merry tiller instructions for operation and use as a

merry tiller instructions for operation and use as a
When at the area to be cultivated, remove the transport wheels or turn them upside
down on the hitch casting.
In Work
Ideally, when the machine is at its required working depth, then the operators position
in relation to the machine should be such that the arms are almost straight
and the body virtually upright.
Whilst there is no setting position in relation to the rear skid to give a set depth it
should be set so that the length of the skid below the centre line of the machine is
approximately the depth required. On machines with Adjustable Handles further
adjustment can be made on the handles for comfort in operation.
Start the engine and set it at half throttle. Push
the rear skid into the ground and slowly raise
the clutch lever when the rotors will turn. Press
down on the handles until the machine has dug
to the depth required and then apply only sufficient
pressure to the handles to maintain that
depth. To dig more deeply apply more pressure
to the handles and release pressure to dig less
Adjusting rear skid height.
To control the depth of tilling, the Merry Tiller must be operated with both the
proper throttle speed and correct up and down pressure on the handles.
Raising up means going forward, as by so doing the skid bar is allowed to come
out of the ground and the machine moves forward. Pushing down means slowing
the machine as the skid is pushed further into the soil, at the same time the machine
will dig deeper. When you are first learning to use your Merry Tiller it is not
unlikely that it will tend to buck or move from side to side. This tendency will soon
be overcome with use.
To acquire the knack of letting the machine do the work without effort on the part
of the operator, we offer the following suggestions.
1 Concentrate on keeping your arms relaxed.
2 When working across a slope turn the front of the machine slightly uphill
to combat any tendency for the machine to run downhill.
3 For best results operate at reduced throttle settings when the ground is
very hard or rough.
4 Do not hurry the job proceed at a slow walk thus giving the machine
time to do its work.
5 It is advisable to re adjust the height of the rear skid to maintain the correct
height of the handles, after the tiller has dug down to its required
6 The rear wheels may be used to steady the machine in work but should
never be used as a depth control.
7 It is better to release the clutch and go over the ground again if the machine
starts to run away, rather than straining to hold it back which should
not be necessary.
8 Cultivate only when it is suitable to do so. Frozen or waterlogged ground,
if cultivated, can cause poor soil moisture movement.
9 Cultivate at a different depth each season to stop the possibility of
'panning' in the sub soil.
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