Poseidon Broadcast Digital Audio Processor

Poseidon Broadcast Digital Audio Processor
Broadcast Digital Audio Processor
Very competitively priced
All in a 1-unit 19" chasis
o Digital 5 band audio processor
o Digital input (AES/EBU-SPDIF) (Optional)
o Digital stereo enhancer
o Digital stereo generator
o Digital RDS (Optional)
Powered with 9 DSPs (digital signal processing)
2 serial RS232 ports
Software Win 98/NT to control directly or via satellite
Upgrade via internet
The Poseidon is a 5 band digital processor with 30 pre-programmed equalization curves, offering
10 additional equalization curves that can be personalized. The personalized equalization curves
can be easily saved and recalled. Each editable parameter is user friendly, allowing even
inexperienced technicians to operate sound changes. The settable parameters are: Super Bass
Type, Super Bass Level, Bass Compressor, Mid1 Compressor, Mid2 Compressor, Mid3
Compressor, High Compressor, Broadband Density, and Brilliance. In addition to the 10
personalized presets, Poseidon features a bass enhancer that can be settable through Super
Bass Type and Super Bass Level, and a noise gate with variable threshold.
Poseidon is totally remote controllable through serial ports directly by PC or via satellite.
Poseidon features two independent serial ports uncoupled by opto-isolators. This assures
maximum immunity from other equipment noise. Digital input is optional. Standard are: stereo
enhancer and digital stereo generator MPX . Poseidon digital input and RDS modulator are
optional .The Digital Input can be connected in two ways: through a balanced XLR connector or a
standard fiber optic connector. This input supports AES3/EBU, S/PDIF, IEC60958, EIAJCP1201
protocols with 32KHz, 44.1KHz, 48KHz, 96KHz sample rate. The digital input does not require
any special setting since Poseidon can recognize the injected digital signal and configure it
Poseidon integrates a top quality digital stereo enhancer featuring all the settable parameters
needed to reach the acoustically desired effect (Effect Depth, Effect Band, Effect Level). The
stereo enhancer inside Poseidon allows maximum expression of the stereophonic effect.
Because the stereo enhancer is built-in to Poseidon, all parameters are controlled and optimized
to assure maximum modulation stability and a 3-D sound effect.
The MPX (composite) stereo generator inside Poseidon is completely digital, so the MPX signal is
obtained through DSP. Nicom offers radio stations a top digital technology solution by integrating
a digital stereo generator into the audio processor instead of the widely used analog one. The
stereo generator inside Poseidon increases its performances by directly processing the digital
signal and ensuring perfect modulation control, while an external analog stereo generator,
inserted in the chain, would adversely affect the original sound signal. The top performances of
the stereo generator inside Poseidon makes it on of the best on the market at this time.
Poseidon has an optional digital RDS modulator which ensures top performance as compared to
analog RDS generators now available on the market. The RDS programming is achieved through
the Poseidon software in the custom made RDS page. The available services are listed in the
technical specifications.
Nicom is now able to replace the cumbersome analog equipment, which has always been
necessary in the past, with the Poseidon, presenting to radio stations an all digital audio chain
and the purity of digital sound.
Conversion 24 bit
Connectors XLR-type female, optical standard connector tos/link
Connectors XLR-type female
Sensitivity -30dBu to 22dBu
Formats AES3/EBU, S/PDIF, IEC60958, EIAJCP1201
Maximum Input Level 22dBu
Sample Rates 32, 44.1, 48, & 96KHz with auto select & jitter correction
Impedance 600ohm/10Kohm (electronically balancedConnectors XLR-type, female input and Optical Input
jumper selectable) EMI suppressed
AGC Gain Offset ±12dB
Gain Offset Adjustable 0 to -15db attenuation referenced
to the maximum allowable digital word
AGC Range ±20dB
AGC Speed Adjustable from 0 to 6dB/sec
AGC Speed Adjustable from 0 to 6dB/sec
By Pass Mode (Analog Input, AGC=Off, Gain Offset=0dB, Output
Frequency Response 20Hz-21KHz (±0.3dB)
THD + Noise -95dB
Output Noise -102dB (A-weighted)
Pass Band Ripple ±0.01dB
THD 0.005%
Input Filter Characteristics
High Pass 30Hz (IIR-4th Order)
Low Pass 15KHz (FIR-84 taps, 15KHz/-0.1dB, 17KHz/-70dB)
Five Band Process Algorithm
Super Bass Type Disco Soft Bass, Club Long Bass,Tight Hard
Filters: (all are IIR 4th Order Butterworth)
Band Pass 30Hz-200Hz
Band Pass 200Hz-1.5KHz
Band Pass 1.5KHz-4.8KHz
Band Pass 9.5KHz-15KHz
Super Bass Level 0 to +12dB
Bass Level ±6
Mid1 Level ±6
Mid2 Level ±6
Mid3 Level ±6
High Level ±6
Bass Enhancer Filter (Programmable)
Broadband Density 0 to +12dB
HF Limiter Filter: (IIR 2nd, 6KHz)
Programs 30 factory preset, 10 user editable
High Frequency De-Noiser: Threshold Adjustable -50 to 80dB
Output Signal
Output Filter Characteristics Low Pass 15KHz (FIR-90 taps,
15KHz/-0.1dB, 17KHz/-80dB)
Level -6dBu to 22dBu (adj. in 1dBu steps)
Impedance 600 (bal.) EMI suppressed
Connectors XLR-type male
Input/Output delay <1.5 mSec
Conversion 24 bit Codec
Tone generation 1KHz, ref 100% modulation
Configuration pre-emphasized (50 S-75 S) int. or ext.
Remote Controls
2 RS232 optically decoupled
1900 baud for PC Host Communication
4800 baud for Satellite data
3800 baud in Poseidon Link Mode
Software & Hardware Plug-In
Conversion 16 bit
Standard EBU services available
Pilot Frequency 19KHz ±0.001%
PSN Program Service Name
Pilot Injection Adjustable from -26dB to -14dB
PI Program Identifier
Pilot Phase Adjustable ±12 degrees
PTY Program Type
S/N >90dB
TA Traffic Announcement
Stereo Separation >65dB
TP Traffic Program
Crosstalk Main to Sub >65dB
M/S Music/Speech
Crosstalk Sub to Main >65dB
AF Alternative Frequencies
38KHz Subcarrier Suppression 75dB
RT Radio Text
Composite Output Level minus infinity to +6dBm
PIN Program
Impedance 50ohm
DI Degenerator Identifier
Output Connector BNC floating over chassis, EMI suppressed
Pilot reference output TTL Level Wave
Pilot reference phase error ±8 degrees
Input & Output Connectors BNC floating over chassis, EMI suppressed
RDS Input -40 to 0dBm for ±2KHz of main carrier
Impedance 10Kohm
Input Connector BNC floating over chassis, EMI suppressed
SCA Input -40 to 0dBm for 10% of main carrier
Impedance 10Kohm
Effect Depth 0mSec to 48mSec
Effect Band 1KHz to 3.4KHz
Effect Level -40dBu to -6dBu
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