Thermostatic mixing valve “Brawa-Mix 97” Product range

Thermostatic mixing valve “Brawa-Mix 97” Product range
Product range
Innovation + Quality
Thermostatic mixing valve
“Brawa-Mix 97”
“Brawa-Mix 97”
The Oventrop “Brawa-Mix 97”
Thermostatic mixing valve features a
stepless manual adjustment of the
temperature of mixed water for domestic
use, and is particularly suitable for use
in Hospitals, Schools, Nursing Homes and
other care situations.
– Performance in accordance with NHS
Model Specification DO8, as a “Type 3”
valve (see Table 2 below), and to NHS
Estates Guidance Note “Safe” Hot Water
and Surface Temperatures.
– WRc Certificate No. ETC/43/0698
– Allows high temperature primary hot
water to combat Legionella, without the
risk of scalding.
– Lockable handwheel.
– Calcification resistant.
– A range of inlet fittings kits allow for
flexibility of installation.
– Available with integral WRc approved
check valves and stainless steel mesh
Table 1: Conditions for Normal Use
Pressure Range
1 to 5
0.2 to 1
Hot supply
temperature (° C)
52 to 65
52 to 65
Cold supply
temperature (° C)
5 to 20
5 to 20
Max static
pressure (bar)
Flow pressure
hot & cold (bar)
1 “Brawa-Mix 97” fitted with 22 mm
swivel compression set.
2 “Brawa-Mix 97” fitted with 22 mm
straight compression set.
“Brawa-Mix 97”
Technical Specification:
Lockable preset
Hot water
Cold water
Bronze (Rg 5) valve body, DZR brass
bonnet, the valve cone and sliding
components are made from high quality
calcification resistant plastic. EPDM seals.
Lockable handwheel.
Item No. 130 03 51
Connections – 1 BSP male thread with
union nuts, to suit 15 mm or 22 mm tailpipe
Tailpipe Sets:
Compression sets
Straight compression tailpipes – 2 fold –
complete with integral check valves and
mesh strainers, for the hot and cold inlet
ports, and a compression fitting for the
mixed outlet port.
15 mm
Item No. 130 03 88
22 mm
Item No. 130 03 89
Swivel compression tailpipes – 2 fold –
complete with integral check valves and
mesh strainers, for the hot and cold inlet
ports, and a compression fitting for the
mixed outlet port.
15 mm
Item No. 130 03 95
22 mm
Item No. 130 03 96
Solder tailpipe sets
Comprising 3 solder tails without check
valves or strainers.
15 mm
Item No. 130 03 92
22 mm
Item No. 130 03 94
Mixed water
“Brawa-Mix 97”
Table 2:
The “Brawa-Mix 97” is certificated for use as a “Type 3” valve on the following outlet
designations only when fitted with the appropriate sized tailpipe set.
15 mm or 22 mm
22 mm only
HP-S (41 max)
HP-T44 (44 max)
HP-W (41 max)
HP-T46 (46 max) *
LP-W (41 max)
(41 max)
(41, 44 or 46 max) relates to the maximum set mixed water temperatures as defined
within HGN “SAFE” Hot Water & Surface Temperatures.
* Refer to the above HGN for guidance when using designation HP-T46.
Fitted in accordance with NHS and/or Local
Authority requirements, typically under
handbasins or baths, and in accordance
with our Installation & Operation Instructions,
the “Brawa-Mix 97” can be used to mix
primary hot water with cold water from the
mains or a storage tank provided that both
hot and cold water conditions are within
the limits detailed in Table 1. The mixed
water entirely engulfs the sensing element,
thereby maintaining an accurate
temperature control.
The stepless adjustment between 35 and
46° C for the mixed water is by a handwheel
which is lockable, thus preventing
unauthorised tampering. High quality
calcification, dezincification and corrosion
resistant materials are used in the
manufacture of all working components.
The hot water port closes in case of failure
of the cold water supply.
In order to protect the precision machined
internal surfaces of the “Brawa-Mix 97” we
strongly recommend the use of “Y” type line
strainers (Fig Nos. 112 00 or 112 10) in the
hot and cold water supply pipes.
Cold water
Example of Installation
Unit E, The Loddon Centre
Wade Road
Hants RG 24 8 FL
Telephone (0 12 56) 33 04 41
(0 12 56) 33 05 25
Product group 4
PR 168-1/20/500/10.98/Ro
Hot water
Printed on paper free from
chlorine bleaching.
“Brawa-Mix 97”
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