Firmware for CDJ-2000NXS – CHANGE HISTORY

Firmware for CDJ-2000NXS – CHANGE HISTORY
Firmware for CDJ-2000NXS – CHANGE HISTORY
Ver.1.41 (3 April, 2017 Update)
 Fixed certain issues during playback and track selection.
 Some issues when using SLIP HOT CUE.
Ver.1.40 (24 November, 2016 Update)
PRO DJ LINK feature)
 Search using multiple words by adding a space in the [SEARCH]
 Playback stopped when the jog was rotated during BRAKE in
VINYL mode.
 Digitally distorted white noise occurred when playing certain .WAV
 Active loop activated a very short loop.
 Needle search jumped back or forward from where a finger was
Ver.1.30 (9 March, 2016 Update)
 When connected via PRO DJ LINK to a device in a CDJ-2000NXS,
some features of the CDJ-2000NXS2 were disabled.
Ver.1.25 (15 December, 2015 Update)
 Playback of an AIFF music file (24bit/48kHz) stopped and tracks
could not be loaded to a deck.
 Audio noise occurred during scratching.
Ver.1.24 (20 August, 2015 Update)
 Fixed an issue where some HDD may not be recognized when
connected to a CDJ-2000NXS.
 Fixed an issue where a noise may be heard when Master Tempo
is activated.
Ver.1.23 (17 February, 2015 Update)
 Fixed an issue where tracks in some folders in a 2TB HDD were
not displayed when browsing the folder.
 Fixed an issue where a WAVE file, whose header is incompatible,
cannot be loaded to a deck, but the [Loading..] sign is shown
Ver.1.22 (1 April, 2014 Update)
 Add a new function (analyzing a part of MP3/AIFF Tags) to
support KUVO service.
This update is only for using KUVO.
Ver.1.21 (19 November, 2013 Update)
 Fixed some issues when using the Needle Search pad function.
 Fixed an issue where a sorted playlist would not be shown as it
was when returning to it from one layer above.
 Fixed an issue where the Master Player would be switched when
an Active Loop starts.
Ver.1.20 (3 September, 2013 Update)
 The loop beat selection display switches back to the WAVE
display when loop playback finishes.
 The SYNC MASTER player automatically switches when SYNC
is disabled, users can take advantage of the phase meter and
traffic light system.
Ver.1.13 (17 June, 2013 Update)
 Fixed an issue where the browse screen would become slow or
stop when the unit is used for several hours.
 Fixed an issue where the BACK button does not navigate to the
browse screen when editing a playlist in rekordbox while the unit
is connected to rekordbox via the Pro DJ Link.
 Fixed a rare issue where playback from other media would not
start, stop or be selected when a large USB device (e.g. 20,000
tracks) is disconnected.
 Fixed an issue where the unit freezes when pressing the HOT
CUE (REC/CALL) button for over 1 second during auto hot cue
Ver.1.11 (15 April, 2013 Update)
 Fixed an issue where a freeze might occur when editing the TAG
Ver.1.10 (25 February, 2013 Update)
 Audio dropout fixed on the slave deck when using SYNC.
 Unexpected switching of Master Player and Slave Player when
using Slip Scratch or Slip Pause during SYNC.
 Caution messages added when using the TEMPO SLIDER
during SYNC.
 When browsing tracks a green icon is now always visible
indicating harmonic mixing.
 Fixed an issue where a tiny loop would sometimes activate when
pressing the LOOP OUT button.
Ver.1.06 (10 December, 2012 Update)
 Fixed an issue that a player crashes when the HOT CUE button
is pressed repeatedly with Master Tempo enabled.
 Fixed an issue that the back cue function does not work properly
when pressing the cue button during a playback right after calling
a memory cue point in a track of MP3 file.
 Fixed an issue that a playback sometimes jumps back to the end
of the previous track when scratching repeatedly on the first
beats of a track in "Single" mode.
 Fixed an issue that the browse does not return to the previously
displayed menu when pressing a back button.
 Improved the response time after pressing the back button when
using the "previous track played" function to jump to the previous
track in a medium where a massive number of tracks are
Ver.1.04 (29 Octorber, 2012 Update)
 The key icon indicating the "Traffic Light System" has changed
from blue to green signalling which tracks will harmonically mix.
 "Hot Cue/Loop" lengths are displayed until complete before a
new "Hot Cue/Loop" is engaged.
 Issue fixed where the BPM may fluctuate during playback using
 Issue fixed related to the tempo of a track with "Slip Mode"
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