Monster’s flagship iSport® SuperSlim wireless models underscore company’s innovation
leadership with breakthrough flat battery and folded circuit board design; Durable high
performance wireless and wired models available in wide array of colors
Berlin, Germany, September 4, 2015 – Monster®, creator of the world’s best-sounding and best-fitting
fitness and sports headphones, is demonstrating its award-winning iSport® Headphone line at IFA 2015,
including the recently introduced black version of the company’s critically acclaimed iSport SuperSlim.
(SRP: $149.95 / €149.95 / £129.95). Feather-light, iSport® SuperSlim are the world’s thinnest earbuds,
and can be worn comfortably underneath helmets or goggles. In addition, Monster will also showcase its
iSport® Bluetooth Wireless (SRP: €99.95 / £79.95) headphones, which bring the powerful Monster
music listening experience to virtually any tough workout routine. These models round out Monster’s
wireless family of sports headphones, joining the company’s acclaimed iSport® Freedom on-ear model
(SRP €199.95 / £149.95).
Monster iSport® Headphones: Perfect for Every Kind of Workout
Monster has consistently led development of the fitness and athletic headphone
category with its iSport® line, driven by the philosophy that headphones are integral to maximizing workout
performance and achieving the best results from every type or style of workout. To create its multi-faceted and
diverse iSport® family, the Monster engineering team reimagined every aspect of what a workout headphone
can and might be – from the materials and shapes of the eartips to the cushions and convenience features.
For example, Monster’s innovative flat battery and folded circuit board are design features that make the iSport®
SuperSlim Bluetooth Wireless the slimmest, lightest-weight wireless headphone available.
High-Performance Wireless Models Bring More Choices to Active Users
New wireless models offer users more high-performance choices in the Monster iSport®
headphone line that are perfectly in tune with users’ active lifestyles and sports activities. For
instance, because it can be worn under a helmet comfortably, the iSport® Bluetooth Wireless
SuperSlim is great for throttling up a tough mountain bike; while
the stylish iSport® Bluetooth Wireless model is the ideal tanglefree solution for an arduous everyday gym session or jog in the
Both high-performance headphones boast a 50-foot wireless
range and five hours of consistent playback time, delivering highquality sound every bit as powerful and realistic as wired
headphones. The headphones also boast full-frequency
response for more dynamic music that motivates active users to
achieve their workout goals. Both sweat-resistant models feature
Monster’s patented earhooks and angled ear tips for a secure fit
for every ear shape and ControlTalk on the connecting cable for
hands-free calling and control.
Athlete-Friendly Innovation in the Entire iSport® Collection
In addition to these new wireless models, all Monster iSport®
headphones are sweat proof, washable, have advanced audio technologies and other unique
design elements for different workout preferences. They feature powerful Pure Monster
Sound™ for unprecedented clarity and range to deliver the Pure Audio Adrenaline that fitness
enthusiasts and everyday athletes need to maximize their active lifestyles and elevate to tough
Monster iSport® headphones feature rugged construction and super-durable build materials
that allow users to enjoy an uninterrupted, world-class music experience while they run, jump,
climb, cycle or even hit the ski slopes. Sports enthusiasts can easily clean them so they are
ready for use during the next workout.
One of the most common and nagging issues faced by athletes, runners, and fitness buffs is
having their in-ear headphones slip out during strenuous use. Monster solved this problem
with a unique patented proprietary in-ear clip anchor system, which fits the curve of the inner
ear securely. This key innovation provides maximized comfort and an unprecedented no-slip
fit that helps ensure the headphones will not fall out no matter the conditions.
iSPORT® Victory™:
Pure Monster Sound™ for the Everyday Athlete
For the most dedicated gym and fitness buffs, the in-ear flagship iSport® Victory™, a Red Dot
Design Award winner, features a patent-pending airtight OMNITIP™ that offers ease of fit for
any ear shape, while an anti-microbial soft earhook design achieves
the most secure fit – perfect for rigorous exercise routines. With its
powerful Pure Monster Sound™ and superior noise isolation, users can
stay focused during intense workouts and extreme outdoor sports.
Monster is excited to introduce its flagship wired iSport headphone in
neon green and black.
Monster Redesigns iSport® Intensity™ Headphones
The redesigned iSport® Intensity™ is the first Monster in-ear
headphone designed to allow users to hear some ambient noise
while sealing in 100% of the music coming from their media device
with its patented earpipe design. Additionally, Monster's ultradurable cable and reinforced strain relief keeps the cord secure,
even during the most rigorous workouts. Ideal for outdoor safety
while jogging or biking, as well as for socializing. This model is
available in pink, green and black.
iSport® Strive™ Line
Monster's most affordable high-performance sport headphone, iSport® Strive is designed
for users who want an in-ear headphone without the traditional in-ear form factor. A newly
designed flexible ear tip fits comfortably in the outer portion of the ear and doesn’t extend
into the ear canal. The compact, semi-open design allows users to hear what is going on
around them, while still enjoying superior sound quality. Notably, Monster's innovative
ControlTalk™ is standard on iSport® Strive, so users can Play/Pause music from most media
players and phone calls on smartphones directly on the in-line controls.
iSport® Freedom On-Ear Headphones for a Powerful
Even with the popularity of in-ear sports headphones, many
active lifestyle and fitness enthusiasts prefer the traditional
2-channel headphone form factor for noise isolation,
durability, or simply because they may prefer the on-ear fit to
an in-ear. The iSport® Freedom is the first 2-channel on-ear
music headphone built using rugged, anti-microbial and
sweat-resistant materials, providing users with the best of
sports headphones and traditional music-listening, bringing
Pure Monster Sound to any workout.
For the past 35 years, Monster® has been a catalyst for innovation and big ideas. Discovering that
cables in hi-fi systems influenced the sound, Head Monster Noel Lee developed Monster Cable - an
immediate hit. Monster® engineered the sound of Beats® headphones, and has since become the
world’s leading manufacturer of high-performance headphones, all featuring Pure Monster Sound™
technology. Today, the company offers advanced connectivity solutions for professional musicians,
home entertainment, computing, mobile and gaming, as well as high performance AC Power and
conditioning products. Monster® continues to lead in innovation with Monster having been granted over
500 Patents and 100 patents pending worldwide, offering more than 5,000 products in over 160
countries. Monster® also prides itself in helping those who are in less-than-fortunate circumstances
through Monster Cares. Above all, Monster® does what it does Because the Music Matters.
Explore the world of Monster at To become a fan of Monster® products,
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