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The name XTAR, derived from X-STAR, representing the innumerable
unknown stars, brings us an infinite imagination and expectation.
XTAR logo consists of spherical figure and characters, implying the
modest spirit of our company, XTAR being tolerant to diversity and
our aspirations towards continuing development and innovation.
In 2006, XTAR logo came into conception. In 2007, Shenzhen
Winners Brother Import & Export Co., Ltd was established in
Shenzhen, China. Later in 2009, in order that XTAR brand better
marches on the international markets, Hong Kong XTAR Co., Ltd was
established in Hong Kong.
By adhering to the philosophy of the quality of China and the
unswerving pursuit of brand construction and product quality,
we've already sold XTAR products to over 120 countries and regions
like USA, Germany, Australia, Japan, North Korea, Russia etc with dis-
tributors all over the world. Meanwhile, XTAR brand has success-
fully registered in many countries and obtained over 30 patents.
XTAR products mainly have passed CE, ROHS certifications; the
adaptors assorted have also gained many international authentica-
tion certifications, such as CE, UL, PSE, SAA, MEPS, C-Tick etc.
With prudent and innovative personalities and courage to face chal-
lenges, XTAR staffs dedicate themselves to creative design, high
quality and impeccable after-sale service, which benefit every cus-
tomer. Because of your supports and trust, XTAR becomes steady
and extraordinary and will be better.
We always believe China's Got Quality. | o
XTAR VC2 is a two-channel independent USB Li-ion battery LCD
charger. The LCD screen display is with unique digital instrument
panel design, shows the charging voltage and current. VC2 is
capable of calculating the capacity of battery having been
charged and tells users on the LCD screen simultaneously. With
friendly interface, simple and convenient operation and reliable
working system, customers can easily and safely use VC2 at our
best quality guarantee.
E Intelligent charge current parameter:
e Apply to two pcs 10440/14500/14650/16340/17500/17670/
18350/18500/18650/18700/22650/25500/26650 3.6/3.7V Li-ion
e Compatible with IMR lithium batteries and small capacity batteries;
Each channel isindependent;
e Three-stage charge algorithm(TC-CC-CV) which is the best charg-
ing method for li-ion battery;
® Automatically change to the suitable charging current according
toinput power;
® Capable of calculating the charged capacity for batteries;
e Soft-start function, to avoid damage from large charge current
While charging; | o2
® Precise cut-off voltage at 4.2V and automatically cut off when the
battery is charged fully;
e LCD screen interface with unique digital instrument panel
e LCD displays each battery real time status;
e Apply high power intelligent PWM technology, significantly
reduce energy loss;
e Built-in reverse-polarity and short-circuit protection circuit;
e Apply fireproof material for the shell;
e OV activation function can wake up the over-discharged
sleeping batteries;
e Compatible with all kinds of USB port power supply;
e Smartly identify bad batteries and notify the users.
Cut-off Current
| оз
E Current Instrument Display:
Oe Current Instrument scales from OA—0.5A, increase 0.05A progres-
e Dial pointer to default 0.5A when standby.
e Dial pointer reading represents the charging current during charg-
ing time, and two channels share one current dial to display the
charging current.
E Voltage Instrument Display:
e Voltage Instrument cares from 0V -4.2V.
e Dial pointer to OV when charger standby or battery being activated
or at TC charging stage.
e Dial pointer to certain reading while battery at CC/CV charging
stage or charged. Each channel has an independent dial to display
real time voltage of the batteries.
® Dial pointerto" 4.2V "when the battery is full.
E Dial reading is corresponding to battery voltage range, and
it changes as battery voltage increasing while charging. OV
dial reading under below circumstances:
e No battery inserted;
e Short-circuit occurs between the channel poles;
e Battery voltage less than 2.90V; | 04
e Battery polarity reversed or disconnected(not being charged).
BM Connect the VC2 charger with standard wall adaptor and USB
cable to input power, plug USB output connector into the VC2
charger. When power is on, the charger will run self-check, and
LCD screen displays all contents for around 2s, three dial pointers
drop from max reading to 0, current dial pointer jumps back to
max 0.5A, charged capacity indicator changes to“ rirtrin “from
DOCman”, charger gets ready and standby.
№ Insert rechargeable Li-ion batteries into the channels properly,
dial pointer to batteries no-load voltage for 2s and the charger
starts charging, current dial pointer to charging gear in use, and
charger starts to calculate the capacity having been charged, the
forth number of capacity indicator flickers at frequency of 1HZ,
meaning that batteries are being activated or charged.
M Charger will stop charging automatically when batteries are fully
charged, dial pointer to real time voltages, LCD screen shows
“Fut” notice alternately with charged capacity reading at 0.5Hz
frequency, screen backlight flickers 3times at 1Hz frequency
every 10s, meaning the batteries are fully charged. Take out the
batteries to finish charging.
№ Dial pointer to “38... 24” after taking out the batteries, and
charged capacity clears to zero, charger now back to standby.
№ Disconnect outer power while charger notin use. | os
H Charger will restart charging when fully charged battery voltage
falls down to lower than 3.90V because of self discharging, to
avoid battery over-discharge when not being taken out from
charger for long time.
M When being inserted over-discharged battery(<2.0V), the
charger will start activation mode to activate the battery.
During activation, dial pointer to OV for voltage, and 0.5A for
current, the forth number of charged volume indicator gets
flickering. VC2 has powerful QV activation function to inspire
over-discharged batteries back to life with short time, if battery
voltage is lower than 2.0V after 10min activation, VC2 will stop
charging, LCD will show “ n
Mo, . .
mt” and dial pointer change to OV,
meaning that the battery is too over-discharged or bad inside
and can not be activated.
H VC2 has self-protection function to avoid damage when being
standby. Both channels of VC2 will not charge if a short-circuit
occurs or batteries been inserted reversely, voltage dial pointer
to OV, charged capacity reading shows “ Err”, when problems
(short-circuit or reverse inserted batteries) corrected, charger
will start charging and the screen will show cumulative charged
H When input power not up to 5.0VDC/1.0A, the charger will
adjust charging current automatically based on max input
| os
power it detects. When input power is not high enough for
charger to work at least charging current 100mA for each
channel, the charger will not work, dial pointer to real time
voltage of the batteries and to OA current, meaning that the
input power is low or abnormal to drive the charger. Dial
pointer to real time battery voltage.
H The voltage readings dial pointer to are real time voltage
charger detects, and voltages created by batteries internal
resistance when charging are also calculated into the read-
H The LCD screen backlight will keep flickering to notice that
batteries have been charged fully, to relieve this warning by
taking out of the batteries from charger.
№ Suggested process on battery rated capacity test for the
® Discharge the battery to cut-off voltage under standard con-
dition(discharge current lower than 0.5C);
e Fully charge the battery, charged capacity shown on the
screen is approximately equal to battery rated capacity. (Re-
mark: if the battery is not completely discharged, reading
shown will be smaller than rated).
| o7
H Please keep the charger indoor at dry condition when using.
H The VC2 has integrated short-circuit protection to protect the
charger if a short circuit occurs in a battery. Note that this short-
circuit protection protects the charger, it does not prevent
batteries from short-circuiting internally.
Ш The VC2 is used only for 3.6/3.7V(Nominal voltage) rechargeable
Li-ion battery, attempting to charge other battery types may
resultin battery explosion, leaking or other damages.
H Because of different battery types, capacities and over-
discharge conditions, the battery revive time may vary.
Heavily over-discharged batteries may not be able to be
waken up.
H Keep the VC2 away from water and excessive dust.
HE Children should be supervised by an adult when using the
EH Do not disassemble or modify the charger.
| ов
H 15 days free replacement. We will repair or replace a charger within 15
days of purchase if it is afflicted with a manufacturing defect. If the
problem calls for a replacement, we will replace the charger with the
same model as the one you bought. Ifthe model has been discontinued,
customers will receive a product with similar orimproved performance.
H 24 months free repair. We offer free repair within 24 months of purchase
if problems develop with normal use.
E Limited lifetime warranty. If problems develop after 24 months of the
purchase date, we will charge for parts. The total repair fee will assess
according tothe cost of the replaced materials. If damage to the chargeris
grave, XTAR will contact distributors with a quote who should contact the
customers to decide whetherto exchange the parts or not. Freight should
be paid by distributors or customers.
MI (This warranty is not applicable for damages cause by artificial damage or
intentional force.)
l os
H Welcome to visit our company website to get more information.
Ш Fllow us on Facebook:
M Anti-fake inquiry: A group of eighteen-digit number could be
gained by scraping the anti-counterfeiting label on our product or
package. Then, input it to the corresponding query window in our
service column of our official website to distinguish the product's
authenticity. The serial number does the same work.
H Thank you for choosing our excellent products, your
satisfaction and feedbacks are essential to our progress.
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