Go Fish Rules - UNI - College of Education

Go Fish Rules - UNI - College of Education
Go Fish Rules
2-4 players
Materials: One deck of Go Fish cards, or any deck of cards that consists of
identical pairs
Objective: To be the player with the most cards at the end of the game.
To play:
1. Players decide who is dealer. The dealer shuffles and deals the cards. If there
are two players, each player gets 7 cards. If there are 3 or 4 players, each
player gets 5 cards. The dealer places the rest of the cards face down in the
middle. This is the FISH POND.
2. Players look at their cards, and place pairs of matching cards face up next to
them. Only two cards can be in a pair.
3. Players decide who goes first.
4. Players take turns asking one player for a card that matches one they hold.
Players cannot ask for a card if they do not hold a matching card.
5. If the player does not have the card asked for: That player says, “Go fish.”
The player who asked takes any card from the FISH POND. If that card
matches, the player places the pair with the other pairs.
6. If the player who is asked has the card: They must give
it to the player who asked them for it. The player who
asked for the card must place his or her pair face up
next to them. These cards can no longer be used for
play. This player then gets another turn until they are
told to “Go fish.”
7. Players take turns asking for cards. When the cards from the FISH POND are
gone, play continues, but players do not draw a new card after each turn.
8. The game ends when one player runs out of cards. The player with the most
pairs of cards wins the game.
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