Acterna HST-3000

Acterna HST-3000
Acterna HST-3000
Option for ISDN PRI Services
As a widely deployed service, ISDN is
a key source of revenue for telecommunication service providers
world-wide. This, coupled with
today’s reduced budgets and smaller
workforces, make it more critical than
ever to ensure the timely and
successful turn up and maintenance
of ISDN service – the first time out.
Additionally, thorough ISDN testing
can prove more complex than basic
physical layer and BER testing for
technicians who lack the necessary
training. To meet these challenges,
an easy-to-use, versatile test solution
is required that helps reduce failures
and repeat rates while enhancing
efficiency and ensuring consistent
test practices.
The Acterna HST-3000 is a powerful
and versatile test instrument for
testing ISDN PRI service. Hand-held,
rugged and easy-to-use, the HST-3000
is ideal for field use. Its modular
design provides a scalable, all-in-one
solution for ISDN testing, as well as
thorough testing of the facilities over
which it is provided.
The HST-3000 ISDN PRI option
enables testing of Primary Rate ISDN
circuits at both the customer site
and central office. It supports call
placement, receipt, D-Channel Decode
analysis for 23B+D, NFAS (Non-Facility
Associated Signaling), 24B and backup D channel switching. With the full
range of T1 loopcodes and BERT
patterns it can also test BER across
any combination of channels to
verify service before delivery to the
Compact and rugged for field
technicians, the HST-3000 can be
used in all conditions, from an inside
office environment to a noisy, wet
outdoor span repeater. The HST-3000
also boasts automated setups and
advanced features that ensure
consistent adherence to service
provider methods and procedures.
Each HST-3000 is built to order and
can easily be field-upgraded with new
modules and software as application
and technology needs change.
– Test call types including voice, 56K,
64K, Nx56K, Nx64K and H0 to verify
correct switch translations for
inbound and outbound calls
– Place and receive calls on T1
(primary or secondary) for NFAS
– Switch in-service D-channel to stand
by D-channel for verification of Dchannel backup operation in NFAS
– Call status results provide summary
of calls
– D-channel monitoring of layer
2/layer 3 cause code messages
– Store and print full layer 3 (Q.931)
Call Verification
D-Channel Decodes Analysis
The HST-3000 can place, receive and monitor ISDN PRI calls
on a primary or secondary T1 interface. It has the ability to
place and receive single or NFAS voice, 3.1 kHz audio, 56k
data, 64k data, Nx56/64k data or H0 calls. In addition, dual
transmit/receive interfaces, standard on each T1 Service
Interface Module (SIM), allows the HST-3000 to be deployed
to test in-service to standby D-channel switching. All major
call controls are supported, including National, DMS and
D-Channel decodes help to verify that a call is successfully
established, or determine why a call was not completed by
examining the protocol cause values. The HST-3000 can
monitor layer 2 (Q.921) and layer 3 (Q.931) cause code
messages on the D-channel in both terminate and monitor
modes. Layer 2 results give technicians the ability to check
link and D-channel status, verify LAPD frames and check
utilization rates. Following link establishment, layer 3
decodes allow technicians to verify such factors as call state,
who made or dropped the call, why the call was dropped,
where the call is being carried (Interface ID/B-Channel) and
call types.
For incoming calls, the HST-3000 can either prompt the user
to accept or reject the call, automatically accept or reject the
call, or accept and loop back the B channels. After a call has
been accepted, the technician can drop the received
B channel data to the speaker or headset or BERT the call.
BER testing and a voice path via a handset is provided to
qualify these data and voice calls, respectively. This allows
technicians to access T1 physical link measurements and
verify switch translations prior to delivering service.
Easy-to-read result menus allow technicians to view
ISDN statistics, call status, BERT results, T1 results and
D-channel decodes. Technicians can also view a summary
screen that presents a rapid assessment of test performance
and a summary of results for the physical layer, LAPD and
Q.931 results.
Non-intrusive, bi-directional monitoring of in-service
D-channel signaling messages makes troubleshooting ISDN
service easier. For ISDN PRI circuits, the technician can
access live D-channel lines through monitor jacks on a DSX
patch panel. If the problem can not be isolated, then
sectionalization can be accomplished by emulating either the
TE or the NT. This enables the technician to sequentially
replace each piece of premise equipment to identify the
source of errors – reducing the total time to trouble resolution.
Results can be displayed on-screen or stored for later retrieval
and output via RS-232, USB or Ethernet connectivity standard
with each base unit.
Central Office
ISDN Switch
Figure 1: ISDN PRI testing
Flexible and Rugged Design
The HST’s rugged, weather resistant design and long battery
life are ideally suited for use in the field. Its modularity allows
for field upgrades to support new testing requirements.
Standard Ethernet, USB and serial connections offer flexibility
to easily download software and offload captured test data.
Easily configurable, the HST-3000 can be used by different
technicians with different responsibilities to perform a wide
number of tests. The HST-3000 is easily upgradeable with
technologies and advanced options that support the
changing needs of service installers.
Test the Copper, Test the Service, Improve the Process
Equipped with the Copper Testing option and a copper Service
Interface Module , the HST-3000 can quickly troubleshoot the
local loop for line impairments that degrade or impair T1
performance. With the HST-3000, technicians can quickly
identify and locate cable impairments: shorts, grounds,
opens, crosses, bridged taps, wet sections and other high
resistive faults. These impairments are easy to access with
the HST-3000’s advanced time domain reflectometer (TDR),
precision digital volt/ohm meter (DVOM) and an accurate
resistive fault locator (RFL) to pinpoint troubles prior to circuit
installation. Copper test features are optimized for use
anywhere on the local loop – at the NID, crossbox, pedestal,
main distribution frame or anywhere a technician might gain
access to the local loop to locate the source of trouble.
Fig. 2. D-Channel Decodes
The T1 or HDSL facility that carries the ISDN PRI service can
be qualified using a number of BERT patterns, such as QRSS,
1 in 8 and 3 in 24. The HST-3000 has an internal T1 clock
signal and can also respond to in-band or out-of-band
loopback commands, making it ideal for end-to-end or
loopback BER testing.
After the physical layer has been tested, the actual ISDN
service can be tested by placing and receiving calls, which
verifies proper switch translations.
The HST-3000’s pre-programmed tests and customized
scripts ensure that all technicians, including novice users,
follow the same procedures, eliminating mistakes caused by
improper test configurations or incorrect procedures.
Acterna’s TechComplete™ software (optional customized),
allows the HST-3000 to improve turn-up and maintenance
processes by operating with service provider’s dispatch and
closeout report systems to offload stored test results for later
trend analysis and coaching reports. With these features, the
HST-3000 can reduce repeat rates and failures and improve
overall process efficiency.
Fig. 3. ISDN PRI Summary Results
ISDN PRI Specifications
Dual Tx/Rx T1
Bantam jacks
10/100 BT Ethernet jack
8-pin modular
Serial port
DB9 female via cable (DCE)
USB Host
USB Device
Operating modes
T1 specifications
Operating Mode
Self test, T1
unframed,T1 D4,T1 ESF, FT1 D4 framed,
FT1 ESF framed, T1 test
Loopback, T1 line loopback
Input impedance
Bridge >1000 Ohms
Term 100 Ohms +/- 5%
Receive level
Ohms +/- 5%
BRIDGE 0 to –20.0 dBdsx
TERM +6 to –35.0 dBdsx
DSX-MON +6 to –24.0 dBdsx
Transmitting timing sources
Internal clock
Recovered clock
Line codes
Line build out level
0, 7.5, 15.0, and 22.5
dB of
cable loss at 772 kHz
Line build out tolerance +/- 1 dB at 772 kHz
with LBO of 0 dB
Error insert
Bit Errors
PRI Terminate
PRI Monitor
Call controls
5ESS per 235-900-342
NTI-F per NT NIS-A211-1
NAT’L (National) per vendor documents
and Bellcore SR-NWT-002120
Physical layer analysis
Layer 1 states
Layer 2 (LAPD) states
Layer 3 (call status) states
Cause messages
D-channel location select (PRI)
D-channel backup testing (PRI)
NFAS support (PRI)
D-channel monitor
D-channel message
capture/LCD display/store
Voice capability
Layer 1 states
Layer 2 (LAPD) states
Layer 3 (call status) states
Cause messages
D-channel location select (PRI)
D-channel backup testing (PRI)
NFAS support (PRI)
D-channel monitor
D-channel message
capture/LCD display/store
Data capability
10/100 BT Ethernet jack
Serial port
USB Host
USB Device
ISDN testing
Call controls: National, AT&T
and NTI custom
Bit error rate test of B Channels
NFAS/DCBU verification
D Channel decode analysis
Modes: Terminate, Monitor, PRI
DS1: CRC/BPV/frame errors
and errored seconds
Facilities testing
Bit Error Testing
Timed tests
Network loopbacks
User configured loopbacks
Line build-out (dB loss selection)
T1 (511, 2047, 215–1,
220–1, 223-1, 1 in 8, 2 in 8,
3 in 24, zeros, ones, QRSS)
Physical specifications
Size (H x W x D)
Operating temperature
Storage temperature
Battery life
Charging time
9.5 x 4.5 x 2.75 in
2.7 lb with battery
22°F to 122°F
–40°F to 150°F
10 hrs. typical usage
7 hours from full
discharge to full charge
Operating humidity
10% to 80% relative
Storage humidity
10% to 95% relative
1/4 VGA monochrome transflective,
3.8-in diagonal (readable in direct sunlight)
Survives 3-ft drop to concrete on all
Splashproof: may be
used in heavy rain
Typical 12-button keyboard
Service Interface
Module (SIM)
Flexible, modular platform makes technology
upgrades or hardware changes easy
HST-3000 Handheld Services Tester
Actual Size: 9.5 x 4.5 x 2.75 in
Weight: 2.7 lb with battery
Ordering information
Software options
Base units
HST-3000C base with copper testing
Requires the purchase of a SIM – see separate
listing for HST3000-CAR or HST3000-CU
(Ethernet and serial ports included)
HST-3000 base without copper testing
Requires the purchase of a SIM – see separate
listing for HST-3000-CAR or HST-3000-AR
(Ethernet and serial ports included)
SIMS (Modules)
Dual Tx/Rx bantam
T1 interface and T1 software option
Dual T/R/G interface for
copper Testing and Dual Tx/Rx bantam T1
Interface and T1 software option
Dual Tx/Rx bantam
T1 interface, and dual Rx, single Tx BNC DS3
interface and DS3 software option
Test leads
ISDN PRI software option
TDR software option
RFA/RFL software option
WB tones/TIMS
software option
VT100 option
(Includes cable and software option)
Scripted testing
software option
Web browser
software option
VF (PCM) signaling
software option
software option
T1 DDS software option
POTS - 5 ft. banana plugs
to alligator clips,
T1 - bantam to bantam, bantam to 310 Weco
Charger Adapter
AC/DC battery
120 VAC (50/60 Hz) input;
12 VDC (1 A) output
Soft Cover
Form fitting nylon glove
for test set and leads
Carrying Case
Heavy duty, nylon case
for test set, extra SIMs, accessories and cables
Lithium ion
T1 repeater power supply
repeater power supply multiplexer
HDSL doubler power supply
HDSL remote access shelf
Repeater extender
Acterna AdvantageSM – adding value
with global services and solutions
From basic instrument support for
your field technicians to management
of complex, company-wide initiatives,
Acterna’s service professionals are
committed to helping you maximize
your return on investment. Whatever
your needs – product support, system
management, education services,
or consulting and OSS (operations
support systems) business planning –
we offer programs that will give you
the competitive edge. This is the
foundation of Acterna Advantage.
Acterna is the world’s largest provider
of test and management solutions for
optical transport, access, and cable
networks, and the second largest
communications test company overall.
Focused entirely on providing
equipment, software, systems, and
services, Acterna helps customers
develop; install; manufacture; and
maintain optical transport, access,
cable, data/IP, and wireless networks.
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