2.4GHz Spread Spectrum System

2.4GHz Spread Spectrum System
Instruction manual
Installation of Antenna
Antenna Installation Location
For electric
powered models.
When using an antenna tube made from resin, be sure to use an antenna mount.Absolutely do not use an
Please keep distance to the receiver site,
At this time we would like to thank you for purchasing the RF-901S and KR-408S.This product has adopted the current 2.4GH z SS
antenna mount made of metal because it will pass noise through and will cause troubles.
due to noise sources of the battery, motor,
system which allows the use of multiple channels without the need to search an available open channel like the bands of a crystal
The exposed 3cm is part of the antenna as shown in the figure below. Place this as high as possible when
ESC, etc. if possible.
system.This product corresponds to the transmitters that are sold by our company, listed below. Please read this instruction manual
before using this product. Also please read the instruction manual of the transmitter being used.
EX-Ⅰ Mars / EX-Ⅰ MarsR / EX-10 Helios / EX-Ⅰ UR / EspritⅢ Universe
For your safety, please note the handling and use of this product.
The contents of this display show a possibility of death or where a serious injury may occur
or a highly substantial damaging accident may occur.
●This product is manufactured for surface use radio controls. *Discontinue use for all other purposes.
Discontinue use in the event of a thunder storm. *There is danger of a lightening bolt striking the antenna of the transmitter.
●Discontinue use when consuming alcohol or medication that may hinder concentration or judgement. * Unexpected accidents are caused
with a judgement mistake.
●Discontinue use when consuming alcohol or medication that may hinder concentration or judgement. * Unexpected accidents are caused
with a judgement mistake.
installing the receiver.In order to protect the antenna itself, insert into the antenna tube and please do not
Also keep away power condensers and shotki diodes
have the antenna exposed from the tube.In addition, do not bend or kink the antenna. This may cause the
that generate noise from the receiver antenna
wire to break and the specified performance will be lost.
if possible.
Antenna itself
Please, absolutely do not cut the antenna wire.
The receptionbecomes impossible.
Please set the receiver away from noise sources such as the battery,
ESC, motor and silicon wires. The antenna wire and the silicon wires
should be paid special attention to.
When using the receiver for the first time, the receiver must store
the ID number of the module and “pairing” of the receiver and module
is necessary. Pairing must be performed when the module that is
used is modified. When multiple receivers are used, each receiver
must go through the pairing process at least once.
7.Release the set button when the LED lamp of the receiver lights up, and the pairing
will be completed. Please turn off the power of the receiver and transmitter.
8.Continuing, you verify the operation. The illumination of LED is verified turning
the power source of the transmitter to ON. (Operation should as normal.)
9.Turn the power source of the receiver to ON and if there is no semi-illumination and
a change to the illumination of the LED the pairing has succeeded.
1.Install the RF-901S module in the transmitter and raises the antenna.
2.While the set button of module is pushed, power of the transmitter is turned on.
If the pairing fails it may be due to a wireless
At this time the LED light of module lights up.
●Only use the batteries specified in the instruction manual of the transmitter.
LAN, microwave oven or someone else trying
3.After approximately 3 seconds, the LED light will go out.
●To turn the system on, start by turning on the transmitter then the receiver. To turn off the system, turn off the receiver first, then the
to pair at the same time. Please move to another location
When LED goes out is verified, please release the set button.
where you can try the pairing again.
4.When the LED light goes to a darker illumination (semi- illuminated), preparation
transmitter in this sequence.
of the transmitter is set.
●Please be sure to use only our products for the transmitter and servos.
* Concerning the damage and the like, which is generated when combining products that are not our company's genuine products we do not
5.The antenna of the receiver is brought close to within 1m.
6.While pushing the set button on the receiver, turn the power source ON.
owe responsibility.
(Please push the setup button of the receiver easily with a cylindrical shape such as toothpick.)
●Altering the transmission module is inhibited by law and is subjected to penal code violations. Resolution remodelling of all products may
While pressing the setup button,
While pressing
transmitter ON
the button
result in the cause of a short and other accidents. In addition, if this product is altered we will refuse repair service.
●Please do not use this product inside an airplane, hospital, near any automatic control equipment, medical electrical machinery and
After pairing is completed, turn on the transmitter and
then the receiver and your system will be ready to use.
While pressing the setup button
on the receiver, the receiver
(continue to press the button)
Release Button
apparatus such as fire alarms.
In addition with respect to the law, if this product effects other radio equipment and electronic equipment, use must be discontinued at
goes out
LED semiilluminated
power source is turned on
Receiver is brought close
Within 1m
(when power is turned on,
the button is released).
After turning off
the power
of the transmitter
and the receiver once,
operation is ready.
This displays shows the possibility or a substantially damaging accident which can cause injury.
Note in regard to use and carrier sense
When turning on the transmitter, the RF-901S module will scan
In order to be able to do “carrier sense” appropriately,
the location where power of the transmitter is turned on should be
as close as possible to where the model will be operated.
●Please avoid storage in a place of high temperatures and high humidity because it may cause the breakdown, damage and deformation
of the product.
for a free frequency while the receiver scans for its paired module.
This is called “carrier sense”.
●Please note when using with an engine model, place where exhaust and the
waste oil will not come into contact with the product. *In case of submerging in oil or water, please send it out for repair.
Configuration of fail-safe function
●This product's performance is designed for use in the shown specified usage which is based on this instruction manual and the
instruction manual of the transmitter which is used. When the instructions are not understood, please contact our service department for
Fail-safe is when the receiver loses the radio signal of the transmitter, and the function keeps
Continue to press the set button of the receiver for 3 seconds. When the LED light of the
receiver goes out, the button is released.
channel 2 (throttle) in an optional position. The configuration is usually full brake or neutral.
You can verify fail-safe operation once the power source of the transmitter is turned OFF.
●After verifying the safety of use, think of all the accidents possible and please enjoy with responsibility.
Please be sure to configure fail-safe for safety.
This configuration will be stored in the receiver until the setting is changed again.
When the fail-safe actuated position is modified,
Our company cannot owe responsibility from the nature of the radio control models
and the customer assumes all responsibilities that result from this product being used.
please perform the configuration once again.
If the brake linkage in a gas car was corrected, we recommend that you configure
it a second time.
1.Power of the transmitter is turned ON.
Name of Parts
1 : Channel 1
1.Note that excessive pressure
Steering servo is connected.
2 : Channel 2
Throttle servo or ESC are connected.
3 and 4: Channel 3 and 4
The other corresponding equipment
are connected.
3.The throttle trigger should be set to the brake, or neutral position.
About Repairs
please make sure that the power switch
of the transmitter is turned to OFF.
movable range
in as much detail as possible.
is not applied on the module
By noting the problem, repairs are performed quicker.
When you believe you have a breakdown.
when inserting
●Please refer to your manual once more and please inspect.
the RF-901S module.
●When you do not understand something, please inquire our service
and try to have the antenna
When inquiring to our service department about a breakdown, please include
as much as possible
in as much detail as possible of the contents mentioned below about your
vertically positioned.
Please do not touch the antenna while in use.
When breakdown repair it is requested, please report the breakdown status
pins of the transmitter
2.When in use please adjust
Release button
and completed.
goes out
When power of
the transmitter is turned off,
fail-safe operates.
* As for operation verification,
please pay attention
Full brake
3 seconds
to your setting.
When removing and installing of the module
B : Battery Channel
Battery and ICS connector are connected.
Select position
and hold
Setup button of receiver
press 3 seconds
2.Power of the receiver is turned ON and the operation of servo is verified.
Installation of Module
Radio wave output becomes extremely weak.
This will alter the module antenna range.
□Name of products (battery, car, transmitter & motor) used.
□When breaking down, usage condition and description of breakdown condition.
□Your address, name and telephone number.
●When a repair is being requested, please be sure to send the memo which
includes the above-mentioned contents in as much detail as possible.
Technical Specifications
Transmission frequency:
Modulation technique: Direct spread mode
Output: Approximately10mW
High speed response correspondence
Operational possible range: Radius approximately80m
Antenna: Single type
Electric power consumption: Approximately60mAh
●KR-408S Reciver(Receiver)
High speed response correspondence
ICS and fail-safe function
Antenna: Coaxial feeder cable
Number of channels: 4 CH:
Power source:4.8v∼7.4v