to upholstery, the Breeze™
Carpet Extractors are a perfect, versatile
addition to your cleaning arsenal. They are
specially designed with dual 3-stage vacuum motors in air series for increased
water lift! Both Breeze™ Extractors
No gas!
•10 gallon solution and recovery tanks.
•Dual circuit indicator light and tone.
•Bucket-high drains.
•Lighted power cords.
•12” rear wheels & 4” locking casters.
Less noise!
Environmentally friendly!
•Dual 3-stage vacuum motors in air series.
•99 CFM.
•226” water lift.
•220 PSI pump.
•2,000 watt heater, maximum 210°F heat.
•Dual 3-stage high performance vacuum motors in
air series.
•113 CFM.
•249” water lift.
•500 PSI piston pump.
Go Portable!
The Escape™ ETM comes with a cart so
you can get it out of the truck and into
the facility you’re cleaning. This allows you
to wheel in to the building and close the
doors behind you; a very useful feature for
banks or government facilities where security is very important.
Meet the Escape™ ETM, our revolutionary electric truckmount system. The Escape™ has
broken the mold of traditional truckmounts, offering the power of a truckmount with the
mobility of a portable. It also produces zero emissions and is great for hospitals, churches, private high rises, and more. From carpet and upholstery, to hard surface cleaning and
flood extraction, the Escape™ ETM does it all.
Included Items
•12 gallon solution and recovery tanks.
•Cart: contains 4” locking front casters &
10” rear wheels.
•Powerful quad 3-stage vacuum motors.
•Heavy-duty piston pump. Adjustable from
50-900 PSI.
•25’ pump-out vacuum hose with cam lock Cam lock connection for 35 GPM
auto pump-out.
•35 GPM auto pump-out.
•3 Prong 30 amp dryer adaptor cord.
•325 CFM
•4 Prong 30 amp dryer adaptor cord.
•230” H20 or 16 1/2” Hg
•Two 50’ 12/3 twist lock power cords.
•Auto-fill from garden hose.
•5-quart Big Mouth Bottle.
•Chemical metering.
•2” x 2.5” Cuff-Lynx™ reducer.
•Can be run from a generator, saving you •2.5” x 2.5” swivel Cuff-Lynx™.
money on gas!
Chemical metering.
Waterproof switches for added protection
Pressure unloader
Auto fill from a garden hose.
Includes 15” vacuum and solution hose and 12”
Features a 1,200 watt in-line heater.
Clear plastic recovery tank lids allow you to see
when it’s time to empty the tank.
2002CS Contractor’s Special™
The 2002CS Contractor’s Special™ is a package deal, designed to allow you to take on the toughest carpet and upholstery cleaning
jobs. We provide you with not only a quality hot water extractor, but also the tools you need to get the job done.
Included Items
•Powerful 3-stage vacuum motor.
•120 PSI diaphragm pump.
•1,200-watt in-line heater that produces hot water up to 210° F
to quickly break up grease and dirt.
•User-friendly waist-high switches, easy-open lid, bucket-high drain, and non-marking wheels.
•15’ crush-proof vacuum and high pressure solution hose combo.
•8300 EZ-C 12” dual-jet stainless steel collapsible wand with Comfort Grip handle.
•Heatguard™ Hose Wraps.
Included accessories.
Built-in stainless steel debris filter.
7000S Flood Hog™
The Flood Hog™ can also be used as a
vacuum booster!
In a flood situation, getting the water out is the first priority. The quicker this is done, the less long term damage there will be. Mytee’s®
new 7000S Flood Hog™ is the best tool in the industry for this task, allowing you to quickly and efficiently extract water. Oh, did we also
mention that it also doubles as a vacuum booster?
Included Items
•The Flood Hog™ continuously discharges at 35 GPM, so you
never have to stop mid-job to empty it.
•Powerful dual 3-stage high performance vacuum motors that
produce 249” of water lift.
•New built-in stainless steel debris filter.
•Dual 25’ lighted power cords.
•Dual circuit indicator light & tone.
•10” wheels and 4” locking casters.
•Adjustable flood wand with a scalloped head for carpets and textiles and a squeegee head for tile and other hard surfaces.
•Durable 25’ x 1.5” pump-out hose.
•Durable 25’ x 1.5” extraction hose.
•Convenient 2” to 1.5” Cuff-Lynx™ reducer.
•2” Cuff-Lynx™ plugs (x2).
Use as a single vacuum booster with an
Connect multiple Air Hogs™ together for a daisychain setup.
Use as a stand-alone extractor with a carpet
wand or Mytee’s® T-REX ™.
Includes Hose-n-Hose™ vacuum and internal
solution hose combo and 4” upholstery tool.
Included storage basket for accessories.
Includes helpful drain hose.
7303 Air Hog™
8070 Mytee Lite™
With this specially designed Air Hog™ model, you add 145” of water lift to your existing extractor for unmatched performance on long
hose runs, giving you increased suction, leaving carpets dryer. This versatile unit can also be used as a stand-alone extractor with your
Mytee® T-REX™ or carpet wand, or you can “daisy chain” multiple boosters to complete bigger jobs more efficiently, without unnecessary downtime.
Bring on the heat. Are you looking for a carpet and upholstery cleaning machine that can do the job of a full size extractor, but is small
and lightweight enough to transport effortlessly? Meet the Mytee Lite™, the industry’s best-selling carpet and upholstery machine and
the first of its size to include an on-board heater for maximum cleaning power.
Included Items
•3-stage vacuum motor, 115 CFM.
•145” of water lift.
•Pumps out at 3.3 GPM.
•Mytee’s® Lint Hog™ filter – Protect your investment.
•Cuff-Lynx™ plugs for rear ports.
•Garden hose to quick connect fitting, allowing you to attach a
garden hose to the pump-out.
Included Items
•Powerful 3-stage vacuum motor.
•120 PSI diaphragm pump.
•1,000-watt in-line heater that produces hot water up to 210°F to
quickly break up grease and dirt.
•Easy-open lid, bucket-high drain, and non-marking wheels.
•15’ Hose-n-Hose™ vacuum and internal solution hose combo.
•4” stainless steel upholstery tool.
•Heatguard™ Hose Wraps
Included with hose & upholstery tool.
Easy drain cap with tether.
15’ lighted power cord.
S-300 Tempo™
Easy drain cap with tether.
25’ lighted power cord.
S-300H Tempo™ w/ Heat
Don’t let spots become stains!
When a spill happens, it’s vital to get to it quickly before it sets in. The Tempo spotter is the biggest little machine on the market. With
this compact powerhouse, you can set up, clean up, pack up, and continue on to your next job in just minutes.
Don’t let its small size fool you – Mytee’s® S-300H Tempo™ Heated Extractor is a powerhouse. Perfect for both carpet and upholstery
spotting, the 600 watt heated S-300H Tempo™ packs a lot of power into a small package. And at only 26 pounds, you’ll find that the
Tempo™ takes a load off your back, without taking a load out of your wallet.
Included Items
Included Items
•1 gallon solution and recovery tanks.
•The most powerful vacuum in its class, producing 85” of
water lift.
•55 PSI pump.
•Only 20 lbs!
•8’ Hose-n-Hose vacuum and internal solution hose combo.
•4” stainless steel upholstery tool.
•Heatguard™ Hose Wrap.
•1 gallon (approx.) solution and recovery tanks.
•The most powerful vacuum in its class, producing 85” of
water lift.
•55 PSI pump.
•600W heater - 210° max.
•Only 26 lbs!
•8’ Hose-n-Hose™ vacuum and internal solution hose combo.
•4” stainless steel upholstery tool.
•Heatguard™ Hose Wrap.
Included with hose & upholstery tool.
Shown with optional A105 Vacuum Lead Hose.
Shown with optional A105 Vacuum Lead Hose.
Total Rotary EXtraction
Rotary Extractors
Sometimes a traditional wand just isn’t enough. For those times, you need something more powerful– something with teeth. Mytee’s®
line of T-REX™ Total Rotary Extractors have the bite you need to penetrate deep into tough carpets.
Mytee® also carries many accessories which make the T-REX™ versatile enough to take any job– from thick carpets to commercial
glue-downs. So go ahead, stay ahead of the competition and give yourself a raise with the T-REX™.
The T-REX Family
Revolutionary Features
Clear Cuff-Lynx™ swivel sight tube
Pigtail with detachable lighted cord
Flexstar™ Cleaning Heads
T-REX™ Jr.
Say goodbye to traditional wand carpet
cleaning. With the T-REX™ Total Rotary
Extraction Tool, carpet cleaning has never
been easier!
Introducing the newest member in our
line of Total Rotary Extraction Tools —
the T-REX™ Jr.! Say goodbye to traditional
wand carpet cleaning and hello to the industry’s newest Total Rotary Extraction
tool — the T-REX™ Jr.
Ambidextrous safety lockout
High pressure swivel with adjustable flow
•15” cleaning path.
•Adjustable from 60-160 RPM.
•6 vacuum slots for maximum extraction.
•6 high quality solution jets.
•1 HP electric motor.
•Comes with: vacuum lead hose, cleaning
head protector, and a wrench for easy
head removal.
Pad Drivers for T-REX™ & T-REX™ Jr.
Nylon Glides for T-REX™
A106 – for T-REX™ | A106A – for T-REX™ Jr.
A103 – for T-REX™ | A103A – for T-REX™ Jr.
The Flexstar™ features freely swinging
vacuum heads, maintaining contact with
floors. Perfect for commercial glue-downs.
The Pad Driver connects to the bottom of
the T-REX™ allowing the attachment of floor
Nylon glides provide a lightweight option
for the professional. (Only available for 15”
Docking Station
Vacuum Lead Hose
An easy way to connect a vacuum hose
with a vinyl cuff. Also adds a vacuum relief
•12” cleaning path.
•Adjustable from 80-180 RPM.
•4 vacuum slots for maximum extraction.
•4 high quality solution jets.
•0.5 HP electric motor.
•Comes with: vacuum lead hose, cleaning
head protector, and a wrench for easy
head removal.
Provides a secure ride for your T-REX™ or
T-REX™ Jr. while on the go.
Save Time and Money
with Orbiting Technology
Pictured: ECO-17
ECO-17 Features
ECO-17-EX Features
•17” cleaning path.
•1 horsepower motor which generates
1,725 oscillations per minute.
•4 gallon solution tank with faucet fill hose
and drain cap.
•100 PSI spray pump.
•10” non-marking foam-filled wheels.
•Stainless steel levers.
•Heavy duty stainless steel deck plate.
•Very low moisture system for water
•17” cleaning path.
•1 horsepower motor which generates
1,725 oscillations per minute.
•10” non-marking foam-filled wheels.
•Stainless steel levers.
•Heavy duty stainless steel deck plate.
NOTE: Does not feature spray system
Orbital All-Surface Floor Machines
Pictured: ECO-17
Tile & Grout
Mytee’s® new Orbital All-Surface Floor Machines use orbiting technology to combine two
movements that thoroughly clean carpet fibers. First, the head rotates around the center
of the driver plate, producing a second random orbital movement that results in little to
no torque for smooth operation.
Orbiting Technology
Floor Machines
Both units include two
19” microfiber cleaning
Pictured: ECO-17
Can be used on a wide variety
of surfaces!
Orbiting technology is a unique system using an offset gear to produce two separate movements to
clean more effectively.
1. The head rotates around the center of the driver
2. The offset gear produces a second random orbital movement that results in little to no torque for
smooth operation.
& More!
like a PRO
Included Attachments
Accessory Adaptor - VS10
Detail Nozzle - VS06
Steam Attachment - VS03
3x Small Nylon Brush - VS04
3x Large Nylon Brush - VS05
3x Jet Nozzle Attachment - VS07
3x Cotton Cover - VS12
3x Metal Brush - VS15
3x Gum Scraper - VS16
Optional Accessories
1500 Focus™ Vapor Steamer
Mytee’s® new Focus™ Vapor Steamer easily cleans a multitude of areas and surfaces.
With high-temperature steam, you can remove stubborn dirt, grease, grime stains and
soap scum. Quickly clean and disinfect upholstery and bedding, clean hard surfaces, and
remove gum from floors.
•5-gallon solution tank capacity.
•55 PSI.
•NEW Continuous Flow capability. NO waiting for the machine to cool down to refill
the tank!
•Disinfecting steam up to 350°F.
•Various attachments included.
•Easy-push handle for easy transportation and storage.
•High pressure, high temperature professional spray gun and hose.
Multiple Applications!
Vapor Steamer
Floor Attachment w/
Cleaning Cloth - VS17
Continuous Flow
No more down time! Now when you need
more steam, just hold down the pump
switch for 15 seconds and the Focus™ will
start building up more steam. You don’t
need to wait for the Focus™ to cool down
before adding more water!
Bentley Wands–
The best high performance wands
in the industry!
Includes a wand
coupler so you can
tailor your wand to
your height!
The swivel head allows you to
easily clean under desks and
other furniture.
Step it up with Mytee’s®
Bentley™ Stair Tool!
Patent Pending
8314T Bentley™ Carpet Wand
8012ST Bentley™ Stair Tool
Mytee® has revolutionized carpet cleaning with our cutting-edge Bentley™ Carpet Wand.
We’ve created the Bentley™ with innovative features and design elements that will take your
carpet cleaning capabilities to the next level.
For cleaning stairs, Mytee’s® 8012ST
Bentley™ Stair Tool is a must-have
with unmatched quality and performance. Built from durable, lightweight polished titanium, this tool
allows you to easily clean stairs without breaking your back. Everything
about our user friendly stair tool is
designed to reduce operator strain
and fatigue.
Built from durable titanium, the Bentley’s™ lightweight and ergonomic design reduces operator strain and fatigue caused by standard cleaning wands. Its 2” vacuum tube and specially
designed wand head maximize airflow for optimal recovery, while its five solution jets give you
total coverage for the ultimate cleaning performance.
•Durable titanium tube.
•2” vacuum tube and specially designed vacuum head allows for maximum CFM.
•Swivel head which allows the wand to run almost completely flat— clean under furniture
without having to move it.
•Built-in sight window allows you to monitor dirt and grime extraction.
•Polished aluminum die-cast head with spray shields.
•Stainless steel glide with Positive Ventilation™ makes movement over carpet easier and
allows for maximum recovery.
•FeatherTouch™ solution spray valve.
•Feathertouch™ Spray Valve.
•One-of-a-kind Powerstroke™.
ErgoGrip for reduced operator
fatigue. Patent Pending.
•12” cleaning path.
•2” polished titanium tube for
maximum recovery and durability.
•Dual jets for total coverage.
The Mytee Dry™
leaves upholstery
8400DX Mytee Dry™ Upholstery Tool
Mytee’s® new Mytee Dry™ Upholstery Tool was designed with the
operator in mind. Everything from the soft-feel comfort grip to the
easy-access flow valve was designed to keep you, the professional
cleaner, as comfortable as possible while on the job. On top of
that, the Mytee Dry™ has incredibly fast drying times.
Wand style Spinner®. An industry first!
Low profile for cleaning under toe kicks and hard to reach areas.
•New soft-feel comfort grip for reduced operator strain.
•Nylon housing for a strong and lightweight tool.
•Braided stainless steel internal solution hose.
•Clear top allows user to see dirt and grime being extracted.
•Easy-access adjustable flow valve.
•Vacuum relief valve.
•Sleek design eliminates valve lever catching on fabric.
•4” stainless steel glide eliminates overspray and dripping.
•Spray bar with 22 individual spray orifices for even spray
pattern. No more streaking!
•New patent pending Snap-n-Lok™ Cuff-Lynx™ makes for easy
solution hose replacement.
Easy-access flow valve – quickly
adjust flow with just your thumb!
Vacuum relief valve allows you to
reduce suction power for more
delicate fabrics.
Counter Spinner®.
Removable brush ring with built-in vacuum relief.
Available in 1.5” or 2” models.
Included Items
•Mytee® Carrying Pack.
•Mytee® foam kneepad.
•15’ vacuum & internal solution
hose combo.
•Cuff-Lynx™ Hose Connector.
•New patent pending Snap-n-Lok™
•1.5” vinyl cuff barb to barb fitting.
•Heatguard™ Hose Wrap.
We’ve put a brand new spin on cleaning with our Spinner® line of hard surface cleaning tools.
Stainless steel glide allows you
for fluid back-and-forth cleaning
See how much dirt and grime
you’re extracting with the
clear top.
Designed with the professional in mind, Mytee’s® Spinners® can take on a wide variety of surfaces, including concrete, grouted tile,
ceramic tile, rubber studded floors, and more. Spinners® use high pressure to simultaneously power wash and extract water from hard
surfaces for instant drying.
The Lineup
•High quality, long-lasting, carbide swivels.
•Low profile for cleaning under toe kicks and hard-to-reach areas.
•Removeable brush ring.
•Built-in vacuum relief.
•8901 – Wand style, 2” tube.
•8902 – T-Handle style, 2” tube.
•8903 – Wand style, 1.5” tube.
•8904 – T-Handle style, 1.5” tube.
•8908 – Counter Spinner®, 1.5” vacuum hose.
The T-80R Recovery Tank™ T-80S Solution Tank™
F200 Lint Hog
Mytee’s® truckmount recovery and solution tanks are revolutionizing the industry with their winning combination of performance,
efficiency, and versatility. Find out what many satisfied carpet cleaners already know, and add The Tank™ to your truck or van today!
There’s a new hog in town.
Keep your extractors and truckmounts debris-free with our specially designed filter attachment. The Lint Hog’s™ stainless steel
strainer basket traps dirt, lint, and other debris as it moves from the wand to the recovery tank, keeping your extractor’s vacuum
motors from being damaged.
Included Items
•Durable roto-molded polyethylene construction.
•Stainless steel strainer basket.
•Two Cuff-Lynx™ hose connectors.
•Package of O-rings.
•Package of 25 nylon Piglet™ Filters to line the Lint Hog’s™
stainless steel strainer basket.
•Durable, lightweight roto-molded polyethylene construction.
•Baffle design reduces water movement during transport and and allows for maximum airflow.
•Slim design makes it easy to place in many different positions in a van or truck.
EZ-Glider™ Carpet Cleaning Wands
240-120 Mytee® Hot -Turbo
We have set the new standard for carpet cleaning with our high
performance EZ-Glider™ wands. Built from durable stainless steel,
the EZ-Glider™ gives you the high quality that you’ve come to expect
from a cleaning wand.
Turn up the heat.
•10” and 12” models available.
•Rated to over 3,000 PSI.
•Effortless, snag-free cleaning.
•Select either 600, 1,200, 1,800, or 2,400 watts of heat.
•210°F maximum temperature.
•500 PSI maximum pressure.
Do you have a cold water extractor, but need the cleaning power
of hot water? With our innovative portable heater, you can turn
your cold water extractor into a heated extractor.
Cuff-Lynx™ Hose Connectors
P535 Big Mouth™ Replacement Bottle P533 Injection Sprayer Holder
Make connecting vacuum hoses easier
than ever before with Cuff-Lynx™ hose
connectors. Made of durable nylon, CuffLynx™ are built solid to resist cracking,
even in low temperatures. Cuff-Lynx™ are
state-of-the-art, and feature interlocking
2” or 2.5” female and male threaded connectors, and a positive “O”-ring seal that
prevents leaks and provides better suction.
Use the Big Mouth™ to replace worn injection bottles. Our user-friendly bottles
feature a graduated translucent tank for
precise measuring, an easy-fill port, and a
tethered cap. They are constructed from
durable roto-molded polyethylene that is resistant to cracks, dents and leaks.
Conveniently store your injection bottle
and spray gun attachment safely in your
truck or van with our bottle holder. Save
storage space and free up room for your
other equipment.
A500 Modular Shelves
A505 Bottle Holder
Electrical Coverter Kits
Have a lot of chemicals? Keep them
organized with Mytee’s® shelving system.
Our mounting kits make it great for vans.
Easily attach Mytee’s bottle holder to any With Mytee’s® Electrical Converter kit, you
van for extra storage.
can split a single 230 volt, 30-amp circuit
into two usable 115 volt circuits. Designed
with built-in circuit breaker protection, our
Converter Kit works great with all Mytee®
extractors. Available in a 3 or 4-prong conversion.
P507 Transport Tray
A104 Heatguard™ Hose Wraps
3601 System Maintainer
With the transport tray, there is now a
convenient way to hold your wand, power
cord, vacuum hose (up to 50’), chemical,
and upholstery tool. It’s simple– just attach the transport tray to your extractor
unit and say goodbye to the burden of carrying around supplies.
The Heatguard Vacuum and Solution
Hose Wraps are made from Closed
Cell Neoprene (wet-suit material) that
guards you from heated solution lines
and quick disconnects. These are much
more efficient and reliable than your basic velcro straps. Comes in a pack of 5.
This solution keeps your pump, hoses, and
heaters clean and running trouble free.
Pack of 12, one-quart bottles.
A501 Wall & A503 Floor Mount Kits
P590 Cuties™
8400 Upholstery Tool
The wall and floor mount kits prevent
shelves from leaning or collapsing assuring
that supplies are safely stored.
Cuties are protective caps that attach to
quick disconnect fittings, making them safe
to touch — no more burns!
Make upholstery cleaning easy with this
4” stainless steel upholstery tool.
( Pack of 25 )
8700 Crevice Tool
Vacuum and Solution Hose Combos
G008 Piglet™ Filters
Narrow spaces and hard to reach areas
are no longer difficult to clean with this
stainless steel crevice tool.
Mytee’s® 15’, 25’, and 50’ vacuum and solution hoses are tough enough to handle high
heat, increased vacuum and aggressive
chemicals while maintaining flexibility over
These filters line the Lint Hog’s™ stainless
steel strainer basket and trap debris to
keep it from reaching your extractor’s
H349 Pump Heat Sink
A949 Muffler Assembly
Dissipates heat away from your pump
causing it to run cooler and last longer.
For use with pumps C305, C305A, C306,
C306A, C322D, C323D.
Great for reducing noise, these Cuff-Lynx™
Muffler Assemblies fit on all Speedster®
LTD and Speedster® models as well as the
Escape™ Electric Truckmount.
for more
“1% better
in 1,000 ways.”
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