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StinkBOSS User Guide_FINAL.indd
All Rights Reserved. StinkBOSS™, Defeet the Stink™ are trademarks of ARY, Inc. in the United States and other countries.
Important: Please take a few minutes to thoroughly read this Owner’s
Manual & Quick Start Guide before using machine for the first time.
Please save the Owner’s Manual & Quick Start Guide for future reference.
Got stinky shoes and athletic gear?! We thought so! And we’re glad that you purchased
a StinkBOSS™
The StinkBOSS™ unique technology targets the smell at the source - Bacteria.
StinkBOSS™ odor fighting weapon is none other than ozone gas, which actually blows
up the bacteria in tiny explosions. Cool, huh? More on that later.
We know that you play hard in your gear every day. Don’t let the stink hold you back.
Use your StinkBOSS™ every night and keep playing hard and sweating hard.
Safety Information
Read this Owner’s Manual & Quick Start Guide carefully before using the machine for the
first time.
DO NOT operate the StinkBOSS™ with the lid open. The lid must be closed during operation
of this machine.
DO NOT place anything living (plants or animals) inside StinkBOSS™.
Only use the StinkBOSS™ for its intended use and as instructed in Owner’s Manual & Quick
Start Guide.
DO NOT use the StinkBOSS™ on a wet or hot surface, or near a heat source.
DO NOT immerse machine or power cord in water, or any other type of liquid.
To reduce the risk of electric shock, this equipment has a polarized plug (one blade is wider
than the other.) This plug will fit in a polarized outlet only one way. If the plug does not fit fully
in the outlet, reverse the plug. If it still does not fit, contact qualified personnel to install the
proper outlet. Do not alter the plug in any way.
DO NOT use extension cords - plug the StinkBOSS™ directly into an electrical outlet.
DO NOT disconnect the StinkBOSS™ by pulling on the power cord. Unplug the StinkBOSS
directly from the power source.
DO NOT operate the StinkBOSS™ with a damaged power cord.
DO NOT dissemble the StinkBOSS™ in a any way or expose the ozone generator located in
the base of the StinkBOSS™.
Limited Warranty
ARY, Inc., a distributor and manufacturer of the Stink Boss™ and related items (collectively, the
“Goods”), extends to the purchaser of the Goods a Limited One Year Warranty, from the receipt of the
Goods, under terms and conditions set out herein.
All Goods sold by ARY, Inc. are warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship at the
time of delivery to purchaser. Defective material may be returned to ARY, Inc. after inspection by an
agent of ARY, Inc. and upon receipt from ARY, Inc. of shipping instructions specific to the defective
Goods authorized by ARY, Inc. to be returned. ARY, Inc. at its sole option, may either (i) replace or
repair any defective materials and workmanship (and return the Goods to purchaser without charge),
(ii) refund the purchase price, or (iii) grant a reasonable allowance with the foregoing procedure.
This warranty is subject to the following limitations:
i. ARY, Inc.’s responsibility and the purchaser’s exclusive remedy under this warranty is limited to
the repair or replacement of defects in material and workmanship, refund of the purchase price, or
grant of a reasonable allowance on account of such defects, all as set forth above. ARY, Inc. is not
responsible for any consequential damages resulting from the breach of this or any other express or
implied warranty with respect to the Goods.
ii. This express warranty is the only warranty applicable. It excludes all other express oral or written
warranties and all warranties implied by law with respect to the Goods, including any warranties or
merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.
iii. Every claim under this warranty shall be deemed waived by purchaser unless made in writing
within one (1) year of the receipt of the Goods to which such claim relates.
iv. This warranty, as to the Goods, is void (a) to repairs made by anyone other than ARY, Inc. without
prior authorization from ARY, Inc., (b) to performance of any system of which ARY, Inc.’s Goods are a
component part, (c) to deterioration by corrosion or any cause of failure other than defect of material
or workmanship, (d) to any components of the Goods, (e) if any of the Good or parts thereof have been
tampered with or altered by someone other than ARY, Inc., or subjected to misuse, neglect, abuse, or
misuse in application.
ARY, Inc.’s maximum liability hereunder, arising from any cause whatsoever, whether based in
contract, tort (including negligence), strict liability, or any other theory of law, shall not exceed the
purchase price. A suit based on any aforementioned cause of action must be commenced within one
year from the date said action accrues.
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Table of Contents
The Science of Stink .....................................................4
How Ozone Kills Bacteria ..............................................5
StinkBOSSTM User Diagram ...........................................6
Using Your StinkBOSSTM................................................7
Uses & Tips ...................................................................8
Troubleshooting .............................................................9
Warranty ......................................................................11
Rethink Stink? The Science of Stink
will not turn on –
• Make sure that the machine is properly plugged into a grounded outlet.
• Check the power cord for tears and frays. Do not use if power cord is damaged.
• Make sure the power switch is turned on.
What causes the revolting stench in your shoes?! Here’s the skinny on the science
behind the stink.
Like any other part of our bodies, feet have sweat glands. Each foot contains 250,000
sweat glands, making your feet among your most perspiring body parts! And they
produce a lot of sweat; more than a pint a day! But since sweat is mostly salt and water, it
normally doesn’t smell. So, what is clearing out rooms when you take off your shoes?
is not eliminating the odor –
• Ensure that your gear is not too tight around the air vents. An item that fits too
tightly will not allow for proper circulation and the ozone will not reach the bacteria
• If your gear is very odor-saturated, it may take more than one cycle on the
highest level. Even that may not completely eliminate the stink. We recommend
using StinkBOSS after each use to prevent the odor-causing bacteria from taking
up permanent residence in your gear!
My shoes are still wet from sweat. The StinkBOSS
didn’t dry them –
• Increase the time to allow heat/dry cycle to run longer.
• Ensure you have selected “Heat Boosted” on your control panel.
Bacteria!! Bacteria live naturally on human skin, and are attracted to dark and damp
areas. Sound like a place you know? Your sweaty shoes or gear!
So the dynamic duo of sweat and bacteria is causing the stink. But how? Bacteria are
feasting away on the big sweat buffet in your shoes. But, what’s even grosser? What
goes in, must come out! As they’re feasting away, bacteria are also excreting. Eww!
There is an odor coming from the StinkBOSS . –
• The StinkBOSS™ creates ozone, which in turn kills the bacteria. Ozone has a very
distinct scent, which might remind you of the fresh, clean smell of a lightning storm
or a chlorinated pool.
There you have it! The stink in your shoes is the bacteria excrement. Nasty!
Uses & Tips
How Ozone Kills Bacteria
Any sweaty, stinky gear that fits loosely over the air vents can be used in the StinkBOSS ,
like knee pads, shin guards, batting gloves, hiking boots, etc. It is improtant that your gear
fits loosely over the air vents to allow the air and ozone to properly circulate. If something
fits too tightly, there may not be enough space for the ozone to reach the bacteria inside.
What is ozone? Ozone is a gas made up of three oxygen atoms (O3), and is created
when O2, the oxygen we breathe, is split into single oxygen atoms. Ozone can react with
anything it comes in contact with, which makes it very useful for cleaning and disinfecting.
This is exactly why the StinkBOSS uses ozone to kill the stinky bacteria in your shoes!
How is it done? In nature, ozone is made when lightning passes through air, and breaks
up oxygen molecules. Think of the StinkBOSS like a mini atmosphere. It will create
the “lightning” to break up oxygen molecules and circulate the new ozone molecules
throughout your shoes.
But, how does that kill bacteria? Ozone lands on the cell walls of bacteria. When the
ozone and bacteria make contact, an oxidative burst happens which makes a hole in the
cell wall. As more ozone begins to create more holes, the bacterium loses its shape and
blows up in a tiny explosion.
Tell that to your science teacher!
Using Your StinkBOSS
StinkBOSS User Diagram
Let’s Get Started
LED Timer Display
Plug StinkBOSS into electrical outlet.
Locate Power Switch on back of machine and switch to “ON” position.
Setting Adjustment
Press Lid Release Button, open lid of machine and place gear on the Heat and
Ozone Vents.
With power on, the LED Timer Display will read 0:00.
Heat Boosted
To start, press
Stop Button
During the heat or drying cycle, the LED Heat Boosted Indicator will blink.
When the heat cycle is completed, the De-Stink cycle will begin. The
LED De-Stink Indicator will blink during this time.
Lid Release
Lid Handle
Heat & Ozone
to set the time.
Determine if the process requires heat. (It is recommended that you use the
heat cycle for damp or wet gear.)
No Heat
Once the De-Stink cycle is complete, the machine will sound a beep and the
control panel will read 0:00.
Machine fan will continue to run for 5 minutes after De-Stink cycle is complete.
During this cycle, no heat or ozone will be produced.
Press Lid Release Button, open the lid.
Remove your shoes or gear.
Heat & Ozone
To stop the De-Stink cycle at anytime, press
* If gear is already dry, and heat cycle is not needed, press
to activate machine without Heat Boosted cycle.
NOTE: Lid must be closed during operation of this machine.
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