CX7000 Unified Collaboration System Optimized for Microsoft

CX7000 Unified Collaboration System Optimized for Microsoft
Frequently Asked Questions
Polycom® CX7000 Unified Collaboration
System Optimized for Microsoft® Lync™
The Product
Q: Is the CX7000 the same thing as “Rally”?
A: Yes, the new collaboration product that was pre announced on June 1st with the codename, “Rally” is the Polycom
CX7000 Unified Collaboration System.
Q: What is the CX7000?
A: The CX7000 is the newest addition to the CX product family it is a group collaboration system optimized for Microsoft
Q: How can I message the CX7000?
A: Purpose built for Lync environments, the CX7000 delivers an intuitive user interface that enhances efficiency by
natively combining all the powerful features of Lync collaboration with Polycom’s definition video, voice, into one seamless
experience. Optimized for Lync the CX7000 integrates into overall Microsoft IT infrastructures with plug-and simplicity
making it easy to deploy, manage and use.
Q: When will I be able to get more information?
A: FAQ’s, presentations, launch videos, are currently available here on
Q: When will training be available for the CX7000?
A: Pre-recorded sales and partner training is available on the Polycom Resource Center. Click here for more information.
Additional training is also available on Polycom University.
Q: What does “multi-way collaboration” mean?
A: The main differentiating feature of the CX7000 is the ability to participate in multi-way collaboration. This means that
when leveraging the Lync UI, all users can contribute to managing, editing, and creating documents in real time. Since the
CX7000 is packaged with a wireless keyboard and mouse, multi-way collaboration couldn’t be simpler.
Q: How does the user share content through Lync?
A: You can upload a file before the meeting from a PC to the Online Meeting and then select it to share using the CX7000.
An alternative option is for any PC presenter participant remote or in the room can push the content to the CX7000 during
the meeting using the sharing option. If you need to save the content, it will need to be saved locally on a PC.
Polycom CX7000 Unified Collaboration System Optimized for Microsoft Lync FAQ
Q: Is the CX7000 backward ds compatible with older versions of OCS?
A: No, like the most recently introduced CX IP Phones (CX500, 600, 3000) the CX7 7000 was purpose built and optimized
for Microsoft Lync only. Older MS UC platforms such as Office Communications Server 2007 are not supported.
Pricing and Availability
Q: When will the CX7000 b be available?
A: The CX7000 was announced on July 11, 2012, we began taking orders on October 1st and will start shipping in the Q4
Q: Which countries will the e CX7000 be available in at launch?
A: At FCS, the CX7000 will be available in the following countries:
 US
 Canada
 UK
 Switzerland
 Holland
 Belgium
 France
 Germany
Release to additional key markets in EMEA and APAC are expected by the end of the year. While still subject to change,
these countries are expected to include the remaining European Economic Area countries and Australia, New Zealand,
Hong Kong, India, Israel, Malaysia, Singapore, South Africa and UAE. More details on specific country availability will be
available in the near future.
Q: Which Languages will the CX7000 support?
A: English, French and German.
Q: What are the packages for the CX7000?
A: There will be two packages available targeted at different room sizes. CX7000 View System includes: CX7000 system,
cables, EagleEye View Camera, PSU, Keyboard & Mouse CX7000 HD System includes: CX7000 system, cables,
EagleEye III Camera, HDX Mic Array, PSU, Keyboard & Mouse.
Polycom CX7000 Unified Collaboration System Optimized for Microsoft Lync FAQ
Q: What are the differences between the cameras?
A: Both are high quality cameras, capable of 1080p resolution and will be ready for future Lync support for higher
resolutions than the 720p that it currently supports. EagleEye 3 is a motorized, mechanical PTZ camera with auto focus
and up to 12X zoom capability.
It is designed for use in medium to large rooms. The EagleEye View is intended for small to medium conference room and
has Electronic PTZ (not mechanical) with embedded microphone on the camera body, has manual focus and 4X zoom.
Due to high performance of EagleEye 3 and EagleEye View camera, video that is captured has high resolution with
natural color representation and sharpness. The CX7000 encodes the video in Real-time Video, which supports up to
720P HD video.
Q: Will there be bundle SKUs with monitors and carts?
A: No, in order to contain costs and allow customers the freedom to choose monitors that fit their available space, the
CX7000 was not bundled with monitors and/or carts. They can be added as accessories if the customer would like to
purchase those items from Polycom.
Q: Can the CX7000 support dual monitors?
A: Yes, the CX7000 was designed for single or dual monitor support depending on the customer’s preference. We think
that the dual monitor is the best way to experience the full video and content collaboration capabilities of the product, but
a single monitor option is fully supported where space may be more limited.
Q: What are the SKU’s applicable to each market?
Country CX7000 View CX7000 HD
Country CX7000 View CX7000 HD
Country CX7000 View CX7000 HD
US, Canada
France, Belgium
Q: When will I be able to get demo units?
A: The CX7000 is being announced in July and not shipping until Q4, so there will be a very limited number of demo units
available to the field. There will be a number of videos available in the interim to leverage until we have EBC’s, MTC’s and
solution centers equipped with units.
Polycom CX7000 Unified Collaboration System Optimized for Microsoft Lync FAQ
Services and Certification
Q: Will maintenance be required for CX7000 purchases?
A: Yes, because this is a video endpoint for Lync, it will require maintenance to be purchased. Please see the chart below
for SKU’s and pricing:
Model Number
Remote installation service for CX7000
Onsite installation service forCX7000
Premier, One Year, CX7000
Premier, Three Year, CX7000
Premier 24x7, One Year, CX7000
Premier 24x7, Three Year, CX7000
Premier Onsite, One Year, CX7000
Premier Onsite, Three Year, CX7000
Premier Onsite 24x7, One Year, CX7000
Premier Onsite 24x7, Three Year, CX7000
Partner Premier, One Year, CX7000
Partner Premier, Three Year, CX7000
Q: What type of certification will be required to sell the CX7000?
A: Since the CX7000 is part of the CX product family, Microsoft Endpoint Certification will be required. HDX™ and
Q: How is the CX7000 different from the HDX system?
A: The CX7000 is part of the CX product family meaning that it was purpose built and optimized for use specifically in
Microsoft Lync environments. It was designed to enrich the Lync environment by supporting the powerful Lync feature set.
The CX7000 provides another video communications alternative to customers. The HDX™ family will continue to feature
Polycom’s video codec technology, open standards based HD Voice capabilities, Lost Packet Recovery, H.264 High
Profile and RTV.
Q: How is the CX7000 “collaboration” different than using an HDX with People + Content?
A: Both solutions offer a unique and powerful content sharing experience but only the CX7000 can deliver all
the powerful collaboration capabilities of Lync. Since the CX7000 was purpose built for Lync it allows users to actively
collaborate (create, modify, whiteboard) in real-time leveraging the Lync UI. The Polycom HDX and People + Content
solution is an excellent option for users who want to leverage the powerful features of the Polycom’s Intelligent Core
(continuous presence, rich high-definition) and require content sharing capabilities.
Polycom CX7000 Unified Collaboration System Optimized for Microsoft Lync FAQ
Q: Is the CX7000 interoperable with the HDX™?
A: Yes, because both the CX7000 and the HDX natively register to the Lync server, you can very easily initiate a call from
either device using the Active Directory.
Q: Is the CX7000 interoperable with the RealPresence Platform?
A: Although the CX7000 was optimized for use with Lync Online Meeting for simple click to join conferences, the CX7000
is interoperable RealPresence Platform elements, such as the RMX® for 720p RTV calls.
Q: Who do I contact if I have additional questions?
A: Your local Polycom Sales Representative or you can email
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