Xerox Phaser 8860 Product Brochure

Xerox Phaser 8860 Product Brochure
Phaser TM 8860
A new way to think about Colour
Phaser 8860
Colour by numbers
Xerox solid ink technology revolutionised office
printing. For the first time, you could print brilliant
colour without sacrificing the speed, ease-of-use
and reliability you came to expect from black and
white devices. Now, solid ink eliminates the one
remaining barrier between you and everyday colour
printing: Cost.
With the Phaser 8860 printer,
you can get amazing colour
for the same low cost as
black and white.
It’s time to say hello to the power of colour
in every office document you produce. And
Solid ink total cost of ownership
(TCO) advantage over 3 years
say goodbye to worrying about how much it
costs. Colour printing. Black and white price.
It’s that simple. Finally.
the colour you get consistently meets your
highest expectations. And rest assured, the
Phaser 8860 delivers colour output that’s
truly exceptional, page after page.
So rejoice, small to medium-size workgroups
with high-volume print demands. There’s
never been a better opportunity to unleash
your creativity and get the results you’re
after while taking care of your bottom-line
document costs.
Go ahead, do your best work.
And make it colourful. Black and white or colour –
same low price
If you could do all of your company’s
printing in attention-grabbing colour
for the same low price as black and
white, why wouldn’t you?
Using colour in your business-critical
documents is the easiest way to achieve
the best results – more sales, better
retention, higher response rates and fewer
mistakes. The Phaser 8860 printer makes
it easier and more affordable than ever.
Break-even point
4 reams of paper
3-year costs
But low-cost colour means nothing unless
Phaser 8860
laser printer
pages per month
The print volume advantage.
If your monthly print volume
averages four reams of paper or
more, the Phaser 8860 printer
delivers a cost of colour that’s
by far the best deal going.
Print right the first time.
True Adobe® PostScript®
3™ and automatic colour
enhancement tools ensure that
colour-intensive documents
print reliably and accurately.
Enhanced image quality. For
photo-quality colour, and when
you really want to impress,
choose 2400 FinePoint™ print
resolution mode. The superfast draft mode is perfect for
everyday prints and proofs.
More colour possibilities.
Xerox solid ink prints
a wider range of colours
than most colour laser
devices. Count on solid
ink technology to
accurately print the
“right” colour and the
smoothest blends
and gradients.
Quality control. Beyond its
outstanding page-to-page
consistency, Xerox solid ink
prints consistently printer to
printer. That means important
documents printed at the branch
office looks exactly as they do
when printed at headquarters.
Consistency. Consistent
colour, print after print. No
other technology delivers such
exceptionally consistent colour
quality – an important attribute
for long print jobs or multiple
prints of the same page.
With more than 50
major awards since
its introduction,
Xerox solid ink is a
clear favourite among
industry experts.
Solid-fill superiority.
Say goodbye to all the
“banding” that’s often
found in large areas of
colour. Xerox solid ink
eliminates the problem,
specialising in dense,
saturated colour –
even tricky mid-tones
like sky and skin.
Professional-quality colour
matching. When colour accuracy
is a must, built-in PANTONE®
spot-colour correction tables
ensure quick and easy PANTONE
colour matching. Get true
renditions of important business
colours – like your logo.
High-performance colour,
low black-and-white price.
With the Phaser 8860 printer,
you get advanced features and
unbelievable colour for the same
low cost as black and white.
Phaser 8860
It is easy being environmentally
Welcome to the world of solid ink – a place where bright,
vivid colour for the same low cost of black and white is just
the beginning. It’s where all of our colours – cyan, magenta,
yellow and black – become environmentally friendly.
And it’s all made possible with Xerox solid ink, the office
colour solution with a cartridge-free design and minimal
packaging. That simple combination means less energy
used during manufacturing, drastically reduced landfill waste,
and less storage space for better transportation
efficiency and far fewer delivery trucks on the
road – saving you shipping costs while
al L
pic ter
T Prin
benefiting the environment. Now, busy workgroups that use the Phaser
8860 printer for their important documents not
Solid Ink
only gain an edge in today’s ultra-competitive
business environment, they also get their best
work done in a way that’s less impactful on the
natural environment.
So be environmentally friendly with Xerox
solid ink – your easy, responsible, full-colour
office document solution.
118 kg vs. 11 kg of waste
Think beyond the ink. The benefits
of solid ink go beyond cost and
colour quality.
Over the course of printing 144,000
pages, the waste generated by typical
cartridge-based toner amounts to an
astounding 118 kg Xerox solid ink,
on the other hand, produces only
11 kg of waste — an amazing ratio
of more than 10 to 1.
No-fuss drop-in loading.
Xerox solid ink sticks are engineered
for maximum ease of use. Each
colour has a unique shape, making it
impossible to misload. And because
solid ink can be replenished before
the device runs out, there’s no device
downtime when replacing ink.
One consumable: Ink. That’s it. No
big, bulky print cartridges, or fusers,
fuser oil or imaging units found in
a typical colour laser printer. The
only other replaceable item is a
maintenance roller, which lasts for
tens of thousands of pages and only
needs to be replaced a few times
throughout the life of your device.
Save valuable space. Solid ink
packages are small enough to easily
fit in your desk drawer. There’s
no more need to take up an entire
cabinet with printer supplies.
Recycled paper welcome.
With solid ink, there’s no need
for “special” recycled paper.
Print on any recycled stock –
or almost any media, full stop –
and get vibrant, high-quality
colour. Plus, solid ink printouts
are completely recyclable.
Print more. The solid ink imaging
process is extremely efficient,
producing nearly 100 percent inkto-page transfer during normal
printing. Solid ink does not leave
behind residual toner and developer
excess that collect in the waste
container after each print.
Cartridge Free. Solid ink is just that:
solid. Unlike laser print cartridges,
it’s safe to handle and there’s
nothing to spill, leak or smudge
on your clothes. It’s the no-mess
colour solution that’s 100 percent
dust free.
Efficient use of paper.
Standard features like automatic
two-sided printing and N-up printing
fit more output onto a single sheet,
saving time, trees and money.
Phaser 8860
The reliable, no-hassle
people pleaser
Friend to both your bottom line and the environment,
the Phaser 8860 printer also packs the performance
and ease of use to satisfy the rigorous demands of
busy workgroups.
When you need robust printing, this office printer is
designed to make office life easier than ever. And
with crowd-pleasing productivity as the benchmark,
you’re assured that every feature, function and design
consideration exists to help your staff happily produce
their best work.
And total ease-of-use goes hand-in-hand
with real-world reliability, which is one more
way the Phaser 8860 colour printer excels.
Designed with a straightforward, virtually
jam-free paper path, it contains far fewer
moving parts, which means less chance
for failure and more smiles on the faces
of those who demand reliable, everyday
Built for speed
The Phaser 8860 is built to keep up
with your busy department’s workload,
with a super-fast print speed of 30 ppm
for both black and white and colour.
Solid ink’s colour-optimised architecture
and a fast controller give you the most
important advantage for typical office
colour printing: A fast first-page-out time.
As fast as five seconds, in fact.
Print more without interruption.
A 100-sheet tray for a wide range
of custom media and sizes, plus
a generous 525-sheet tray, come
standard. Add one or two 525-sheet
trays for a total capacity of 1,675
sheets and even more interruptionfree productivity.
Built smart. PrintingScout®
technology monitors your
print projects. If a potential
issue arises, a helpful pop-up
alert suggests a remedy.
Plus, an internet support
system provides fast help
when you need it.
Helpful, intuitive control panel.
Get continuous printer-status
updates, change device settings,
see which of your colleagues is
currently printing, or cancel a print
job on the spot.
Security first. Built-in security
tools keep your data safe and
sound (optional). Secure Print
holds hard-copy output until a
PIN is entered, and Hard Drive
Overwrite electronically “shreds”
data after every job or on request.
More power. A 750 MHz
processor and 256 MB of memory
(upgradeable to 1 GB) do some
serious heavy lifting, making quick
work of even the most intense
projects. And it works hard for
longer, with a monthly duty cycle
of 120,000 pages – that’s 240
reams of paper!
Intelligent ready. This printer
monitors usage history and
automatically warms up just
before the first page of the day
is anticipated.
Keep tabs on office activity.
The usage analysis tool
enables you to collect,
organise and analyse job
accounting data.
Phaser TM 8860
For more information, please contact your local Xerox
Sales Representative or visit us at
Phaser 8860DN
Up to 30 ppm colour / 30 ppm black and white
Duty Cycle
120,000 images/month
Paper Handling
Paper input standard
Tray 1: 100 sheets; Custom sizes: 76 x 127 mm to 216 x 356 mm
Tray 2: 525 sheets; Selectable sizes: 140 x 216 mm to 216 x 356 mm
Tray 3: 525 sheets; Selectable sizes: 140 x 216 mm to 216 x 356 mm
Tray 4: 525 sheets; Selectable sizes: 140 x 216 mm to 216 x 356 mm
Paper output
250 sheets
Two-sided output
First-page-out time
Up to 2400 FinePoint™
Memory (std / max)
256 MB / 1 GB
Processor / PDL
750 MHz processor / True Adobe® PostScript® 3™, PCL® 5c emulation
10/100Base-TX Ethernet, USB 2.0
Print features
Custom-size pages, Xerox Installer, Intelligent Ready, Booklet printing, Smart Trays,
Remote Printing, Job Accounting, Printer Neighbourhood, Run Black
Enables: Personal/Personal Saved/Secure/Proof/Saved Print, Print With, Extended font/form storage,
Collation, Hard Drive Overwrite
Device Management
Xerox® CentreWare® Printer Management
for Microsoft, Novell and UNIX, Xerox
CentreWare® IS Embedded Web Server,
CentreWare Web, Xerox NDPS Gateway,
Usage Analysis Tool, Configuration card,
PrintingScout®, MaiLinX email alerts,
Print Drivers
Windows® 2000/XP/2003 Server, Vista,
Mac OS® 9.x/X version 10.2 and higher,
Novell NetWare® 5.x/6.5 (NDPS only),
UNIX/Linux (see web), Xerox Walk-Up®
Printer Drivers
802.1x protocol (EAP-MD5, EAP-TLS,
As fast as 5 seconds colour
Resolution (max)
Productivity kit
(with Hard drive)
Genuine XEROX® Solid Ink
6 Sticks Cyan
14,000 pages1 6 Sticks Magenta
14,000 pages1 6 Sticks Yellow
14,000 pages1 6 Sticks Black
14,000 pages1 Productivity Kit
with Hard Drive 525-sheet Feeder 256 MB Memory 512 MB Memory System Cart Wireless Network Adapter 097S03856
Routine Maintenance Items
Maintenance Kit
<30,000 pages2 113R00736
verage standard pages. Declared Yield in
accordance with ISO/IEC 24711. Yield will
vary based on image, area coverage and
print mode.
Approximate pages. Declared Yield based
on A4 size 75 gsm pages. Yield will vary
based on media type, size, weight, orientation,
and usage patterns.
One-year on-site warranty
Media Handling
Tray 1: 60 – 220 gsm
Trays 2 – 4: 60 – 120 gsm
Duplex Automatic Document Feeder:
60 – 120 gsm
Media types: transparencies, envelopes, labels, glossy paper, custom-size paper
Operating Environment
Temperature: Non-operating: -30°
to 60° C; Operating: 10° to 32° C
Relative Humidity: Nonoperating:
10% to 95%; Operating: 10% to 80%
Sound power levels:
Operating: 54 dBA, Standby: 33 dBA
Dimensions (WxDxH)
406 x 533.4 x 368 mm; Weight: 28 kg.
Additional feeder: 135 mm; Weight: 7.3 kg.
Optional cart: 500 x 670 x 360 mm
Certified to UL 60950-1/CSA 60950-1-03
1st Edition, FCC Part 15 Class A, Low
Voltage Directive 73/23/EEC, EN 60950-1
EMC Directive 89/336/EE3, GOST
EN55022 Class A, EN 55024, ROHS
Directive 2002/95/EC
Power: 110 – 240 V, 50 – 60 Hz
Power consumption: Average: 230 W /
Max: 1500 W; Energy Star®
qualified (S configuration)
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CORPORATION in the U.S. and/or other countries. All other trademarks are the property of their respective manufacturers. PANTONE Colours generated may not match PANTONE-identified standards. Consult current PANTONE publications for accurate colour. PANTONE‚ and other
Pantone, Inc. trademarks are the property of Pantone, Inc. PCL® is a registered trademark of Hewlett-Packard. As an ENERGY STAR‚ partner, Xerox Corporation has determined that this product meets the ENERGY STAR guidelines for energy efficiency. ENERGY STAR and the ENERGY
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