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US-STORM Use & Care Instructions
Thank you for purchasing a US Balance pocket scale. We are confident that with normal
use and proper treatment your scale will provide you with years of reliable service. Please
read all the operation instructions carefully before you use your new scale.
Display Messages:
LO – Low battery; please change the batteries in the scale.
OuEr- The load cell of the scale is being overloaded. You need to remove the
excessive weight from the scale immediately.
UnSt – The scale is placed on an unstable surface, please move the scale to a
more stable surface.
rCAL – the scale can not return to zero, please recalibrate the scale.
CAL – This is the prompt for beginning the calibration process of your scale. You
will see this message when you press and hold the Cal button on your scale. Once
this message appears, you must release the button and follow the remaining steps
for calibrating your scale.
PASS – you have successfully calibrated your scale, you are now able to use the
FAIL – Calibration has failed, please make sure you have the scale on a stable
surface and that you are using the correct weight to calibrate the scale. Try to
calibrate the scale following the calibration instructions exactly.
US Balance Scale Instructions:
Place your scale on a flat and stable surface away from any electronic equipment that
may interfere with the scale. Press and release the ON/OFF button which located on the
side of your US-STORM scale, wait until the display shows “0.0” and the zero-stable
sign “ ”, you may now place the object you want to weigh on the platform. The scale
can be read when the lock sign “ ” is shown in the display.
Turn on the scale as described above, place the “tare item” on the platform, press the
“TARE” button(which is marked as a “Z” on the side of the scale) to zero out the display,
when “0.0” appears on the screen you may now place items on the scale to be weighed.
Once you are finished weighing, remove all objects from the scale, press the “TARE”
again to cancel the TARE FUNCTION.
After weighing an item, if the display does not read “0.0” press the ZERO/TARE button
to return to “0.0” and you are ready to weigh again.
Press the “CAL/MODE” button to change weighing modes on your scale. This scale has
4 weighing modes: g, oz, gn, dwt.
With the scale turned on and placed on a stable surface, press and hold the CAL/MODE
button. The display will show “CAL”, press and release CAL button again and “100.0”
will flash in the display, immediately place a total of 100g weight on the scale. The scale
will reset itself and will give you a PASS message. Calibration is complete.
The optimum operating temperature for the scale is 50-86° F/10-30°C. Rough handling of
the scale will damage the internal sensor; so you must avoid actions such as shaking or
dropping the scale. This is a sensitive piece of electronic equipment and will be affected
by things such as moisture, extreme temperature changes, magnetic fields, careless
handling and misuse.
The scale will automatically shut-off after 60 seconds of inactivity this is to help conserve
the battery power. We recommend good quality AAA batteries.
Tested to comply with FCC standards.