Memory Craft 15000

Memory Craft 15000
Memory Craft 15000
Setting up the iPad and the MC15000 for wireless communication
Please take note of your wireless router name (SSID) and security password, you will need these in order to continue. If you are
not sure where to obtain this information, please contact your Internet Service Provider.
On the MC15000
1. Turn on the MC15000.
2. Select the “Set” icon.
3. Touch the “Set” icon again, and touch “Wireless” icon.
4. Turn the Wireless LAN “on”.
5. Select the “Settings” icon
for the wireless configuration – verify that “DHCP” is turned “ON”,
now touch the “Search” icon
to automatically search for your network *, select your wireless network; this will take you
into the “Encryption Key Entry Screen”. Enter in the wireless router security key. To make this easier touch the show/hide
icon, enter the key, then touch “OK” when finished. You should see a confirmation that you are connected to the wireless network
you have just chosen.
*(You can find additional detailed wireless LAN option settings in your MC15000 instruction manual on pages 100 – 102).
6. Select “Yes” icon
to change the “Sewing Machine Name” setting, enter a name, and remember the machine name and
touch “OK”. (The default name is “Memory Craft 15000”.)
7. Continue to select “Ok” until you exit the set mode.
8. Please keep your MC15000 powered on to complete the next step.
On the iPad
1. Turn on the iPad
2. Select the “Settings” icon to open.
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Memory Craft 15000
3. In “Wi-Fi”, select the same wireless network that was selected on the MC15000, enter the wireless key, touch “Join”, and
close. (If you need instructions on setting up your wireless connection, follow this link:
4. Select AcuEdit.
5. Select the “Target Machine”
icon, on the upper right side.
6. Select the machine by the name you chose to name your MC15000, and touch “Done”.
(If you do not see the machine appear right away, touch the search
icon on the bottom right of the window, you may
have to do this more than once until the machine name appears. If the iPad still does not see the MC15000, please move the
MC15000 closer to your wireless router.)
To send wirelessly from the iPad to the MC15000:
1. From AcuEdit select any design
2. Select the “Send”
, add lettering
if you choose, and press done.
icon, on the upper left side and touch “Send”.
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