Quick Start Guide

Quick Start Guide
Smart Charging Case
USB Charging Cable
Your SkyPro turns on
automatically when out of its
case; SkyPro turns off when
correctly* placed back in its case.
Correctly* place SkyPro into Smart Charging Case
(make sure contacts are dry and free of debris)
Insert Micro-USB to charge your docked SkyPro.
Flashing LED = charging. Solid LED = charged.
* SkyPro fits in your Smart Charging Case easily when the knob
is resting in the gate of the opposite hinge and screwed in with a
few turns. Do NOT force it in the case or force the lid to close.
Our Anti-rotation stability
technology is designed to hold
your SkyPro securely on the shaft
providing unparalleled precision.
SkyPro can be oriented anywhere
on the shaft as long as it is
connected just below the grip with
the logo pointing down toward the
Your SkyPro should be attached to the shaft firmly, but don’t overdo it. After closing the gate and securing
the knob, a few turns after it is
snug should be sufficient.
SkyPro’s proprietary Smart
Calibration technology accurately
aligns itself to the clubface
to ensure swings are captured
IMPORTANT: Once your SkyPro is placed on the shaft, and the gate
is closed, please do not twist, turn or attempt to reposition your device.
This can cause damage to the padding inside the clamp. To adjust your
SkyPro, open the gate first and let the hinge hang free before attempting
to reposition it on the shaft.
With your SkyPro nearby, pair its
connection with your iOS device
Tap your iOS device’s Settings
icon, then tap Bluetooth
Tap SkyPro when it appears
under Devices
Without changing your pre-shot routine, SkyPro uses
proprietary Auto Impact Detection (AID) technology
to automatically and easily record your swings with
unmatched accuracy after each ball strike.
In a restricted environment (such as indoors), a
limited-distance ball, or gently brushing a hitting
surface (mat, ground, etc.) is required to ensure the
capture of your swing and the enjoyment of a
hands-free experience powered by SkyPro’s
exclusive AID technology.
We recommend fully charging your SkyPro before you start using it
Download the latest SkyPro application for
FREE and follow the directions in the app.
Note: Even if you have previously downloaded
the app, we regularly release new features and
of use. So, downloading the latest app is highly
recommended BEFORE
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