ECO-CHARGE™ lantern

ECO-CHARGE™ lantern
Wind handle clockwise or
anticlockwise, illuminating
the green LED
To self-charge, fold
handle out fully
The Freeplay Indigo+ Eco-Charge LED Lantern,
incorporating Freeplay’s self-sufficient energy
technology, is the most reliable and dependable
lantern on the market.
With the Freeplay Indigo+ you’ve got light
anytime, anywhere.
1.Winder Handle
2.Ultra bright LED tower
3.Hanging/Carry Handle
5.Integrated directional LED
6.Control Panel:
A.Dimmer Switch
B.Power Switch
7. External solar panel input
socket (Solar panel not included – available
8.USB Input Socket
9.Cellphone charging socket
(cable and tips not included – available as an
Congratulations on purchasing the Freeplay Eco-Charge Indigo+ lantern
Please read these operating instructions carefully before using your lantern
and retain them for easy reference.
•Mini USB recharge capability with internal
rechargeable Ni-MH battery
•Freeplay direct charge generator
•9 ultra-bright LEDs with dimmer switch control,
never require replacement
•Adjustable brightness – from night light to ultra
•Integrated directional LED
•Solar panel input socket
•Phone charging output socket
To prolong battery life, always switch the
lantern off after use. A constant drain on a fully
discharged battery will shorten the battery life.
Do not open the casing other than when
disposing of the unit.
When cleaning do not use abrasives or
chemicals. Only use damp cloth and mild
External Charging
To charge from the wall, switch the lantern off.
Insert the mini USB plug from a standard USB cable
or adapter into the USB socket located below the
control panel.
After approximately 15 hours, the lantern will be
fully charged. The adapter can remain plugged in to
provide a continuous trickle charge to the internal
Self-charge Operation
To operate, hold the lantern firmly and crank the
winder handle in any direction. A self-charge of
about 30 seconds will provide up to 75 minutes of
night light. The lantern can be cranked further at
anytime to extend shine times. The Indigo+ lantern
is equipped with a LED charge level indicator,
situated above the winder handle, which signals
when the optimum input effort is reached.
Cranking efforts in excess of this will provide a
higher level of charge rate into the battery and
consequently increase shine time.
Cranking the winder handle drives the internal
alternator via a transmission, generating selfpowered energy which is stored in the internal
Solar Charging
Plug in a Freeplay Energy solar panel accessory
(available online) or a 6V solar panel with a 1.3mm
centre pin positive plug.
as an accessory)
USB Charger
A standard 5V 500mA mini USB charging protocol
means that one charger will now be able to charge
most Freeplay products. You may already own a
compatible charger (received with a mobile phone,
PDA, or digital camera).
Mobile phone charging
Indigo + has an output power socket that can be
used to recharge a mobile phone and other personal
electronic devices. A charging cable and range of
phone connectors are not supplied with Indigo +,
and may be ordered online. This set consists of
a cable and adaptor tips covering most phones,
including mini USB and micro USB tips. (Note: Apple
4s and 5 do not permit generic chargers).
Power for recharging a mobile phone is generated
whilst cranking only. When the charging cable is
inserted into the lantern socket, power created by
cranking is diverted away from the lantern battery
and into the phone. To maintain a stable power
output, the handle should be wound at a constant
speed with the green LED illuminated. As the
phone accepts charge a resistance will be felt in
the winding force. Once this load is experienced
the handle should be turned at sufficient speed to
maintain the charge delivery to the phone.
The brightness of the LED tower is controlled by
a rotary dimmer switch and can be adjusted to
give you the option of selecting any brightness
– from night light to ultra bright. This unique
feature lets you match your lighting requirements
to your specific application, thereby maximizing
your energy efficiency.
The directional LED has a fixed brightness, and
is independently controlled by the power switch
below the dimmer switch. This LED can also
be used while the tower is on. The downward
angle of the LED makes it an ideal task light
for illuminating specific areas for reading or
working, and can also be used as a handy
Disposal of unit
Ni-MH batteries should be recycled or disposed
of in an environmentally friendly way as
prescribed by your local regulations.
Power Source:
Self-charge: AC alternator driven by the crank via
a transmission
Shine Time:
Rechargeable Battery:
Non-removable rechargeable 3.6 V Ni-MH battery
Multi LEDs
Fully recharged battery – 60 hours (night light)
Fully recharged battery – 3 hours (max-bright)
60-second self-charge – 2.5 hours (night light)
60-second self-charge – 5 minutes (max bright)
Light Source:
Ultra Bright white LED tower (9 LEDs)
10mm Single Ultra Bright white LED
Single LED
Fully Charged – 30 hours
60-second self-charge – up to1 hour
Adapter Charge rate:
15 hours – 100% capacity
As a guide, a constant input effort of 40 minutes
using the crank at optimum charge level would
fully charge the battery.
Dimensions: Metric (mm) Imperial (inches)
205 (8)
70 (2.7)
Width 75 (2.9)
Weight 450 g (1 lb)
The manufacturer undertakes that, if within 1 (one) year of purchase, this appliance or any
part thereof is proved to be defective by reason of faulty workmanship of materials, we will, at
our option, repair or replace the same, free of charge for labour or materials on condition that:
1. The original invoice or sales receipt (indicating
the date of purchase, product type and dealer’s
name) is presented with the defective unit.
2. The complete unit is returned, postage paid, to
the manufacturer or country distributor.
3. The unit has not been serviced, maintained,
repaired, taken apart or tampered with by any
person not authorised by the manufacturer.
4. All service work is undertaken by the
manufacturer or appointed agents.
5. Any defective unit or part shall become the
property of the manufacturer.
6. This warranty is in addition to your statutory
7. This warranty excludes damage caused by
misuse or neglect.
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