FedEx Ship ManagerTM at Top-Ten Time

FedEx Ship ManagerTM at Top-Ten Time
FedEx Ship ManagerTM at
Top-Ten Time-Saving Tips
Follow these tips and take advantage of additional features that will enhance your online shipping experience by making
the process even faster and easier.
Time-Saving Tip #1:
Address Book Optimization
Manage your addresses effectively using the following approaches:
Import Addresses from your Microsoft Outlook® Address Book
FedEx Ship ManagerTM allows you to ship to contacts from your Outlook
address book.
• Click the Preferences link on the top right of the page and navigate
to the 1. From or 2. To modules.
• Check the Enable link to select addresses from Microsoft
Outlook box to activate this feature.
• Click the Save changes button.
• When shipping, click the Select Address from Microsoft Outlook
link to pull addresses from Outlook.
Import Addresses from Other Sources
If you have addresses stored in software or web applications, you can
import them all at once to your Address Book.
• Click the arrow on the My Lists tab and select the Address Book
• Click on the Import/Export tab to access the import/export screen.
• You now have the option to download a import template,
import using a supported file type format or use the mapping tool
to match fields in your address file to the fields in the
Address Book.
Relax, it’s FedEx.TM
Time-Saving Tip #2:
Scheduling a Pickup
Take into account the following information when scheduling a pickup:
• The Ready Time and Close Time selected for your pickup need to be
in the future.
• One pickup per day is usually sufficient for most users. There is no
need to schedule a pickup for each shipment that you process on a
given day. Select the Use and already scheduled pickup at my
location option for each subsequent shipment after a pickup has
been scheduled.
• If you do not see a pickup confirmation number on the top right of the
Print label(s) screen, no pickup has been scheduled. After you have
printed your FedEx® paperwork, click the Schedule a Pickup button
to arrange your pickup.
Time-Saving Tip #3:
Customs Documentation for International
Including the necessary customs documents with your international
shipment will help to ensure that your shipments clear customs without
delays. Keep the following information in mind when preparing customs
documents through FedEx Ship Manager:
• Remember to enter the harmonized code for your international
commodity shipments so that FedEx Ship Manager recommend
customs documents that may be required for your shipment. The
harmonized code entered determines which documents are displayed.
To find the harmonized code for your commodity, use FedEx Global
Trade Manager®, or consult the Statistics Canada Web site.
• Customs documents with names that end in “online” will
automatically populate with the shipment information that you have
entered into FedEx Ship Manager.
• Customs documents without the online designation will display in
Adobe PDF format and can be completed separately. Complete these
PDF documents by clicking the Complete customs documentation
button that displays on the Print label(s) screen.
• Additional information on customs documents for international
shipping can be found at
Relax, it’s FedEx.TM
Time-Saving Tip #4:
User Profiles
Your user profile is the information associated with your
User ID. Update your user profile by completing the following steps:
• Click the My Profile tab on the top right of the screen. Here you can
complete the following tasks:
• Change your user ID, password or secret question/answer
• Update your contact information
• Remove an account from your user ID
• If you have assumed someone else’s user ID over time, make sure that
you update the user profile with your contact information and e-mail
Time-Saving Tip #5:
Reprint Shipping Labels and/or
Commercial Invoices
If you lose or damage your labels and/or commercial invoice copies,
you can reprint them through the Ship History screen.
• Click the Ship History tab.
• Select the tracking number for the shipment in question and click the
Reprint button.
• You will be given the option to reprint labels and/or your commercial
• Labels and commercial invoices can be reprinted up to 12 hours after
they are processed or until midnight local time (whichever comes
Note: You cannot reprint labels or commercial invoices for FedEx
Ground® shipments.
Time-Saving Tip #6:
The Power of Profiles
Create and reuse profiles to save time when processing shipments with
the same parameters. You can create profiles for entire shipments,
frequently used package dimensions and regularly shipped commodities.
Shipment Profiles
• After entering all the details for a shipment and before you click the
Ship button, check the Create Shipment Profile box.
• Enter a nickname for your profile.
• You can save up to 300 shipment profiles.
Time-Saving Tip #6: The Power of Profiles continued on next page …
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Time-Saving Tip #6: The Power of Profiles continued from previous page …
Package Dimensions Profiles
• Enter your package dimensions in the Package & Shipment Details
• Click the Save dimensions profile box.
• Enter a profile name.
• You can save up to 20 dimensions profiles.
Commodity Profiles
• After entering a new commodity in the Commodity Information
module, click the Save/update commodity profile box.
• Enter a Product name for the commodity.
• You can save up to 500 commodity profiles.
Time-Saving Tip #7:
Save for Later
Use the Save for Later feature when you are interrupted in the process
of shipping or when you do not have all of the necessary information to
complete your shipment.
• Click the Save for later button on the bottom right of the screen to
save your shipment.
• When you are ready to complete your shipment, click the arrow on the
Prepare Shipment tab and select View Pending Shipments.
• Select your pending shipment and click the Edit or Ship button to
continue processing the shipment.
Time-Saving Tip #8:
FedEx Ship Manager at offers four references fields in the
Billing Details module that you can use to identify or differentiate your
• Your reference — appears on your FedEx Express® and/or FedEx
Ground® invoice
• P.O. no. — appears on your FedEx Express and/or FedEx Ground
• Invoice no. — appears on your FedEx Express invoice
• Department no. — appears on your FedEx Ground invoice
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Time-Saving Tip #9:
Keep track of your shipping activity by creating customized reports.
• Click the Reports tab on the top right of the screen to create reports
for shipments processed over the past 45 days.
• Once your report has been created, you have the option to print it or
download it in a file format that can be opened by Microsoft Excel.
Time-Saving Tip #10:
Thermal printer setup
FedEx Ship Manager at supports two thermal printer types,
the Zebra® ZP 500TM and the Zebra® LP 2844TM. To enable a thermal
printer, complete the following steps:
• Click the Preferences link from the top right of the screen.
• Select the Thermal Printer radio button in the Printer and Scale
Options module. The Thermal printer setup instructions window
will display. You may be prompted to install and run a FedEx® print
• Select the printer model number from the drop-down list.
• Follow the instructions for the printer type selected.
• Download the drivers for the thermal printer that you are installing.
• Once the drivers have installed. A test print prompt will display. If the
test message prints, the thermal label printer is ready for use. If the
test message does not print, click the Detailed instructions button
or call the FedEx Technical Support hotline at 1.877.339.2774.
Relax, it’s FedEx.TM
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