Fire Alarm Control Panel
Fire Alarm
Control Panel
Exciting new features
Enhanced serviceability
An extraordinary upgrade
Our modular Simplex 4100ES Upgrade Package delivers life cycle
investment protection - we’ll assess your existing system environment
and provide an upgrade strategy that meets your needs and minimises
impact to your operation.
Step 1: We analyse what’s needed and
•Network programming changes can be
design an upgrade package and long
Upgrade Package
The Perfect Upgrade for 4120
Network, 4100, 4100U and
4020 Customers
Built upon the legendary, field-proven
performance of the Simplex 4100
Series, the Simplex 4100ES (eServices)
Fire Alarm Control Panel leverages new
technology to help deliver higher levels of
serviceability, manageability and value over
the life cycle of your investment.
New 4100ES
capabilities include:
•A Mass Storage Device that can ensure
all of your system’s software is archived in
your panel.
•Test reports and other critical historical
information are stored in your 4100ES
panel for instant retrieval. This technology
meets NFPA 72 requirements for onsite
storage without the use of a separate,
wall-mounted enclosure.
making system revisions faster than
ever and reducing the time required to
have authorised personnel accompany
technicians to sensitive areas of your
•The 4100ES can be equipped with
leading edge notification features,
including enhanced Simplex TrueAlert
addressable notification appliances
and digital voice communications for
emergency notification applications.
It’s easy to step up to
the Simplex 4100ES
Simplex fire and life safety systems have
a long history of protecting customer
investments by providing seamless,
economical upgrades that leverage existing
infrastructure and minimise operational
disruption. We continue that tradition with
the introduction of a 4100ES platform that
protects your investment in legacy Simplex
fire alarm technology, including our 4020,
4120, 4100 and 4100U systems.
range strategy tailored to your needs. You’ll
upgrade only the panels and network
nodes you want as you follow a migration
path that suits your budget and schedule.
Step 2: Our 4100ES Upgrade Package
can be as easy as plugging a module into
an existing panel or adding a new node to
the network. In many cases, your existing
wiring and devices stay intact.
Step 3: We offer a full range of services to
help you keep your systems in top working
condition, including testing and inspection,
maintenance, 24/7 emergency repair and
central monitoring.
Why Upgrade?
Your Simplex fire alarm system is known for quality, reliability and flexibility. Our latest
advancements can strengthen your overall life safety program and enhance building
operations. It’s an opportune time to upgrade to the 4100ES platform when:
• Your facilities are expanding beyond your system’s current capabilities
• You want to leverage the latest technology without having to replace
your installed equipment
• You’re looking for optimum system performance
“Learn one, know
The 4100ES platform’s intuitive interface is
loaded with new, information rich features
yet retains the classic look of your current
system. It will feel as comfortable to your
operators as the interface on which they
were trained.
Onboard Mass
Storage Device
Each 4100ES panel can support the
storage of multiple system configurations
in memory, from the time of initial start up
through the present. This Mass Storage
capability helps ensure that a system’s
critical revision history is not lost and
always stays in a customer’s possession.
This can all be done with the ability to
switch back and forth between programs.
While one program is live, you can build
and download another programs to a
stand-alone panel or multiple network
nodes, without impacting network
performance. You can then go live with
the new program, test it and switch back
to the original program before making
corrections. The Mass Storage Device is
fully supervised for removal and failure.
Internet ready
communications standards become more
widely accepted in the fire alarm industry.
The advanced 4100ES capabilities
include the Simplex SafeLinc Internet
interface module that can automatically
e-mail your facilities’ first responders in
the event of a change in system status.
The 4100ES is designed to support future
software uploads/downloads and remote
diagnostics over your facility network.
Enhanced TrueAlert
The 4100ES is designed to leverage
the full, addressable capabilities of our
intelligent, industry leading Simplex
TrueAlert notification technology. The
4100ES features TrueAlert functionality,
which helps minimise installation
and maintenance costs. Emergency
communications can be delivered more
cost-effectively with TrueAlert notification
appliances. Devices can be programmed to
operate for either fire alarm or emergency
communications, regardless of how they
are wired in the loop.
Faster onsite
diagnostics for
higher survivability
Our proven, built-in diagnostics allow you to
access key network and service information
from anywhere - at the panel itself, at an
operator workstation or from a remote laptop.
Issues such as device level ground faults
can be rapidly isolated and resolved to help
optimise system performance and minimise
service costs.
The 4100ES is breaking new ground
in using the internet in fire alarm
environments. It puts Simplex at
the forefront as emerging internet
Simplex, Tyco, TrueAlarm, TrueAlert, TrueSite, SafeLINC, and any other product names listed above are marks
and/or registered marks. Unauthorized use is strictly prohibited.
Smart power
Our power supplies support intelligent,
distributed communications for reporting
accuracy. You can quickly read voltage
levels and track issues such as ground
faults, brownout conditions and depleted
More device choices
With the 4100ES system, you can upgrade
to intelligent new Simplex IDNet devices
such as carbon monoxide detectors while
preserving your investment in legacy
MAPNET devices. You can build out your
MAPNET cards or expand to addressable
IDNet devices, which feature lower power
consumption, higher point capacity,
multifunction capabilities and enhanced
diagnostics to isolate device level ground
The bottom line: Life
cycle protection
The real value of your Simplex 4100ES
Upgrade Package begins where other
fire alarm equipment leaves off. Simplex
offers more than a solution - we offer a
total life safety management strategy that
can transform your investment into an
asset with ongoing returns rather than an
isolated expense. Our 4100ES Upgrade
Package is just one more example of this
strategy in action - and of Simplex leading
the industry forward.
Take the next step
To step up to the Simplex 4100ES system,
please call:
FD502_tyc_EN / 11/2012
Next generation internet
connectivity can mean
faster service, less downtime, more efficiency.
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