Product Information Sub 250
Product Information Sub 250
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The Dynaudio Sub 250
A subwoofer serves to provide more to a system than simply add deep bass. The High Pass filter on the SUB 250
crossover limits the strain placed on the front speakers by directing low frequency duties to the subwoofer.
The SUB250 model is the most compact bass solution from Dynaudio. Utilizing its powerful 10" woofer in a sealed
enclosure that measures less than a cubic foot, the SUB250 delivers a very high level of performance in multichannel or sub/sat applications where only a modest sized subwoofer would fit, incorporating a 230 Watt amplifier
in its compact cabinet.
The control panel on the back of the SUB250 features a selectable gain setting, a selectable lowpass Filter
(50Hz, 100Hz, or 150Hz), and a selectable phase switch (Oº or 180º). There is one LFE RCA input and output, as
well as an RCA SAT/SUB Input and an RCA SAT output.
The SAT highpass Filter is also selectable (Flat, 60Hz, or 80Hz), and there is a switch to choose Slave or LFE
mode. The band-pass filtered inputs and outputs make it perfectly suited as a mate for any of the Dynaudio
compact monitors in a high quality sub/sat stereo system, where it would produce a purely audiophile grade
performance. The SUB 250 is finished in the same selection of standard natural wood veneer finishes as
Dynaudio's other loudspeaker offerings. The Sub 250 SAT version is finished in Graphite lacquer to ideally match
the compact loudspeaker Audience 42 SAT.
Technical Data
Frequenzy Range
29 - 250 Hz
IEC Long Term Power Handling
200 Watt
Flat, 50 - 150 Hz
Phase adjustment
0° oder 180°
10 kg
Dimensions (W x H x L in mm)
289 x 294 x 318
Dynaudio International GmbH
Ohepark 2, D-21224 Rosengarten
Phone +49 4108 - 4180 - 0
Fax +49 4108 - 4180 - 10
WEEE-Reg.-Nr. DE 77987307
CEO: Wilfried Ehrenholz
Amtsgericht Tostedt HRB 3346
Ust-Id. Nr. DE 114 960 879
St.-Nr. 15 200 40773
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