The 2016 R 1200 RT-P

The 2016 R 1200 RT-P
The 2016 R 1200 RT-P
Still Your Best Long-Term Value!
BMW continues class-leading balanced performance.
Lower-maintenance air / water-cooled engine, transmission and drive line.
Easy-access multi-plate self-energizing wet clutch.
Handlebar controls and police switch gear provide more functions as standard equipment.
Optimized fairing and windshield design for greater rider comfort.
Optimal air management keeps engine heat from the rider.
State-of-the-art emergency light system with alley & take-down lights plus wig-wag headlight.
Twin-speaker 120 dB electronic siren system.
Electronic radio box lid release.
Electronic cruise control operational even at parade speeds.
Standard emergency light, siren, PTT & PTPA handlebar switches.
Optional Hill-Start Control, Gear Shift Assist Pro, Dynamic ESA, Fog Lights, Dynamic Package, Chrome
Exhaust, GPS Preparation, Keyless Ride, Fire Extinguisher and more.
Best fuel economy of any large police motor resulting in dramatically lower operating costs.
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December, 2016
The 2016 R 1200 RT-P
In 2015 BMW developed a completely new
version of the R 1200 RT-P. The new RT-P
gains the fabulous new boxer air / watercooled engine producing 125 bhp and 92 lb/ft
of torque. The easily accessible selfenergized multi-plate wet clutch has reduced
lever pull with a wide “grey” area. The new
clutch system can now be changed in about
an hour, accessible from the front of the
engine case, thereby minimizing periodic
maintenance costs. The new lowmaintenance engine utilizes a single spark
plug per cylinder, combined engine-gearbox
lubrication, keeping operational costs to a
minimum. New e-gas electronic throttle
control provides precise throttle
management, reduced throttle twist rotation
to 70 degrees with no wear or adjustment
needed due to electronic throttle actuator
The BMW emergency lighting system provides four times the forward intensity of the prior model, focused in the primary
zone where motorists are most likely to left turn / pull-out in your path (pattern shows most intense area). Enclosed takedown lights and alley lights provide exceptional illumination plus an alternating wig-wag function to maximize visibility.
Integration is further enhanced with the rear light module, which combines all of the lighting system components
previously mounted on the rear of the police motor together in an easily-accessible controller module.
 Rear and rear-side facing
emergency lights provide greater intensity
than the previous double-stacked units.
 New high-mount rear-facing
auxiliary brake & tail lights enhance
visibility for approaching vehicles.
 Side-facing auxiliary turn signals
add visibility when changing lanes while
passing vehicles.
 Fully-integrated rear ID lights in
blue or red keep license plate area
 Motion activated saddlebag lights
provide visibility in bags at night / low light
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December, 2016
The 2016 R 1200 RT-P
The 2016 R 1200 RT-P provides the most
modern, integrated lighting system available on a
police motor. The auxiliary rear emergency light
unit provides high-intensity visibility in all
situations, plus provides additional benefit if the
radio box lid is opened during the violator stop.
The auxiliary rear emergency light unit is mounted
to the optimally grounded radio antenna mounting
bracket (standard equipment), which is suitable
for any radio frequency from 40 MHz to 800+
Numerous accessories are available for the RT-P
from a map light, flashlight / baton holders, to M4
combat assault rifle or shotgun mount. An
extensive assortment of mountings for common
equipment required on motors including moving
radar, radar / Lidar guns and video system
integration mounts are also available.
New Handlebar Switch Assemblies
 Emergency light & siren switch has
been relocated for optimal access. A touch of
the switch activates lighting and siren system.
 Emergency lights now offer two
program pattern switching modes.
 Siren has been programmed for quick
switch response for “chirp” activation as well as
wail, yelp, hyper-yelp and air horn.
 Radio speaker mute switch function
now standard.
Full-color TFT dashboard provides a wealth of information to rider via
the thumb-wheel control. Dashboard angle is adjustable to eliminate
glare for officers of any height.
Integrated radio head and map light mounting is standard equipment on
the new R 1200 RT-P, thereby facilitating quick yet secure installation
of the radio control head. Combined with the standard radio antenna
mounting at the rear, the RT-P is ready for any police radio installation
without purchasing extra mounts.
The mounting will also facilitate the tandem mounting of a police video
system display / control head while retaining easy access to the ignition
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December, 2016
The 2016 R 1200 RT-P
The R 1200 RT-P sets the standard for electrical
power management while providing fast and
efficient connection of police equipment. The BCa
(Body Controller authority) controls all special
authority circuit outputs and charging of the
auxiliary battery. There is no need for fuses, the
BCa monitors and protects outputs, controlling
circuits for all police accessories:
Gun Lock (6A)
Radio (15A)
Auxiliary LED Emergency Lights
LED Flasher Connection (10A + 6A)
Helmet Headset Interface (2A)
Lighter Socket (6A)
Accessory I (2A)
Accessory II (2A)
Accessory III (2A)
Fairing Radio Speakers
Radar Connection (6A)
The radio box on the R 1200 RT-P features an electronic
release, eliminating the need for a key to open the box. The
Body Controller authority and auxiliary battery are located
under the radio box for optimal protection and interference
suppression (average police radio chassis illustrated in radio
box). The BCa controls all accessory outputs and limits the
time each output is powered after ignition-off. When each
output is switched off, no parasitic loads are possible. The
BCa also monitors battery condition and systematically shutsdown accessory outputs to ensure the auxiliary battery
cannot be flattened / damaged. At an average of $1.50 a
minute, installation labor for radios and accessories can be
greatly reduced which significantly lowers your overall police
motor preparation costs.
Saddlebag illumination is another feature for
the R 1200 RT-P. Two LEDs are precisely
focused to illuminate the inside of the police
saddlebag. Actuation is simple … wave your
hand by the light and a proximity sensor will
turn-on both saddlebag lights for 15 seconds,
then automatically turn them off! If you need
the light for a longer period, wave your hand
again and you get another 15 seconds of
illumination. A cool yet extremely practical
feature when loading / unloading at night, in
low light conditions, parking garages, etc.
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December, 2016
The 2016 R 1200 RT-P
Your Best Long-Term Value!
BMW Police Motors are being utilized by
more than 450 agencies in the US,
including the three largest US fleets
operated by the California Highway Patrol,
Los Angeles Police Department and Los
Angeles Sheriff’s Department. BMW has
always focused on providing the best
police motor with the features that
agencies want and use. BMW police
motors are supplied with a much higher
level of standard equipment than our
competitors, which is why you need to look
carefully at what features you specify in
your RFQ’s when comparing price and
value. No police motor sold today has a
higher level of standard equipment than
the BMW … you have told us what you
use and need … and BMW supplies it!
This means significantly lower up-fitting
costs as well as greater utilization and
reliability for your agency.
Added Value from BMW R 1200 RT-P Motors:
Electronic lock-release integrated radio box with wiring ports, ground plate and antenna mount.
Police-specific top-opening saddlebags with glove-friendly latch and optional work bag liner.
Corrosion-resistant stainless steel front and rear protection bar system.
Linked dual 16 Ah maintenance-free batteries with 10 separately-monitored equipment circuits.
Adjustable dashboard display of system voltage, outside temperature, tire pressure, etc.
Four-way emergency flashers as well as two-way rear flashers, blue ID lights.
Central stand allowing easier maintenance such as tire changes, cleaning, etc.
Wind tunnel optimized full fairing providing superior air management / comfort.
All lights “off” switch with dimmable dashboard information display.
Cruise lights for dimmed front and rear emergency light steady illumination.
Wig-wag headlight function when emergency lights are activated (three selectable frequencies or off).
Alley light switch enables independent illumination of L or R front side LED alley lights.
Integrated fairing-mounted speakers for radio & radar, pre-wired inside radio box w/speaker mute switch.
BCa managed electrical power connection bus inside radio box for all common equipment connections.
Accurate digital police speedometer with pace-lock display.
Three-tone BMW 120 dB twin-speaker siren system with wail/yelp/hyper-yelp, air horn and public address.
Cutting-edge BMW/Code 3 LED emergency lighting system with LIN-bus control.
Electrically-adjustable windshield, adjustable seat height, adjustable brake, clutch & shift lever.
Full radio interference suppression system with optimized radio antenna and control head mount.
Gun lock release handlebar switch and pre-wired harness for lock.
Pre-wired moving radar connection (VSS, battery+, switched power +, ground)
Pre-wired map light connection plug and mounting on std. radio control head mount.
Pre-wired constant and switched-power circuits for computers, printers or video systems.
Side stand holds motorcycle on grades up to 9% without locking mechanism (park in gear for steeper grades).
Partial-integral ABS braking system with independent rear wheel brake control and traction control.
The largest fuel tank (6.6 gal) with dramatically better fuel economy and range ≥300 miles.
The longest service intervals (6,000 miles) for oil change / maintenance.
The most comprehensive warranty covering all BMW supplied equipment, not just the motorcycle,
enables your authorized BMW dealer to keep your motors on the road with less down-time.
© 2016 BMW Motorrad USA. All Rights Reserved. A division of BMW of North America, LLC
December, 2016
Optional Value from BMW R 1200 RT-P Motors:
BMW provides the most comprehensive assortment of options specifically designed for BMW motors, from simple map
lights to electric locking assault rifle mounts. BMW designs these options to enable agencies to professionally mount the
specialized equipment that we know you need and use, enabling everything to work properly. Additionally, these specially
designed mounts greatly reduce the installation time over “universal” mounts (universal means it doesn’t fit anything
properly), making the final package more affordable. All options are warranted by BMW to fit and function properly! A
detailed listing of available options is in this information sheet.
Many recent entrants to the police motor arena have made claims of being much less expensive, but when the bidding is
over and the dust settles, those motors are usually similar in price or even more expensive than the BMW with far less
standard equipment and higher operating costs! Don’t be fooled by the newcomers!
New standard features on every R 1200 RT-P: (standard for stock units)
Heated seat and heated handlebar grips (new 5-level adjustment for heat settings)
BMW ABS with Traction Control
Tire Pressure Monitoring
Electronic Cruise Control (controls down to 9 mph)
Weather Protection: provide rain, wind and heat protection to rider / keeps motor clean
Rider Information Display including system voltage, ambient temperature, etc.
New factory options available at additional cost: (special order units only)
Dynamic ESA – monitors road dynamics and automatically adjusts suspension to current road conditions
Gear Shift Assist Pro – enables up and down shifting without clutch once motor is moving in 1 gear
GPS Preparation – special dashboard pre-wired for BMW Navigator V GPS
Dynamic Package – special price package that contains Headlight Pro, Hill-Start Control, ABS Pro and Ride
Modes Pro. Headlight Pro provides corona ring lighting, Hill Start holds brake on up or down hill until clutch is
engages, Ride Modes Pro provides “Dynamic” ride mode for maximum vehicle performance and response.
Chrome Exhaust – beautify your ride
Additional Fog Lights – provides low level lighting for fog / alternatively flashes with headlight flasher during
daytime operation of emergency lights
Fire Extinguisher – 1 KG dry powder fire extinguisher for emergency use
High Seat Heated – no charge high seat option
Low Seat Heated – no charge low seat option
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December, 2016
How Important is Fuel
The fuel economy (or lack thereof)
is an increasingly important aspect
of the operational cost of police
motorcycles. What is illuminating is
the significant additional cost of
operation with specific motors.
Often, motor purchases are
decided with minimal differences in
price without consideration to the
effect of operational cost, yet these
costs can dwarf the variance
between competing bids. See at
right one more reason why BMW
Police Motors are the best longterm value for your agency.
* The R 1200 RT-P can be operated on
middle-grade 89 AKI fuel.
**All MPG data results from the LASD 2011
Vehicle Test Report, where fuel
consumption was monitored on fully
equipped police motorcycles, ridden on
specific routes to simulate typical police
riding style and real world situations,
including violator stops, etc.
Your actual mileage may vary from the results above.
BMW provides service maintenance training classes at our Ontario, CA BMW
Training Center free-of-charge to the agency.
This class is specifically tailored to agency technicians who wish to fully maintain the motor as well as perform
supplementary work such tire changes, clutch replacement, etc. BMW also offers training on the BMW ISPI diagnostic
tester system for agencies with larger fleets that can justify the acquisition of a diagnostic tester. The training enrollment
form can be found under the training tab on the BMW Police Motors website at .
Contact Information:
BMW Motorrad USA
Frank Stevens, Authority Program Manager
(201-264-836 Cell)
Bob McCormick, Authority Representative – East
(Retired Albemarle County Police)
(434-960-0699 Cell)
John Steele, Authority Representative – Central
(Retired LASD Motor Sergeant)
(909-732-3140 Cell)
Don Biava, Authority Representative – West
(Retired California Highway Patrol)
(916-396-6665 Cell)
BMW Police Motors Website
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December, 2016
BMW R 1200 RT-P Motors Perform at Michigan State Police Vehicle Test.
BMW Motorrad USA supports the Michigan State Police Vehicle Test, participating again in the 2015 vehicle test program.
The New R 1200 RT-P performed flawlessly in the testing, registering impressive results in all test categories throughout
the testing program. Go to under Products / Agency Reviews to see the complete test report with
details on all motors tested.
BMW Motorrad USA thanks the Michigan State Police for conducting their annual vehicle testing program, which we feel
is a valuable service to law enforcement agencies everywhere.
© 2016 BMW Motorrad USA. All Rights Reserved. A division of BMW of North America, LLC
December, 2016
BMW R 1200 RT-P Motors Perform at Los Angeles Sheriff’s Vehicle Test.
BMW Motorrad USA supports the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department Vehicle Test, participating again in late 2014 for the
2015 vehicle test. The LASD test contains additional criteria that many agencies value as well as providing test rider
commentary. The results below were from the braking tests. Go to under Products / Agency Reviews
for complete test results for all models.
BMW Motorrad USA thanks the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department for conducting their annual vehicle testing
program, which we feel is a valuable service to law enforcement agencies everywhere.
© 2016 BMW Motorrad USA. All Rights Reserved. A division of BMW of North America, LLC
December, 2016
R 1200 RT-P Options / Equipment Listing
Factory Color Choices
Night Black & Alpine White III (753)
Alpine White III (751)
Night Black (716) (Special Order)
Other Colors Available via Special Order
Selectable Factory Options (special order)
Dynamic ESA (191)
Keyless Ride (193)
Gear Shift Assist Pro (222)
GPS Preparation (272)
Dynamic Package (204, 219, 224, 5AC)
Chrome Exhaust (350)
Additional Fog Lights (562)
Fire Extinguisher (666)
High Seat – Heated (610)
Low Seat – Heated (776)
Standard Factory Features
Heated Single Seat (518)
Heated Handlebar Grips (series std)
TPM (Tire Pressure Monitoring) (530)
Traction Control System (series std)
Electronic Cruise Control (538)
Weather Protection Pkg. (649)
US Authority Package (113)
Authority Package (369)
Full Interference Suppression (461)
Electronic Siren (486)
Authority Speedometer MPH (504)
Auxiliary Battery (537)
Switch-Off Lights (570)
Single Seat w/Large Radio Box (642)
Painted Special Duty Cases (660)
Front Protection Bars (672)
Rear Protection Bars (674)
Deviation from Standard (719)
Rear Socket (764)
Michelin Tires (788)
Authority Vehicle (998)
Emergency Light Options
Red, Blue, Amber, White LEDX Modules
Duplex LEDX Rear Module
(Blue/Blue, Red/Red, Blue/Red, Blue/Amber)
Twin Torus LED Take-Down Lights
Single Torus LED Alley Lights
Auxiliary Brake/Tail LED Lights
Auxiliary Side Turn Signal Lights
Saddlebag LED Lights
Radio Options
Radio Power Plug Connector
Radio “Y” Harness
Accessory Output Plugs
Radio Speaker Plug
Radio Quick Mounting Plate
Helmet Headset Interface Plug
Microphone Mount
Microphone Mounting Hardware
Other Convenience Options
Side Stand Foot Extension
BMW Navigator 5 GPS
GPS Mount
BMW Driving Lights
Extra Ignition Key
Map Light
Note Pad Holder
POLICE Decal Set
Rear Flashlight Holder (LH or RH)
Rear Flashlight / PR24 Holder – Left
Rear Flashlight / PR24 Holder – Right
Rear M4 Combat Assault Rifle Mount – Right
Rear Shotgun Mount – Right
Gun Mount Bracket (required for above)
Low Seat - Not Heated
Std. Seat – Not Heated
High Seat – Not Heated
Low Seat - Heated
High Seat - Heated
Tire Pressure Gauge
Saddlebag Liners (each)
Tank Top Bag w/Map Pocket
BMW 2.5Ah Battery Charger
Motorcycle Deluxe Cover
Stainless Steel Valve Cover Guards
Engine Sump Protection Plate
Video Integration Options
L3 Mobile Vision Display Mount
Kustom Road Warrior Display Head Mount
Kustom Road Warrior Processor Mt - Radio Box
Camera Mount – Kustom or L3
Radar Options
Front 12v Power Outlet (lighter style) or USB
Fused Power Socket Power Harness
MPH Bee III Display Heat Mount
Kustom Eagle Display Head Mount
Kustom Raptor Display Head Mount
Kustom Eagle Front & Rear Antenna Mounts
Kustom Raptor Front & Rear Antenna Mounts
Kustom Raptor Radar Counter Mt (in radio box lid)
Kustom Remote Controller Mounting Bracket
Stalker Controller Mount (under radio box lid)
Kustom / Stalker / Mic Remote Mt Hardware
Stalker Remote Controller Mounting Bracket
Stalker Dual (not waterproof) Display Head Mount
Stalker DSR 2X Display Mount
Stalker Dual Waterproof Display Head Mt (old)
Stalker Front & Rear Antenna Mounts
Radar / Lidar Gun Adaptor Plate
(Radar / Lidar Gun Mounts from K26SF Model)
Kustom Talon Radar Gun Mount
LTI 20/20 Lidar Gun Mount
Stalker Lidar Gun Mount
Kustom Pro-Laser 3 Lidar Gun Mount
Stalker II Radar Gun Holster Mount
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December, 2016
Technical Specifications
Engine Layout
Bore x stroke
Rated output
Max. torque
Compression ratio
Mixture control / engine
Emission control
Cooling System
Maximum speed
Fuel consumption
Fuel type
Battery, Main
Battery, Auxiliary
Drive System
Front wheel location / suspension
Rear wheel location / suspension
Suspension travel front / rear
Steering head angle
Rim, front
Rim, rear
Tires, front
Tires, rear
Brake, front
Brake, rear
Width (incl. mirrors)
Height (excl. mirrors)
Seat height, wet weight
Weight, wet
Payload including rider
Usable tank volume
Saddlebag volume
Siren system
Emergency lighting system
Alley lights
Cruise lights
Take-down lights
Air/water-cooled flat twin ('Boxer') 4-stroke engine, two camshafts and four radially
aligned valves per cylinder, central balancer shaft
101 mm x 73 mm
1,170 cc
125 hp (92 kW) at 7,750 rpm
92 ft-lb (125 Nm) at 6,500 rpm
12.5 : 1
Electronic intake pipe injection / BMS-X+ electronic engine management with E-Gas
electronic throttle actuator, ride mode control (rain / road), optional Ride Modes Pro with
additional dynamic mode, reduced throttle twist angle to 70°
Closed-loop 3-way catalytic converter, emission standard EU-3
Air / water precision cooled, thermostatically-controlled micro-cooled, large radiators with
computer-controlled auxiliary fan drive
125+ mph (200 km/h)
60 mpg at a constant 56 mph
Premium fuel 91 AKI (mid-grade 89 AKI with reduced performance)
Three-phase alternator 540 W w/auxiliary battery and power management via BCa
12 V / 16 Ah, AGM maintenance-free
12 V / 16 Ah, AGM maintenance-free, with computer controlled charging relay
Self-energizing wet clutch, 8-plates, hydraulic self-adjusting
Constant mesh 6-speed gearbox with helical gear teeth
Shaft drive with integral torsion damper, std. ABS and traction control
Continuous tubular steel bridge-type frame, bolt-on rear frame section
BMW Motorrad Telelever, central spring strut, hydraulic steering damper
Cast aluminum single-sided swing arm with BMW Motorrad EVO Paralever; WAD strut
(travel-related damping), spring preload hydraulically adjustable (continuously variable) at
hand wheel, rebound damping adjustable
4.7/5.4 inches (120 mm / 136 mm)
58.5 inches (1,485 mm)
4.6 inches (116 mm)
Cast aluminum wheels, MTH2 rim profile
3.50 x 17"
5.50 x 17"
120/70 ZR 17 Michelin Pilot Road 4
180/55 ZR 17 Michelin Pilot Road 4
Dual disc brake, floating brake discs, diameter 320 mm, four-piston radial calipers
Single disc brake, diameter 275 mm, double-piston floating caliper
BMW Motorrad Integral ABS (partial-integral)
87.5 inches (2,222 mm)
38.7 inches (983 mm)
55.7 inches (1,416 mm)
31.7/32.5 inches Std (high: 32.7 / 33.5 inches; low seat: 29.9 / 30.7 inches)
650 lbs (295 kg)
1,091 lbs (495 kg)
441 lbs (200 kg)
6.6 gallons (25.0 liters)
Approx. 1 gallon (4.0 liters)
23 liters each, top-opening
BMW twin speaker electronic siren with wail, yelp, hyper-yelp, air-horn, PA.
SAE J1849 and CA Title 13 compliant. 120 dB (A) @ 3 m.
BMW/Code 3 LED light system (maximum 10 LEDX light heads) with alternating flash
sequence, channel segregation for front & rear and duplex LEDX auxiliary rear.
Integrated alley light function utilizing separate Torus LED, selectable alternating wig-wag
with emergency light operation.
Integrated cruise light function for front and rear facing LED emergency lights to steadyburn at 10% power output.
Integrated twin Torus LED, with selection switch for steady-burn or wig/wag alternating
flash with emergency light operation.
© 2016 BMW Motorrad USA. All Rights Reserved. A division of BMW of North America, LLC
December, 2016
Limited Warranty - BMW R 1200 RT-P
2016 Police Motorcycles
(Valid only in the U.S.A.)
BMW of North America, LLC (“BMW NA”) warrants to the first retail Public Authority (Purchaser) and each subsequent Purchaser of 2016 U.S.
specification R 1200 RT-P BMW Police motorcycles, imported by BMW NA, to be free of defects in materials or workmanship for a period of 36 months
or 60,000 miles, whichever occurs first, commencing with the date the motorcycle is delivered to its first retail Purchaser, or, if the motorcycle is first
placed in service as a BMW Press motorcycle, BMW Employee Lease motorcycle, BMW Motorcycle demonstrator, BMW Display motorcycle, BMW
Fleet Motorcycle or BMW Motorcycle retailer demonstrator prior to sale at retail, on the date the motorcycle is first placed in such service.
To obtain service under this warranty, the motorcycle must be brought, upon discovery of the defect, to the workshop of any BMW Motorrad USA
authorized motorcycle retailer. This motorcycle dealer will, without charge for parts or labor, either repair or replace the defective part(s) using new or
authorized remanufactured parts. The decision whether to repair or replace said part(s) is solely the prerogative of BMW NA. Parts for which
replacements are made become the property of BMW NA.
BMW NA makes no other express warranty on this product except the warranty as to the emission control system. The duration of any implied
warranty of merchantability, is limited to the duration of the express warranty herein. BMW NA hereby excludes incidental and consequential
damages, including loss of time, inconvenience, or loss of use of the vehicle, for any breach of any express or implied warranty, including
any implied warranty of merchantability that may be applicable to this product. Some states do not allow limitations on how long an implied
warranty lasts, or the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitations and exclusions may not apply to you.
This warranty is not applicable to Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) Motorcycles offered for sale under the BMW Certified Pre-Owned Motorcycle Program. A
separate Certified Pre-Owned protection Plan, described in applicable CPO literature, outlines the coverage provided to BMW CPO Motorcycles under
the CPO Protection Plan.
This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state. Any legal claim or action arising from
any express or implied warranty contained herein must be brought within 12 months of the date it arises.
Notwithstanding the above, the following items are warranted against defects in material and workmanship for the first 12 months:
Halogen headlight bulbs
LED bulbs as original equipment supplied by BMW (not Code 3, see below for Code 3 LED warning light warranty)
Paint, powder coat and chrome finishes
Notwithstanding the above, the following items are warranted against defects in material and workmanship for the first 24 months:
This warranty does not apply to the following, except as noted above:
a. Maintenance Services - This includes, but is not limited to, scheduled maintenance, such as oil changes, wheel balancing; mechanical adjustments
or repairs which become necessary through normal wear and tear such as throttle body synchronization, steering bearing adjustments; or periodic
maintenance such as input and Paralever drive shaft spline lubrications.
b. Service & Wear Items - This includes, but is not limited to, the replacement of brake pads, linings and rotor assemblies, clutch plates, rear drive
chain / belt and sprockets, spring strut dampers, steering head dampers, steering head, wheel and swing arm bearings and ball joints, incandescent
bulbs, fuses, control cables, exhaust pipes and mufflers for discoloration of finish and rubber items such as hand grips, heated hand grips, foot rests,
foot shift and control cable shields.
c. Batteries - Batteries that exhibit signs of neglect or overcharging.
d. Tires - Tires and tubes are warranted by their respective manufacturer for defects in materials and workmanship.
e. Code 3 Emergency Products - BMW NA has arranged with Code 3 Public Safety Equipment, Inc. (“Code 3”) to allow authorized BMW motorcycle
retailers to process valid Code 3 claims for warranty repair / replacement of Code 3 products; but only for Code 3 products supplied by BMW NA on new
BMW police motors or originally distributed by BMW NA through the BMW parts system. Code 3 warranty duration is 3-years for LED’s light heads and
LED flasher modules. Please refer to the warranty information provided with these products for further details.
f. Other Emergency Lighting and Siren Systems - These components manufactured by Whelen, Federal Signal and Unitrol are warranted by their
respective manufacturer for defects in material and workmanship. Please refer to the warranty information provided with these products for further
details or consult the BMW police motors website for the respective manufacturer’s warranty / repair information at .
g. Improper Fuel Usage - Only use fuels advertised to have adequate detergency and low alcohol (maximum 10% ethanol) content. Please refer to
your owner’s manual for important information on the fuel recommended for use in your vehicle. Use of fuels with insufficient detergent and/or excess
alcohol can cause drivability problems that necessitate cleaning intake valves and fuel injection valves, and, when applicable, adjusting the engine idle.
We suggest having this work performed by your authorized BMW dealer, perhaps while regular maintenance is performed. Your BMW dealer can also
recommend a gasoline additive that will provide sufficient detergency. While this recommended unscheduled maintenance is not required in order to
maintain the emissions warranty, cleaning of the intake valves or, when applicable, fuel injection valves, or adjustment of engine idle, necessitated by
use of inappropriate fuel, it is not covered by warranty because no defect in material or workmanship or component failure is involved.
h. Failure to Service - This includes, but is not limited to, damage attributable to failure to perform maintenance services at the specified intervals or in
accordance with the instructions in the Rider’s Manual and/or Service & Technical booklet. Proof must be provided either by a paid invoice copy or filling
in the appropriate boxes in the Service & Technical booklet.
i. Damage - This includes, but is not limited to, damage resulting from negligence, improper treatment, the installation and use of side cars, three wheel
conversions, trailer hitches, the towing of trailers of any description, accidents or improper accident damage repairs, corrosion from road salts, battery
acid, cleaning agents, environmental influences, or treatment contrary to the Rider’s Manual and/or Service and Technical booklet.
j. Non-BMW Parts - Damage to a component or assembly due to the installation of replacement parts with specifications that differ in any material
respect from Original BMW Parts.
k. Towing. Limited towing assistance is available through the BMW Motorcycle Roadside Assistance Plan.
The warranty shall be null and void if:
The motorcycle is used in any competitive events.
The motorcycle has been declared a total loss or sold for salvage purposes.
If the Vehicle Identification Number has been altered or cannot be read.
Any performance accessories or components attached to the vehicle which alters the original engineering and/or operating specifications
which results or may result in damage to other original components.
© 2016 BMW Motorrad USA. All Rights Reserved. A division of BMW of North America, LLC
December, 2016
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