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The XTS 5000™ Project 25 Digital Radio is the toughest
and most interoperable radio Motorola makes. It assures
seamless, high quality communication in a robust design
that stands up to the most demanding environments.
Motorola’s IP-enabled portable two-way performer offers
a full array of sophisticated features and progressive
technology. Designed specifically for law enforcement,
firefighters, emergency medical, military and federal
agencies, the XTS 5000 digital portable radio is the
preferred tool of life-saving professionals.
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operate and integrate into
any system. Plus, it utilizes
most of your existing XTS
and MTS accessories. This
allows the use of a mixed
set of subscribers while minimizing the proliferation of
multiple accessory platforms.
Your smart, secure APCO
25 solution.
The versatile XTS 5000
portable radio is designed
to operate on ASTRO® 25
Digital Trunked and ASTRO
Analog and Digital Trunked
systems, plus it supports
Analog and Project 25 Digital
conventional operation.
Enhanced encryption and
advanced features.
Motorola is first again by
delivering a 700/800 MHz
dual band capable radio.
The complete line of XTS
5000 bands includes:
700/800 MHz (764-870
MHz), VHF (136-174 MHz),
UHF Range I (380-470 MHz)
with the added enhancement
of a broader frequency span
starting at 380 MHz, and
UHF Range II (450-520 MHz).
Advanced interoperability
and backward compatibility.
The XTS 5000 digital
portable radio is easy to
The XTS 5000 portable radio
is capable of the most
advanced security features
available in the industry,
including Type 1, 3 and 4
encryption options and the
simplicity of Over the Air
Rekeying (OTAR).
All three XTS 5000 models
are available in a ruggedized version. The ruggedized
packaging option ensures
your radio will operate
under the most adverse
conditions – even after
submersion in water.
Rugged housings are available in traditional black or
public safety yellow for
easy visibility.
Integrated voice and data ready.
This IP-enabled radio is
equipped for additional
enhancements including
data applications such as
short messaging service and
external data device usage
via high speed USB or
RS232 ports.
Improved audio quality.
XTS 5000 has incorporated
Motorola’s Noise Reduction
Software allowing portable
radio users to appreciate
improvements in audio
quality. Audio quality is
clear and concise as background noise is minimized.
Smart features. An
intelligent choice.
Motorola’s smart batteries
communicate with the XTS
5000 radio to track and display current battery capacity
and charge cycles to maximize talk time and peak
battery life.
Easily adaptable and
fully expandable.
Whenever there is an
upgrade, FLASHport™
support lets you customize
your XTS 5000 radio with
Choose from Model 1 with
basic features; Model 2 with
bit map display and navigation
keys; or Model 3 with all
these features plus an
alphanumeric keypad.
Model 1
Model 2
Model 3
new software. This will
ensure future enhancements can be added to your
fleet as you migrate to
more sophisticated features
and technologies.
Comprehensive compliance.
XTS 5000 meets or exceeds
applicable Mil Specifications 810, C, D, E and F.
This radio is perfectly suited
to the rigors of the most
challenging environments.
Choose the intrinsically safe
radio, battery and accessory
options as required for
operation in a wide variety
of hazardous classified environments. The intrinsically
safe portable radio, when
used with intrinsically safe
battery options, is FM
approved for Division I
Class I, II and III, Group C,
D, E, F and G.
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Motorola's Project 25
solutions offer true
interoperability across
jurisdictions and agencies.These solutions
allow for efficient and
reliable inter-agency
communications in any
emergency situation.
XTS 5000
Clearly, the XTS 5000
radio is the top choice
for mission-critical
APCO Project 25 users.
Designed to deliver
multiple frequency band
solutions, it offers
enhanced spectrum
utilization and seamless
integration in congested
urban areas or dispersed
rural regions. With new
mechanical and audio
enhancements, this twoway digital means
greater interoperability
and durability for the
demanding user.
Pair your portable with a full line of Motorola Original
Accessories including remote microphones, headsets,
surveillance earpiece kits, carry cases, antennas, batteries
and chargers.
Motorola Original Accessories are performance matched to
guarantee the same high standards of quality that you enjoy
with your Motorola two-way radio. When you see the
Motorola Original logo, you know the accessories are built
and tested to meet the highest standards that you expect.
Motorola Original Accessories turn your communication
system into a personal communication solution for your
everyday needs.
impres™ Smart Energy System
The impres Smart Energy System ensures maximum talktime and optimized battery cycle life through the use of its
advanced charging algorithm and automatic reconditioning
features. impres NiCd batteries carry a 24 month capacity
warranty, and impres NiMH & Li ion batteries carry an 18
month capacity warranty when used with impres chargers.
Temple Transducer Headset
Lightweight, behind-the-head headset with noise-canceling
boom microphone. Innovative design lets you clearly receive
audio without covering the ear.
CommPort™ Integrated Microphone/Receiver
Features the latest in voice processing technology. Listen
and speak under the most adverse conditions. Miniaturized
system fastens snugly to the ear.
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In an urgent situation, you want ultimate security and
performance. Our IP-enabled digital Project 25 XTS 5000
portable radio allows multiple systems to communicate when
you need it the most. It’s Motorola’s most interoperable
portable available.
For over 70 years, Motorola has been incorporating the latest
technologies into practical, progressive solutions for real situations and rigorous environments. We hear the call and answer
with innovative, high quality tools for mission-critical heroes.
Motorola makes things smarter and life better.
Motorola’s enhanced audio
delivers clear, crisp, high
quality communications.
Plus, the XTS 5000 portable
radio offers the most
advanced security features
in the industry. It’s an unbeatable combination for missioncritical situations.
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